What Does A Defender Do In Soccer?

what does a defender do in soccer

Soccer as a game is made up of several dimensions, with the defensive aspect being one of the majors of all. 

A team will only be successful if it has strong and good defensive tactics, and also the personnel to prosecute the tactics on the field against opponents of any caliber. 

Defense is not only meant for some players alone; instead, it is expected of all players in a team to keep a close watch on the ball and prevent chances for the opposing team to score goals. 

After all, we’ve seen cases where even the strikers in a game have no choice but to track back and help out to prevent their team from conceding at crucial moments when the pressure from the opponents becomes very intense.

Here in this post, we shall be looking at some of the duties of a defender as well as some other notable things to know about the act of defense in the game of soccer.

  • Who Is A Defender? 
  • Are Defenders Key Players? 
  • How Many Defenders Are There In A Soccer Match? 
  • What Is a Defence? 
  • What Does a Defender Do in Soccer?

Who Is the A Defender?

In soccer, special key players are known as defenders, and their primary aim is to defend the ball against the opposing team from winning. 

Defenders in any game are expected to be good tacklers and also be highly skillful and intelligent in making the right move for every defense carried. In soccer, there are several different aspects to defenders. 

Some are to defend from the back, guiding mainly the post area, while others may defend the side to prevent the opponent from taking advantage of it. Below is a list of the types of defenders that are involved in every soccer match.

The Full Back Defenders

Such types of defenders are known to be aggressive in defense with their major role of disrupting the wingers of the opposing team from making crosses, and just like their name, this set of defenders carry out their defense action both front and back. 

They run to the back to give help support to other team players as well as offensive guidance tactics, especially in the goal point area

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The Wing Back Defenders

These defenders complement the efforts of the defenders previously mentioned. 

They are also known to be aggressive in their defense actions and, with their major responsibility of defending the wing area of the team, such defenders appear as two in every soccer match. One on the left and the other on the right. 

The Stoppers

This set of defenders falls under the central players. Their major aim is to eliminate all efforts of the opposing team in making or scoring goals. 

The stoppers in any soccer game are expected to thwart every chance of the opposing team to win a point. They can do this either by applying face-to-face aggressive defense moves or even by kicking the ball away whenever the need to do so arises. This action by a defender in soccer is referred to as a clearance.

Are Defenders Key Players In Soccer?

Of course, defense is a must-do aspect of any game, and since soccer is a competitive game, it is highly recommended in every match. 

Defense is an important game technique, so therefore, players who carry out defense in any team are very important. Without good defense skills, a team can’t be successful, so in essence, defenders are one of the most valuable players in any sport.

How Many Defenders Are There In A Soccer Match?

As previously stated, the act of defense is usually performed by the entire team, but most of the time it is confirmed that only four players are officially designated for defense. In soccer games.

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What Exactly Is A Defense?

Defense in the game of soccer is a term used to describe the act of blocking or hindering the chances of the opposing team from creating a chance and scoring a goal.

It is usually a skillful tactic carried out aggressively during a soccer game. Players that carry out defensive movements are termed “defenders,” and they are one of the most important players in a soccer game.

What Does a Defender Do in Soccer?

The responsibilities of a defender in the game of soccer can’t be overemphasized. And it is quite obvious that their roles in soccer are indispensable. 

Every team needs good, talented players called defenders to win a match, and in the absence of those, the team won’t be successful. Below is a list of the roles of a defender in soccer.

1. Close Loopholes For Goal Penetration

It is the sole aim and responsibility of a defender to always close chances for goal penetration by the opposing team. A good and skillful defender must be able to recognize that and fulfill it as a primary objective. 

A strong defense yields a strong team, so it is required of a defender to be able to carry out aggressive attacks when they are most needed. 

1. Have a Close Watch On The Ball

It is also the sole aim of a defender to have a clear watch on the ball by monitoring every single movement of the attacker to terminate any slight goal chances. 

If the defender fails to do this, the whole team may be affected as the opposing team will quickly take advantage of his inability to do so. Defenders should also be skilled in predicting moves of opposing attacking players before they are made.

1. Carry Out Skillful Tackles

A good defender is expected to be good at tackling, and this is one of the essences of defense. Tackling helps the defender know the next movement his opponent is about to make.

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What Exactly Is Tackling?

Tackling in a game is a defense tactic used by a player to mainly obstruct assigned targets. Defenders in soccer usually use this defense mechanism to hinder the ball from moving thereby eliminating the chance of the opposing team scoring goals.

How Do Defenders Carry Out Tackles?

1. Reducing the gap between them and their opponent

This way, the defender can properly and accurately carry out tackles very well as space wouldn’t be a limiting factor to taking fast defense action during play.

1. Preventing passes between opposing players

The defender performs tackles by disrupting passes between opposing players. By so doing, there will be few scoring chances for the opponents.

1. Forming a wall of defense around the opposing player who seems to be with the ball

A tackle is always targeted at just one player at a time. And this sort of tackling move is usually carried out by a defender during a one-on-one meeting with an opposing player.

Conclusion: What does a defender do in Soccer

If you’ve read the entire post, you should be familiar by now with the roles of defenders and their significance in the game of soccer. We’ve explained what a defender is in the game of soccer as well as the responsibilities they play in a soccer team.

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