Tower Of Fantasy Server Error (Fix)

It should not be much of a surprise to you if any problem arises with the Tower of Fantasy server. This is because millions of users join on daily bases.

We are going to take you through this article if you are looking for a way to fix the Tower of Fantasy server error. Most of the servers are often loaded to the brim i.e., maximum capacity. As a result of this, players tend to experience Login Status Exceptions and Crashing Issues in Tower of Fantasy.

However, the best part of it all is that there are some simple tips that you can imply to fix the Tower of Fantasy server error. Without much ado, let’s get into it properly.


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How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Server Error

There are a lot of issues that can result in the Tower of Fantasy server error. Some of the reasons why this error can arise include traffic overload, firewalls, server outages, bad internet connection, and the setting of your device can also be the reason. Traffic overload is probably the cause of the server error in this case.

The most commonly reported server error is Tower of Fantasy server error id 5 10004. However, we have little if no idea of what it means and what exactly is the cause.


Nevertheless, judging from the looks, the issue seems to be caused by server overload. We have compiled some standard troubleshooting methods that you can try to resolve the Tower of Fantasy server error. You can first try these steps before you get into the actual troubleshooting tips.

Connect to a different server, it is best you choose the one with less traffic. You can get more information on the best Tower of Fantasy server list.

Connect at a different time, preferably late at night or early in the morning, and see how much that helps.


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Check The Server Status

The first thing for you to do in a situation like this is to check if the Tower of Fantasy servers is running properly. There is no dedicated page for the Tower of Fantasy server but you can inspect the status of each server in-game. There is a color indicator next to each server name and it does is to indicate whether the server is down, open, or full.

  • Gray: Server is under maintenance.
  • Green: Server is open.
  • Yellow: The server is open but heavily populated.
  • Red: Server is full; must queue for entry.

Additionally, all information about server maintenance and outages is updated on their official Twitter account. So, you can visit there from time to time to know about some issues, upcoming maintenance, and more.


Check Your Connection

If your network connection is poor, then a server error is most probably going to occur. You can consider shutting down any program that is not in use to make that there is a seamless network connection.

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Also, disconnect other devices from your router to lessen the competition for bandwidth. Restarting your router has proven to be a common fix for a list of connectivity problems, so you can consider it as well.


You can switch to a wired network if applicable because they are kind of more stable. You can as well consider turning your VPN off if you make use of one.

Add The Game To The Safe List

Your firewall blocking the game from connecting to the internet is another possible cause of this issue. If that is the case, you are supposed to add the game to the safe list of your firewall. This is how you can do that;

  • Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection.
  • Under Virus & threat protection settings, click Manage settings, and click Add or remove exclusions under Exclusions.
  • Click Add an exclusion, and browse and select the .exe file of the Tower of Fantasy game.

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You might as well need to add the game to the safe list of any third-party anti-virus program that you are using. Or better still try to disable the anti-virus software while you try to run the game and check to see if it fixes the issue.

However, If none of the aforementioned tips worked after you tried implementing them, your next line of action should be to connect to Tower of Fantasy customer support.

The official Tower of Fantasy customer support service is at [email protected]. You can let them know about what difficulties you’re facing. If the difficulty that you are facing is a Black Screen or a Lag in Tower of Fantasy, you can imply our tips as stated earlier and see it goes.


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