Type Soul Shikai Weapon Tier List

Have you ever wondered about the Shikai weapons In Type Soul? There are 11 of them, and each has its attacks and skills. In this post, I will be ranking some of the best shikai weapons that you can use to improve your gaming adventure.

Let’s dive In.

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What is The BEST Shikai Weapon in Type Soul | HONEST Tier List (Roblox)

5 Best Type Soul Shikai Weapons

1. Dagger

When you’re in the thick of battle, especially against other players, you want something you can trust to be quick and effective, consider Dagger.

It’s not just any piece of your arsenal; it’s the one you reach for when speed is the name of the game. If I may ask you, the last time you tried to move fast, you didn’t pick the heaviest thing, did you?


No, you chose something light that could move with you, not against you. That’s the Dagger for you. It’s lightweight, so it moves as fast as you can think, and in player-versus-player (PvP) battles, that speed counts for a lot.

You can dance around your opponents, strike before they even see you coming, and move away before they can hit back. I’m not saying the Dagger is the end-all weapon for everyone.

But if you’re the kind of fighter who likes to stay on their toes, darting in and out, and making every move count, then you’ll want to put the Dagger on your list.


2. Great sword

You know, when you’re facing opponents in the game, sometimes what you need is not just speed but also the power to deliver a heavy blow.

That’s exactly what the Great Sword is all about. It’s the kind of weapon that, with a simple press of the R-key, can unleash a powerful attack capable of causing some serious damage.

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a PvP fight. Your opponent is tough and armored, and you need something that hits hard.


You reach for your Great Sword. With this weapon, it’s that perfect combo that you follow through with accuracy. Each hit with the Great Sword packs a punch, and chaining these hits together? That’s where you start seeing the real damage rack up.

I must tell you, the Great Sword isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for players who want to feel the weight of their weapon and the impact it makes.

When you choose the Great Sword, you’re deciding to go in strong, to make each hit count. It’s a must-use for those of you who relish in the clash of PvP battles and want to see your adversaries fall with the might of your blows.


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3. Paintbrush

Each weapon isn’t just a piece of metal or wood; it’s a choice that defines your style. The Paintbrush is elegance and strategy wrapped in one.

With each stroke, you’re preparing your attack, and sometimes, sealing your victory. If I were to step into the shoes of a Shikai, looking for a weapon that’s a natural extension of my role, the Paintbrush would be it.


It’s not about brute force; it’s about the smart play, the clever move that outsmarts the opponent. It’s about using the Shikai’s abilities to their fullest, which the Paintbrush allows with grace.

4. Longsword

The Longsword packs a serious punch that will allow you to deal great damage to your foes. It’s designed for those who aren’t afraid to stand their ground and take on their opponents head-on.

With a swing of your Longsword, you can send the enemy staggering, due to the force behind it. It’s about being effective, and the Longsword is as effective as they come.


Its abilities are what set it apart. When you use the Longsword, you’ve got more than just a sharp edge; you’ve got capabilities that make you a formidable fighter.

It’s the kind of weapon that doesn’t let you down. In the heat of a clash, when every second counts, you’ll appreciate having the Longsword by your side.

I’ve been In the battles and trust me, when you’re facing down a tough opponent, you’ll want the Longsword’s power. It’s dependable, it’s strong, and it gives you the edge, quite literally, to overcome the challenges ahead.


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5. Katana

I want to assume you’re in a match, and your opponent is a good distance away. With a heavier weapon, they might as well be on the other side of the game.

But with a Katana in your hand? That distance doesn’t mean a thing. You can reach out and tag them from 5-6 meters away.


This isn’t your average sword. It’s like your arm just got a lot longer and a whole lot sharper. And here’s the best part: you don’t have to be a PvP master to use it.

The Katana is friendly to those of us who aren’t battle-hardened veterans. It’s lightweight, which means your arms won’t tire out easily, and the movement too is Fantastic.

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