Type Soul Emotes Shortcuts

Have you ever wondered how some gamers easily make their characters dance, wave, or even throw a virtual bomb In Type Soul? That’s the power of emotes.

They are more like emojis, but instead of a smiling face, you get your character doing a happy jig. It’s kind of fun. In this post, I will share with you Type Soul emotes shortcuts that you can start using to Improve your gameplay.

Let’s dive In.


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Type Soul Emotes Shortcuts

Emote CommandDescription
/e cheerYour character will perform a joyful jump.
/e danceYour character will showcase a variety of dance moves.
/e dance1Your character will perform iconic Gangnam-style moves.
/e dance2Your character will engage in lively arm waves.
/e dance3Your character will demonstrate cheerleader-inspired moves.
/e sturdyYour character will perform actions similar to the default dance.
/e layYour character will lie down flat on the ground.
/e waveYour character will give a friendly wave.
/e laughYour character will burst into laughter.
/e restYour character will sit down and take a break.
/e rest2Your character will sit down in an alternative position.
/e rest3Your character will perform a squatting pose.
/e rest4Your character will sit down in a cross-legged position.
/e cryYour character will start crying.
/e caramelEmote shared by anonymous in the comments.
/e layEmote shared by anonymous in the comments.
/e warriorEmote shared by anonymous in the comments.
/e freestyleEmote shared by anonymous in the comments.
/e kneelEmote shared by anonymous in the comments.

How Do You Get More Emotes On Roblox?

Go to the Marketplace in Roblox, It is an online store where you can find all sorts of things. Look for the Emotes section, that’s where the fun dances and gestures hang out. However, you’ll need Robux to grab these emotes.

Robux is the In-money game. You can get Robux by either buying them with real money or earning them through activities on Roblox. Once you have your Robux, go ahead and choose the emote you like.


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Click on it, and if you have enough Robux, it’s yours. Just keep an eye on the Marketplace because they always add new emotes.

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