What Do Minions Benefit From Diablo 4? (Revealed)

This post will reveal what minions gain In Diablo 4. In Diablo IV, minions are your allies in the fight against evil, and each type of minion has its unique strengths.

The Blood Golem is a heavyweight champion when it comes to dealing damage to a single target. If you need to take down a tough boss or a menacing enemy, the Blood Golem is your go-to minion.

Then, there’s the bone Golem. This fella makes a big impact in a crowd, it’s perfect for clearing out groups of evildoers. Also, the iron Golem.


This minion may not have the flashiest moves, but it’s got a critical strike. Unlike some other games where critical hits depend on your character’s skills or luck, in Diablo IV, the Iron Golem’s critical strikes are all about its closeness to enemies.

The closer it gets to its rivals, the more likely it is to land a harmful critical hit. However, what exactly does Minions benefit In Diablo 4?

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Let’s find out.

What Do Minions Benefit From Diablo 4?

In Diablo IV, minions benefit 30% of the player’s intelligence, a critical factor in boosting their skill damage output. This statistic makes intelligence a stat worth prioritizing as you progress through the game.

However, minions do not benefit from specific skill damage but rather from summoning skill damage. Intelligence, as a stat for the Necromancer player character, plays a pivotal role in determining your minions’ effectiveness in combat.


Minions, being extensions of your dark sorcery, benefit significantly from your intelligence. They benefit 30% of your intelligence, which directly amplifies their skill damage.

The higher your intelligence stat, the more damage your minions inflict with their abilities. Thus, scaling up your intelligence becomes a strategic move if you aim to enhance your minions’ combat prowess.

While intelligence boosts your minions’ damage output, it’s crucial to understand that they do not benefit the power of skills that you, as a player, have mastered.


Instead, your minions derive their strength from your summoning skill damage, so, when you invest in improving your summoning skills, your minions become more formidable.

For example, if you focus on improving your summoning abilities, such as raising skeletons or conjuring golems, your minions will become stronger, though they won’t replicate your exact skillset.

Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize the development of your summoning skills to ensure that your minions remain powerful allies on your quest against the forces of darkness.


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What Stats Do Minions Get From Necromancer Diablo 4?

Minions inherit typical stats from the Necromancer to enhance their combat abilities.

  • Critical Strike Potential: All minions in Diablo IV can critically strike by defaulting. They gain 30% of the player’s bonus Critical Strike chance and damage.
  • Close and Distant Damage Boost: Additionally, all minions inherit 30% of your bonus close damage and your bonus distant damage.

Critical Strike Potential

By default, all minions in Diablo IV can land critical strikes, dealing significantly more damage when they attack. What makes this interesting is that they don’t rely solely on chance for these critical hits.


Instead, they inherit a substantial portion of your critical strike chance and damage. Specifically, they gain 30% of your bonus Critical Strike chance and damage.

For example, if you’ve equipped your Necromancer with gear or skills that increase your critical strike chance and damage, your minions become much more formidable.

They’ll carry a part of your critical strike power into battle, increasing their damage output and effectiveness against tough enemies.


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Close And Distant Damage Boost

Aside from critical strikes, your minions inherit a significant portion of your bonus damage, both for close combat and distant attacks.

Any bonuses you receive from your gear, abilities, or skills that boost your damage output will also be shared with your minions.


In case you prefer to engage enemies up close and personal or rain destruction from a distance, your minions adapt to your playstyle.

They gain 30% of your bonus close damage and 30% of your bonus distant damage, making them versatile fighters capable of impressing in different combat scenarios.

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