Warm Snow – How To Unlock True Ending

Warm Snow is a fun but difficult Rogue-like action game. Warm Snow is a tale of a teenage swordsman who uses the imaginary martial art of “flying sword” to battle evil royal families in an effort to save the world.

In order to save a world that is on the verge of extinction, you will take on the role of the warrior “Bi-an” as you wage war against the Five Great Clans.

However, this guide contains a few insights, conditions, and important choices to meet in order to play through the entire game and reach the Warm Snow true ending.


Players of Warm Snow can unlock a true ending by following the instructions in this tutorial. Let’s look at how…

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How To Unlock Warm Snow True Ending

There are a total of four (4) conditions to reach the true ending of the game. However, players must make sure they fulfill the first two (2) of the total four (4) conditions before going up against Tiger Captain (chapter 4’s boss) and Dragon Emperor (chapter 5 boss). Now let’s look at the four (4) conditions to reach Warm Snow True Ending…


Step 1

x35 Lore Item: Firstly, the majority of the 35 lore items must be completed, especially those that deal with the real state of the key characters, even though some of them (I’m not sure which ones) are not necessary to achieve to reach the Warm Sow true ending.

Step 2

Destroy any destructible: Destroy whatever trash or destructible you come across, especially in places with mini-boss encounters. For instance, in Chapter 4’s Jade Concubine section, damaging a destructible will result in lore goods.

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Step 3

Defeat the Tiger Captain (Chapter 4 Boss): If you already have all the required lore items, you will notice that there is a new choice after defeating Tiger Captain (Chapter 4 monster, the boss who can use lightning to attack its opponent). In order to get the Warm Snow true ending, you should choose “Leave” or “don’t kill him.”

Step 4

Defeat the Dragon Emperor (Chapter 5 Boss): After defeating the dragon monster in Chapter 5, then you proceed to choose “The Blood” for the Dragon Emperor. Upon completing this, you get to the Warm Snow true ending.

In Conclusion

Reaching the true ending in the video game Warm Snow is as easy as discussed above, and that is all the information needed to obtain a mission successful.


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