Useful Equipment Pieces In Lost Ark (Guide)

While you progress through Lost Ark, you will come to realize various items and resources you get from different sources. Oftentimes, it is not always clear what use each item could be, whether keeping them is a good idea or for what reason it is to be kept.

Broken Equipment Powder is just one of those items whose use is not very obvious, you get them by dismantling items. The only known use of Broken Equipment Powder is to exchange it for silver from a merchant. This is the same with Useful Equipment Pieces, the only use that it can be to you is to transact it with a vendor.

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What To Do With Broken Equipment Powder In Lost Ark

There is nothing else that you can do with Broken Equipment powder in Lost Ark than to transact it with a merchant for silver.

Therefore, what to do is to exchange it for silver with any available merchant like potion or gear merchants. Unlike its name, Useful Equipment Pieces also is just another junk item like Broken Equipment Powder that is of no use than to just exchange for silver.

The main reason why the feature that gives you a junk item for dismantling lowlevel gear is available is to let players clear their inventory with ease.


Thus, not having to exchange each piece of equipment by themselves. You can simply clear your inventory of gear that you don’t need and sell its powder and pieces for silver with just a few clicks with the help of dismantling.

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Also, rather than selling the equipment directly, you can consider dismantling it first and then selling its powder and pieces. You will get a bit more silver by doing this. But the differential margin is not too large.


Additionally, some higher level and rarity gear that you will begin to get after you have reached level 50 will break into materials that are necessary for you to craft and upgrade when you dismantle them. This is what you can do with Broken Equipment Powder and Useful Equipment Pieces in Lost Ark.

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