10 Best Websites Like Ruble

websites like ruble

If you have been searching for websites like Ruble and your searches brings zero results. you can take a deep breath now as you have landed on a site that has all the best websites like Ruble.

You will not only be rewarded with Ruble, but also get rewarded with other perks from the site. So, to get a lot of rubles, check the sites that reward the most and invest your time there.

We all know that the Ruble has maintained its stage as the strongest currency. So, these websites like rubles are of good use to get some rubles.

1. Getlike

We have the Getlike platform which is amongst the list of websites like the ruble. The site asks users to like social media accounts and they will be rewarded with rubles. You will be requested to follow numerous social media accounts.

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The site is basically to grow the social media community. So, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to go and comment on a post. With that, you can make up to 200 rubles per day and withdraw your minimum of 100 rubles.


  • You will often access social media with this platform.
  • You’re tasked to like, follow, and comment to be rewarded with rubles.
  • You can make over 200 rubles per day.

2. Colorlib

In our list of websites like ruble, we have Colorlib. To earn rubles on this site, you will play lotteries. There are many options to play your lotteries on this platform and earn rubles. You can withdraw up to 10 rubles from your account.


  • You must play lotteries to earn rubles.
  • The minimum amount you can withdraw is 10 rubles.
  • If offers no side reward except rubles.

3. Ipweb

This is another website in our list of websites like ruble to earn rubles from doing social media tasks. In Ipweb, you’re to visit social media to like and comment on posts. You earn rubles per action you carried out on the site. And you are allowed to withdraw a minimum of 5 rubles.


  • The lowest withdrawal threshold is 5 rubles.
  • You must complete the social media tasks.

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4. Million

To earn free rubles, you can do so with the Million website. This is part of our websites like ruble where you mine rubles. You mine rubles when you carry out tasks assigned to you. Other country citizens are here mining different currencies also. So, it’s ideal to mine Russian rubles here too. You can withdraw up to 50 rubles at a time.


  • Minimum withdrawal threshold of 50 rubles.
  • You can select specific tasks to do.
  • You can only mine the rubles.

5. Socpublic

There are many things to do and earn rubles on this platform. You can watch ads as many times as you like and be rewarded with rubles. So, if watching the ads continuously will get you bored, then you don’t yet need the rubles. The minimal withdrawal threshold is 9 rubles.


  • You are to watch ads only to earn rubles.
  • The more ads you watch, the more you earn.

6. Teaserfast

To earn rubles in Teaserfast, you are to browse different browsers. Even browsing the website alone will get you rewarded with rubles. So, that’s why it made our lists of websites like rubles. What makes this platform unique is you can withdraw just 1 ruble. What else? Get in and make as many rubles as you can and withdraw.

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  • Your task is to browse different browsers.
  • Browsing many browsers through their browser will help you earn more.
  • The withdrawal threshold is 1 ruble.

7. Visit-box

You will be rewarded with rubles in Visit-box for carrying out some tasks. You’re tasked to watch many ads as you can. The sites allow for the withdrawal of 1 ruble also. The more sites you watch increases your rubles reward.


  • You are to watch many ads to earn rubles.
  • Has a 1-ruble minimum withdrawal threshold.

8. Surfearner

On your quests about websites like Ruble. This is another platform to earn rubles. It’s an extension you can add to your browser. To earn rubles here, you have to watch many banners with other tasks listed on the site. All tasks done on this platform will be rewarded in the ruble.

9. Vktarget

Just like other websites like ruble where you earn rubles by accessing social media. This is such a type of website to earn rubles by doing some tasks on social media. The withdrawal threshold of this site is 15 rubles.


  • You will be tasked to follow, like, and comment to get rubles.

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Are These Websites Like Ruble Legit?

We know there are many sites on the net promising to reward users with rubles. And in the end, the users are tossed anyhow. But these sites have been used and verified to reward their users with rubles.

Even as we have seen others get rewarded. You should be wise when sharing your data with sites like this. Be informed that identities can be stolen from such sites. Also, inputting passwords and email addresses should be of great concern.

Wrapping Up Websites Like Ruble

So, you have seen all websites like Ruble. Yes, you can earn rubles by carrying out small tasks on the platform. Be rest assured that some sites will not reward you if don’t complete your task. So, focus on completing your tasks to earn your rubles.

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