University Of Problems Guide

university of problems guide

The University of Problems is a game based on college life. It depicts the life of students while at school, the excitement, and reminds us of our lives back then. It is a game full of the awesomeness of university life. In the game, you start as an adult who has an endless need. You will meet and interact with a lot of people in the game.

We have provided this University of Problems guide to aid your stay in the college. Read through and get your fingers on something.

Welcome to the University of Problems guides

1. You need to ask questions about everything, then end it.

2. Make sure to read the message and reply to them.

3. Full Agree (+LU) OR Restrained (+INT)

4. Answer honestly (+ Carol)

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5. Ask for a favor (+ Carol)

6. Flirt Carol (+2 Carol) OR Joke (+ Carol and also +INT)

7. Nope (+ Carol and also +INT)

8. Turn Around (+LU, also + Carol if Carol >4) OR Waste no time (+INT)

9. Leave the door open (+LU, also + Carol)

10. I thought this was just a warm-up (+STR, also + Natalie)

11. I tStare (+LU, also + Natalie)

12. Respond in Kind (+ Roxy)

13. Take a shower > Check messages > Reply > Scene > Hold on (Requires LU>4) > Scene

14. Write her a message x2

14. Choose: Ashley (+ Ashley), Carol (+ Carol), OR also Yuki (+ Yuki), but recommended Yuki

15. Hobbies or Plans for the future, if you chose Yuki, Plans for the Future

16. Choose: Ashley (+ Ashley), Carol (+ Carol), OR also Yuki (+ Yuki), but recommended Ashley

17. Hobbies or Plans for the future, if you chose Ashley, Plans for the Future

18. Pleasant Company (+INT, also + Carol), OR Beautiful Company (+LU)

19. Test: 1914, Dallas, England, Johannes Gutenberg, Hadrian, Marco Polo

20. Reply to the message > Roxy…you are just… (+ Roxy)

21. Heavy Things (+ Rachel) (Requires INT > 5)

22. Joke (+ Rachel)

23. Compliment (Requires INT > 6)

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24. Reply Ashley > Wow Thanks for the offer (+ Ashley)

25. Reply to Rachel

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.1.5

1. Walk Around the Campus

2. Laugh (+ Roxy) > Accept (+ Roxy) > Positively (+ Roxy)

3. Defend Carol (+ Ashley)

4. Choose: Both Beauties (+ Carol & + Yuki), Praise Carol (+2 Carol), or also Praise Yuki (+2 Yuki)

5. You’re Beauty (+INT, also + Yuki) OR You’re good (+LU, also + Yuki)

6. No Insist (+INT, also + Rachel)

7. Support (+ Rachel)

8. Look at the C…(+LU)

9. I’m Staying

10. Support Carol

11. Your choice: Cheerfully or gently

12. Reply Sara > Yes, of course (+ Sara)

13. Help Ashley

14. Get inside > Look

15. Reply Sara > I went…I didn’t go very(+ Sara) > Reply Rachel (+ Rachel) > Reply Carol x2

16. Quit HSL > I will Help (+ Carol) > About Ashley > I wasn’t there > The Usual Chatter

17. Hug Carol

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University of Problems Guide – Update 0.2

Kiss on the cheek (+ Carol) OR Kiss B (+LU)

Reply Natalie


Yeah I’m Free

It was right (+ Rachel)

Not Risk (+ Rachel)

Talk to Carol > Get inside > Boy (red shirt) & Girl > hell yeah (+ Nikki)

Right > Couple of guys

Upstairs > Roxy > Continue > Further > Ask about it > Check the 3 arrows (doors) > Ashley (blue) > Don’t talk about (+ Ashley)

Left > Couple of guys > Sara > End of free roam > Help Sara

Try to (+ Sara)

Can i come (+ Carol)

Reply Yuki


I Forgive her (+ Carol)

I love you already (+ Carol & + Love)

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.2.5


Ashley: How are you feeling

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Roxy: Morning Roxy

Messages II:






Roxy: Morning Roxy

Visit all:


Sara & Ashley: Of course


Message: Vlad

Do not insist


How did you meet

Tell me something > Compliment > Finish


Ask > Agree > Try Kim’s (Requires high L) > Stay

Message: Nikki

Try it

Take Sara out for a jog > You’re an interesting person

Visit Nikki > All (when asked about art > A little)

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.3.0

Tell the truth

Phone Messages: Just answer

Call Rachel (INT path) or Look at the Book Shelf (LU path)

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Left > Sara > Truth

Front > Girl > Men’s room > 3rd Floor > roxy > continue > Show who’s in charge

Right > Front > Ladies Room > Sort it out > Front > 4th Floor > Back > Back > Back > Back Do not Insist

In this order: Snack, TV (offer massage > Neck + Shoulders + Back + Thighs) & Shower (Peek = Lu or Take shower = Int)

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.3.5

Use intelligence (INT path) or Try something (Lu path)

About divorce, then the other 2 choices

Turn away (INT path) or Keep watching (Lu path)

Reply Carol & Natalie

Complete minigame > x20 I want more

See Yuki > Come up with something

All in order

Help Carol > x2 Continue

Take off your shorts (LU path) or Continue (INT Path)

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Lift Carol up > Agree

Any choice > Trick her (int path) or stop > Continue > Tease her > All in order, but “continue” the last one

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.4.0

Stop her (INT path) or Continue (Lu path, also + Roxy)

Don’t disturb (+Roxy) (you can save and see the other choice if you want)

Phone: Message to Rachel & Yuki

I like the new style (+Roxy)

Phone: Reply to Rachel & Yuki

Ask > choose all in order

Chat with Zac & Lexi > choose all in order

Relax in the club > Kim event > Continue > Refuse the call


Take a ride now > Sara Event > Peek (Lu path) or Don’t look (INT path & + Sara)

Search for something interesting > Peek

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University of Problems Guide – Update 0.4.5

Choose all (last night, tennis & finish)

SMS: Rachel, Carol & Yuki

SMS: Carol

Choose First (+Int), Third (+Lu), or They all (+2 Rachel)

Kiss Rachel

(If in INT path) Offer a Massage of: Neck, Back, Arms, Feet, Legs, and Upper

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.5

Sasha call: Agree > Agree > Try your best (Lu path) or Take it easy (Int path)

Accept the offer

Intervene > (if enough INT) choose video > Abby at the sorority house, if not, back off > Do not insist

2 choices

University of Problems Guide – Update 0.5.5

All in order

Choose: Make an order (Int Path) or Have some fun (Lu path)

Make an order (Int Path)

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Worked here (+ Roxy) > Previous job (+Roxy)

We should meet more often (+ Roxy)

Her Clothes > No, you look great (+ Roxy) or this outfit is shit (+Lu)

Her Piercing > You’re looking good (+ Roxy)

Have some fun (Lu path) > Be Nice (+ Roxy)

Worked here (+ Roxy) > Previous job (+Roxy)

We should meet more often (+ Roxy)

Her Clothes > No, you look great (+ Roxy) or this outfit is shit (+Lu)

Her Piercing > You’re looking good (+ Roxy)

Sara Big Choice (if in Sara’s path): Love or Friend route, if you like her path choose Love > No

All in order

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Gentle > To get points: Kiss, L*ck, and Feet, then the rest

Final Thoughts On the University of Problems Guide

These are the University of Problems guides. From the first version to complete version 0.5.5. We will update the list later with other versions available in due time.

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