Unknown Knights Tier List: Best Heroes

The Unknown Knights tier lists rank heroes in different categories: S, A, B, C, and D tier list. S-Tier includes the best characters with Incredible damage and healing skills that make them the strongest.

A-Tier characters are less powerful but still effective for completing levels. B-Tier characters aren’t as strong but can be helpful in specific situations. C-Tier heroes are notably weaker and recommended mainly for new players still getting the hang of the game.

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1. Ive


Ive is one of the best heroes In Unknown Knights, and It’s one legendary knight that stands out. You can summon her by spinning tickets in the Summon section.


Ive is a Wind sniper knight, armed with her Tempest Shooter. To boost her skills, you’ll need to summon Tempest Shooter by spinning tickets in the Summon section.

Ive’s primary move, Arrow Storm, lets her unleash 10 arrows, each packing 70% of her attack power, targeting all enemies in sight.

With her weapon skill, IveS2, she takes her game to a new level. This move scatters 15 arrows at 80% of her attack power, followed by a powerful piercing arrow dealing 300% damage.


And the best part is that the more attack speed she has, the more arrows she fires, and the higher the damage. Ive’s strength also allows her piercing arrow damage to get a significant 30% boost per wind synergy tier.

If that’s not impressive enough, her single-target attacks deal double the damage. Plus, her attack speed can ramp up to an impressive 250%.

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2. Remiel


Remiel, the legendary knight in Unknown Knights, is a Light support character that you can summon by using tickets in the Summon section.

Armed with the Hand of Charity, she becomes more formidable when you upgrade her skill by summoning this weapon. A unique addition to Remiel’s arsenal is the Blindness effect.


This ability temporarily nullifies the basic attack damage of affected characters, rendering their attacks ineffective. Remiel also presents a guard equivalent to 600% of her Attack (ATK) to all knights for 3 seconds.

Once this protection is finished, she recovers HP equal to 40% of its remaining value. Her Heavenly Protection, activated through her Hand of Charity, takes her support role to the next level.

Remiel provides all allies with a shield equal to 700% of her ATK and a 10% attack power buff for 3 seconds. As the star level increases, the attack power buff also improves by 5%.


When the shield vanishes, it deals 250% damage of Remiel’s ATK to nearby enemies, inflicts blindness for 2 seconds, and recovers HP equal to 60% of the remaining shield value.

3. Aqua

Aqua is another fantastic hero In the game, a legendary knight you can summon by using tickets in the Summon section or by earning champion shards in the Adventure section.

This Water support knight wields the powerful Mermaid Harp as her weapon. To enhance Aqua’s abilities, you’ll need to summon the Mermaid Harp by spinning tickets in the Summon section.


Aqua’s first skill, Mermaid Aria, heals all knights for 300% of her damage and boosts the skill effects of all knights by 20% for 3.5 seconds. This enhancement covers skill damage, skill recovery, and skill shield.

Moving on to her weapon skill, Aqua’s second skill, Mermaid Aria (Weapon Skill), advances her healing skills by restoring all knights for 400% of her damage.

Additionally, it amps up the skill effects by 30% for 3.5 seconds. Aqua goes the extra mile by creating an aura that reduces skill cooldowns by 0.2 seconds per second for all knights which emphasizes damage, recovery, and shield effectiveness.


Aqua’s Mermaid Harp and healing abilities just make her a valuable addition to your lineup, offering support and enhancing the overall performance of your knight squad.

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4. Raven



Raven is a legendary knight you can get in Unknown Knights through summoning using tickets in the Summon section or creating her from champion shards by clearing stages in the Adventure section.

As a Dark sniper knight, she uses a weapon called Banshee. To level up her skills, you’ll need to summon Banshee by spinning tickets in the Summon section.

One of Raven’s skills is Arrow of Revenge (RavenS1), where she draws out a Mini Ballista and fires a Special Arrow at the enemy with the highest max HP, dealing 130% of her attack + 3% of max HP. The Dark Synergy increases your Max HP proportional damage by 1%.


Another skill, Arrow of Revenge (Weapon Skill) (RavenS2), unleashes a Giant Ballista, firing a special arrow at the enemy with the highest max health.

The first shot deals 300% Attack damage and silences them for 3 seconds. Special Arrows afterward deal 145% Raven damage + 4% of the target’s Health.

Raven resists enemy Grab and Knockback skills while firing Giant Ballista. Take note, a single Special Arrow cannot deal more than 900% Raven damage. Summon wisely to make the most of Raven’s powerful skills in the game.


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