Tower Of Fantasy Password Chest Drops (Guide)

Tower of Fantasy is about an in-depth looting system – a big MMORPG. There are different ways to collect different materials. It also has a chest mechanism that is more in-depth than usual.

You will meet two distinct chests in Tower of Fantasy. We have the Supply Pod Chest which can only be opened once. We have the other which is the Password Chest which grants your character EXP and other loot.

Types of Password Chests in Tower of Fantasy

Password Chests will often respawn and can be utilized every time it respawns to get enough loot. There are three tiers of password chests in the Tower of Fantasy. We will list all three Password Chests below.

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  • Tier 1 Password Chest
  • Tier 2 Password Chest
  • Tier 3 World Boss Chest

Password Chest Drop Location – Where to Find

It is known that Password Chests can spawn at any location at any interval throughout the Aida. They will also spawn repeatedly in the same location previous one’s spawn. You can travel often to their previous location to receive the newly spawned Password Chests.


The map below depicts all the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Password and World Boss Chests locations in the map.

tower of fantasy password chests

How to Open Password Chests in Tower of Fantasy

In the world of Aida, Password Chests will always spawn in different areas. There are two ways you can open a Password Chest. A Password Chest can be known of its tier when you go nearer to it – whether Tier 1,2,3.


You will need the deciphering mechanism to unlock Password Chests in the Tower of Fantasy. The methods to decrypt the Password Chests are:

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  • Perfect Decipher
  • Forced Decipher

Perfect Decipher

You will have a distinctive chip to use the Perfect Decipher to open the Password Chest. You will obtain these chips when you carry out Bounty Missions and Weekly Activity Missions. When you have obtained a good number of the chips for a Password Chest, you can use the Perfect Decipher to open the chest.


With Perfect Decipher, any Password Chest you unlock will grant you more EXP and better-quality loot from it.

Forced Decipher

Suppose you opt to open a Password Chest with the Forced Decipher, the chest will be opened with force. Using force to open a Password Chest will grant you less EXP and you will receive common loot items.

NOTE: It is better to open a Password Chest with the Perfect Decipher as this will grant you more EXP and rear loot than Forced Decipher. Unless you don’t have the chips required to open a Password Chest, you can opt for the Force Decipher. This option grants you less EXP and common loot items.


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