Trials In Tainted Space Save Editor Guide

With Trials in Tainted Space editor, players can customize their character stats and all other things they need to get the best out of the gameplay. Let’s say you want to customize your character now and don’t know how to go about it, we got you covered in this article. Read on to get your hands doing just what you need right now.

I could recall when I was an active player of Trials in Tainted Space, it was hell getting over the initial 5 minutes. I have seen other players who have devoted a lot to exploring what is in the game.

Though, the game isn’t meant for all players, so, if you like AAA games, that might be a reason you are here. Just like me, I love to see what goes on in the game and to help others get along.

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Even though it sometimes annoys players, we can say that it’s one of the most amazing and challenging games out there. You can create and customize your characters to navigate the universe. Also, the game features combat scenes, arrays of weapons, and a clear map to help you progress in the game.

So, if you’re new to this game and wondering what is all about. Well, Trials in Tainted Space is a text-based RPG game. In this game, you tell your story through your imagination of things (characters), and its exciting aspect is its gameplay which creates room for players to chat, fight and engage in immoral acts as means of playing the game.

Haven knows that assuming you want to get your character to have a unique look, states, and more, then, we have got all you need to get your hands on the desk using then Save Editor.

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Trials in Tainted Space Save Editor

Trials in Tainted Space save editor is a program that parses the game save file information which permits players to easily modify the parameters of the saved file and resave it as a new file with the newly added value.

Since the game came out new, there haven’t been much available save editors. Fortunately, we have a developer called algoRhythm99 on GitHub who developed the save editor which works with Trials in Tainted Space called TiTsEd.

How to Install Trials in Tainted Space Save Editor

To stall Trials in Tainted Space save editor, what you need to have on your PC is .NET Framework 4.5 or later.

If you run a Windows 10 or Windows 11, your system already comes with it pre-inbuilt. But those with Windows 8 should install it. Assuming you have this already, then you download the latest version of the TiTsED-*.zip archive from this page on Github.

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  • Once downloaded, you will need to extract the file with file extractors like WinRAR, Zip, or 7-Zip to any directory of your system and run it from there.
  • After that, import your TiTS and save the file using the “Open” bitten which is at the upper right corner of the program.
  • After the importation is complete, your character’s information will come up and you can easily edit the data as you like and export the updated save file into the game using the “Save As” option.

Final Thoughts

Trials in Tainted Space even though not so attractive have decent gameplay and with your save editor, you can easily modify your character to your choice and enjoy the gameplay.

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