Type Soul Build Guide: The Best Soul Reaper Builds

Type Soul builds are the foundation for unlocking the full potential of your character, and finding the ideal Type Soul build can make a huge difference In the game. However, In this post, you will find out the best build to strengthen your Soul Reaper.

Let’s dive In.

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Are Soul Reapers Immortal?

Soul Reapers, despite their human-like appearances, are far from ordinary. They possess powerful souls with lifespans that stretch across centuries.

But does that make them immortal? Fantasize a Soul Reaper’s life as a slow and steady river, calmly flowing through the sands of time. They’re not immortal in the sense that nothing can harm them or that they never age.

In fact, they do age, but they age at a much slower rate compared to us regular folks. You see, Soul Reapers have been around for centuries, and they have witnessed the tides of history turn.


While we humans may live for a few decades, they can live for centuries. Their long lives are a result of their unique spiritual nature, and this longevity is part of what makes them so interesting.

As they age, they do show signs of getting older, but it’s a gradual process. You may not notice the day-to-day changes, but when you look back over a decade or two, you can see the difference.

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Best Soul Reaper Build Type Soul

  • Speed

If you find yourself needing to flash around the battleground while keeping your health in check, this build might be your perfect match. Suppose you’re in the midst of a heated battle, and you notice your health bar dropping rapidly.

By investing a few points into healing abilities, you can ensure that you regain health even when the fight gets tough. However, this build is also about speed.

Prioritizing speed, you can outsmart your opponents which makes it difficult for them to hit you. Then again,  having Water Shikai build is important to create this build work.


Sure, it may not be the fastest option, but what it lacks is speed. With the Water Shikai in hand, you can move easily and heal at the same moment.

  • Kendo

Kendo may not be the first choice for many players. But trust me, it has its special advantages, especially when facing speedy opponents. Speed can be a game-changer.

You’ve probably encountered those agile players who look around which makes it challenging to hit. Kendo is more like the art of mastering your weapon that makes every hit count.


Why I’m craving Kend is the Mortal Ties move. When you adopt Kendo and unlock Mortal Ties, you gain the power to slow down those speed demons who move around the battlefield.

Your opponents won’t be able to go around you anymore which gives you a fighting chance. However, you will lose a bit of speed. What you lose in speed, you’ll more than make up for with higher DPS (Damage Per Second).

Your attacks will load a more powerful punch. While your opponents are trying to figure out why they’re not moving as fast, you’ll be landing them harmful blows.


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  • Hakuda

Hakuda lets you fake your opponents with ease. If you’re the type of player who enjoys getting up close and personal, this one’s for you. Investing most of your skill points into Hakuda, you’re grumbling up your close-quarters fighting skills.

If you are in a battle, and you want to get in, hit hard, and get out before your opponent even knows what hit them, that’s the essence of this build.


Also, you can pair your Hakuda skills with Shikai, and you’ve got a formula for disaster for your enemies. The Flame Shikai adds skills to your attacks that make them burn with intensity.

When you easily approach your opponent, activate your Shikai. You can throw them in the air for massive damage. The beauty of this build is its simplicity and effectiveness.

There’s no need for complicated strategies or fancy tricks. Just master the basics of Hakuda, sharpening your skills, and knowing when to strike. With this build, you’ll find yourself dominating the battlefield with style.


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