War Thunder Promo codes

It’s Fun mode guys! War Thunder awaits it’s fans  with a number of vehicles to wage the intense battles. You can even get more of these by redeeming War Thunder Codes, using the guide below.

These codes opens up to a box of goodies, from free Golden Eagles (the game’s premium currency) to exclusive decals and even premium vehicles. Find the promo codes below, if you’re set to swing into action.

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War Thunder Promo codes

  • BRAVO – Gives Free Rewards!
  • WTBUTCHER – Gives Russian Butcher sticker!
  • PO-LI-GON – Gives Sergey Chikhachev’s sticker!
  • WARTHUNDER500K – Gives 500k sticker!
  • WTDESCOM-BESTWORK – Gives Free Rewards

Benefits of Redeeming the  Codes

  • Free Golden Eagles: Gain access to premium vehicles, research points boosters, decorations, and more without spending a dime. Who doesn’t love free stuff?
  • Exclusive Decals and Camouflages: Stand out from the crowd with unique decals and camouflages unavailable through regular gameplay. Flaunt your individuality on the battlefield.
  • Premium Vehicle Rentals: Test drive powerful premium tanks, planes, and ships before committing to purchasing them. Make informed decisions and find your perfect match!
  • Research Points Boosters: Accelerate your research progress and unlock new vehicles faster. Climb the tech tree with lightning speed and dominate your foes.
  • Bonus Silver Lions: Increase your in-game economy and purchase upgrades, ammunition, and repairs with ease. Financial stability equals smooth sailing (or flying, or driving).

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How to Redeem the  Codes

  • Step 1: Copy the Code Above and Head to Roblox.
  • Step 2: Open the War Thunder Game Once you’ve secured your code, fire up the War Thunder game
  • Step 3: Access the Redeem Code Menu: There are two ways to access the code redemption menu: Main Menu: Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the main menu and select “Activate a code.”
  • Escape Menu: While in a match or hangar, press the Escape key and select “Activate a code.”
  • Step 4: Enter the Code. Carefully type in the promo code or copy and paste it into the designated field.
  • Step 5: Claim Your Rewards: Click “Activate” and watch your inventory fill with goodies!

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Final Thoughts

As clearly communicated above, War Thunder promo codes are a fantastic way to boost your in-game experience, especially for beginners.

They offer valuable resources and unique perks that can help you progress faster and stand out from the crowd. So, keep an eye on those magical codes, and remember to check back for more.

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