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Players can explore a wide variety of imaginative and engaging games on Roblox, a vibrant virtual world. “Type Soul,” an action-packed adventure game that tests players’ ability to summon their inner strength and defeat adversaries, is one such title that has grown in popularity. Understanding the nuances of the concept of “Hollow” is essential to success in this game.

To assist you in mastering the game, we’ll dive into the Type Soul Hollow Guide Wiki in this post. We’ll cover the essential mechanics of the game as well as the meaning of Hollow.

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In the Roblox game Type Soul, you can choose between three distinct races after you’ve transformed from a lost soul. One of them is the Hollows. Once you have attained the status of a lost soul, you must press CTRL + K to become a Hollow.

You then find yourself in the fascinating world of Hueco Mundo after this action initiates a short animation. When you first appear in Hueco Mundo, you will take the form of a Fishbone. You must fight other Fishbones, whether they be NPCs or other players, to progress in your Hollow evolution.

A dark residue appears on the ground after you defeat a Fishbone. To use this residue, you have to hit ‘B’. If you manage to consume thirty to thirty-five Fishbones, you will evolve into a Menos.


In your Hollow journey, you must make a crucial choice at the Menos stage. You can either stay in Menos mode and keep going, or you can hit CTRL + K again to change back into Menoscar mode.

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It is noteworthy, though, that the decision to become a Menoscar is not always supported by the player base, as it is typically viewed as a bad one to take.


If you decide to continue as a Menos, you will then need to defeat five to ten other Menos—NPCs or players—to move up the ranks and eventually take on the form of an Adjuchas. Eventually, a lot of Adjuchas players choose to press CTRL + K to transform from mask to Arrancar form.

On the other hand, if you decide to go down the Hollow evolution route, you will have to defeat a good number of other Adjuchas to create meaningful mask cracks.

It is important to remember that you will lose 5 kills if you die during this process, so you should plan your strategy so that other players will defend you while you farm Adjuchas NPCs.


After your character’s skin turns white and their hair turns red, you need to find another player who has 50 mask cracks and fight them one-on-one (without using any outside help).

It’s important to realize that if you lose to an Adjuchas who has 50 mask cracks, all of your hard-earned mask cracks are gone.

On the other hand, after defeating an Adjuchas with 50 mask cracks, you have to wait for about 20 seconds before colored lines start to appear on your screen.


You have to keep following these lines until they end entirely. Once they do, a powerful Vasto Lorde will appear and challenge you to a duel.

One of the most important steps in becoming a Vasto Lorde yourself is facing the Vasto Lorde. If you are defeated in this fierce battle, you will never again be able to become Vasto Lorde.

But if you win, you have to eat the black ash that the Vasto Lorde that lost left behind to finish turning into a Vasto Lorde. As a Vasto Lorde, you have very few options. The main one is to hit CTRL + K again to turn into a Vastocar.


The fact that Vastocars have better stats than normal Arrancars is notable, but many players eventually wonder if the difficult grind for Vasto Lorde is worth it.

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In Conclusion

In the captivating Roblox game Type Soul, users are encouraged to investigate their inner strength using the Hollow concept.


You can become a powerful player in the game by becoming proficient with Hollow mechanics and learning how to balance your Hollow energy.

You can get helpful advice and insights from the Type Soul Hollow Guide Wiki to aid you in developing into a true Type Soul master.

Enter the world of Type Soul, accept your Hollow self, and set out on an incredible journey full of quests, conflicts, and hidden riches.


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