Type Soul Hollow Progression Guide

This is a beginner guide to Type Soul Hollow Progression. In Type Soul Hollow, you’re a Fishbone with an appetite for growth.

Your mission is to hunt and consume other Hollows, which gives you the experience to develop. It’s a simple cycle: hunt, eat, and transform. However, there’s more to learn.

Be with me.


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The BEST Beginners Guide to Hollow/Arrancars in TYPE SOUL!

How Do You Evolve As A Hollow?

Evolving as a Hollow is about what happens after the fight. When you defeat an enemy, they drop body parts. These aren’t just any body parts; they’re special.


They’re black and have this unique black smoke coming off them. However, they don’t stick around forever. You’ve got about 10 seconds to pick them up before they vanish.

So, you need to be quick. When you consume these blackened body parts, you gain experience, which makes you grow and change.

As you eat to get energy, your Hollow needs to consume these parts to get stronger and eventually change into a new form.


But, What exactly does this look like in the game? Suppose you’re in a battle, and you’ve just won. You see these dark, smoky pieces of your enemy falling to the ground.

You rush over and grab them, and you feel your Hollow’s power rise. That’s your experience growing. Keep doing this, and soon, your Hollow will start to transform. You’ve got to be fast while eating them.

How Do You Progress As A Hollow In-Type Soul?

As a Menos, you continue to face off against enemies, gain experience, and evolve. It’s a continuous process, much like before, but now the stakes are higher, and the rewards are greater. Your adventure as a Hollow is about becoming more powerful and formidable.


When you feel ready for a change, by pressing CTRL + K, you can transform again, this time into a Menoscar. It’s as simple as that.

This key combination is like a secret code that unlocks your next form. If you ask me about the difference, becoming a Menoscar is massive.

It’s a new level of power, a fresh start on your experience with enhanced abilities. But before you rush into pressing those keys, take a moment.


Ask yourself, “Am I ready for this?” It’s not a decision to make lightly. As a Menos, you might want to gather more strength, get used to your abilities, and get a feel for what you can do before moving on.

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How Do You Stop Being A Hollow In-Type Soul?

Being a Hollow, you’ve got this freedom, this sense of power. You roam around, fight, and evolve. There’s a whole level of growth ahead of you. But when you become a Menoscar, things change, not for the better. It’s like taking a step back in the game.


Players often see it as giving up on the progress you could have made as a Hollow. Though this option is in the game for a reason, sometimes games have choices to give you a sense of independence, even if they’re not the best moves.

However, making the switch to a Menoscar is easy, you press CTRL + K, and that is all. But once you’ve done it, there’s no going back.

You’ve got to think it through.  Is it worth giving up your Hollow’s path? Most players will tell you, Nope, stay the course, stay a Hollow.


The takeaway here is clear: while you have the option to stop being a Hollow, it’s not a popular or wise choice. Being a Menoscar comes with a lot of downsides, and it stops the adventure and progression that being a Hollow offers.

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The essence of Type Soul Hollow is in the progression. Your dedication to staying a Hollow and gaining strength will lead to a better adventure. Dismiss the Menoscar option, and stay focused on your evolution


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