Type Soul Rank Up Guide: How To Rank Up Grades In Type Soul

In this Type Soul ranking guide, you will learn how you can level up grades quickly:

  • Soul Reaper
  • Quincy
  • Hollow

Let’s dive In.

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How To Rank up Soul Reaper Grades?

Step 1: Start As A Soul Reaper

  • First, find Kisuke or a helpful Shinigami to make you a Soul Reaper.

Step 2: Team Up With Buddies

  • Gather a group of friends to form your study team.
  • Together, you’ll face the academic challenges ahead.

Step 3: Complete Missions For Grade 5

  • Do missions to reach Grade 5.

Step 4: Get Division And Shikai Experience

  • Earn points by participating in Division activities and mastering your Shikai.
  • These points help you move past Grade 2.

Step 5: Beat Shikai For New Abilities

  • Defeat Shikai opponents to unlock new skills and move closer to Semi-Grade 1.

Step 6: Try All Activities For EXP

  • Get into different activities like Division, Mission, Shikai, Grip, and Raid to earn experience points.

Step 7: Keep Going For Elite Grade

  • Be patient and stay on the path.
  • Keep completing missions, improving your skills, and adopting all aspects of your academic adventure.
  • With time and effort, you’ll reach Elite Grade in Type Soul.

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How To Rank up Quincy Grades?

Step 1: Transform To Quincy

  • Start your Quincy adventure as a Lost Soul in Karakura Town.
  • Locate the Wanden gate, step through, and find the statue with the glowing sword.
  • Interact with it to officially become a Quincy.

Step 2: Team Up For Missions

  • Like Shinigami, form a party to take on missions.
  • Completing these missions earns you EXP which allows you to progress from Grade 5 to Semi-Grade 1.

Step 3: Post Semi-Grade 1 Challenges

  • After reaching Semi-Grade 1, new challenges await.
  • Accumulate Raid EXP, Grip EXP, and defeat Hollow NPCs to continue advancing.

Step 4: Rinse And Repeat

  • Keep assembling your party, completing missions, and gaining experience.

Step 5: Elite Grade

  • With each mission accomplished, you’re on the path to Elite Grade.

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How To Rank up Hollow Grades?

Step 1:Become A Lost Soul

  • Start by pressing CTRL + K to become a Lost Soul

Step 2: Hunt And Consume

  • Track down other Hollows and eat them to earn EXP.
  • This is important for growing into stronger forms, Menos, Adjuchas, and the Vastolorde.

Step 3: Survival Tip

  • Beware, other Hollows can also hunt you.
  • Stay alert to avoid becoming someone else’s meal.

Step 4: Become Menos

  • When you’re ready, press CTRL + K again to transform into a Menos.
  • Timing matters here, the later you do it, the stronger you become.

Step 5: Become Arrancar

  • As a Menos, press CTRL + K to rip off your mask and become an Arrancar.
  • Choose wisely between a patient grind or a quicker, but weaker, start.

Step 6: Grade 5 Entry

  • All Arrancars begin with Grade 5.

Step 7: Semi-Grade 1

  • Earn Mission EXP to reach Semi-Grade 1.
  • This is a necessary step in your academic progression.

Step 8: Elite Grade

  • Collect Raid EXP, Grip EXP, and more Mission EXP to reach the Elite Grade.

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