Type Soul Races: What Is The Best Race In Type Soul

Are you just starting and looking for the best Race In Type Soul? In this game, you’re the boss of your adventure. You begin as a human, but then the game asks you what kind of race you want to be. As of now, there are three races In Type Soul with different abilities namely:

  • Soul Reaper
  • Quincy
  • Hollow

And the bad part is, once you choose any of these races, no take-back. I will inform you about each race, so you have an idea of the kind of race you would want to pick.

Let’s dive In.


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Type Soul Races: Soul Reaper/Shinigami

As a Soul Reaper, your main job is dealing with hollows, kind of like lost souls that are causing trouble. You are a spirit bouncer, making sure everyone goes to the right place.

However, if you choose to be a Soul Reaper, you get a special sword called Zanpakuto. It’s not just a regular sword; it comes with amazing powers.


This sword helps you fight those troublesome hollows. And you can handle battles in different ways. Whether you like fighting up close or from far away, Soul Reapers are good at both.

Type Soul Races: Quincy

These races are humans with special abilities, they can see and talk to spirits. Quincy is the archery expert in the game. They have this deep connection with spiritual stuff, and it lets them rock powerful bows and arrows.

They’re the snipers of Type Soul, hitting enemies from a distance with pinpoint accuracy. As Quincy, you’re not just shooting arrows randomly.


You’ve got incredible skills, like Blut. This move can shield your defense or offense.
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Type Soul Races: Hollow

These guys are the troublemakers, the bad spirits that have lost their way and given in to despair. So, if you decide to go the Hollow route in Type Soul, get ready for a unique gaming experience.

At the start, you’ll be a basic Fishbone, and you can level up and become more powerful by taking down other Hollows and eating their leftovers.


It’s like a video game buffet, but, you know, with spirit creatures. Hollows bring some deep uniqueness to the game. They’ve got special abilities that make the gameplay a bit challenging.

If you’re into being the bad guy and digging the different powers they bring to the table, becoming a Hollow might just be your thing. Plus, you get to test your skills by facing off against other Hollows and proving who’s boss in the spirit world.

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What Is The Best Race In Type Soul?

Think about how you like to fight in Type Soul, is It up close? Is It from a distance? or a bit of both. For me, Soul Reapers are good all-around, though Hollows offers a unique challenge, and Quincies are great with ranged attacks.

When it comes to power, Quincies kicks off strong. They get powerful skills early on which makes them tough opponents from the get-go.

Soul Reapers, also, grow stronger gradually as you keep playing. Then again, your choice depends on what you like from the Bleach series.


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