What Do The Red Circles On Diablo 4 Minimap Mean

This is a guide to the red circles on the minimap In Diablo 4. In the game, as you explore Sanctuary, now and then, you’ll come across a big red circle on the top-right of your minimap. But what does this mean? How does It work?

Let’s find out.

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What Are The Red Circles On The Minimap In Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, those red circles on your minimap are special events where you get a chance to earn some fantastic loot. When you step into one of these red circles, you’ve just entered an event zone, and your job is to finish a task within a certain time.

And, the reward is a Greater Radiant Chest filled with goodies, including gear that can make your character to be more powerful.

However, if the clock runs out before you finish the task, you can still complete it and get a Radiant Chest which is a slightly smaller loot package, but still worth your effort.


The Interesting thing is that these events aren’t just for you. If another player comes across the same red circle, they can join in on the action.

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It becomes a mini adventure for all. But tasks vary, sometimes you’re smashing a bunch of enemies, and other times you’re guarding NPCs from waves of evildoers.


The aim is to finish before the timer hits zero. If you beat the clock, a Greater Radiant Chest will pop up, If not, a Radiant Chest appears instead. However, ending these events isn’t just about loot, you also earn XP and gold.

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