Tower Of Fantasy Nano Coating (Guide)

There are lots of missions and side quests for wanderers to enjoy on the new MMO Tower of Fantasy. As a result, a lot of these missions and boss battles will help gamers grow their character’s power level or upgrade their weapons.

Nano Coating is another way that wanderers can use to increase the performance of their weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

But this is only available to wanderers ranked at level 20 or more. We are going to cover everything about Nano Coating in this article. This will include the different types, how to get, and how to use the feature in Tower of Fantasy.

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Tower Of Fantasy How To Get And Use Nano Coating

how to get and use nano coating in tower of fantasy

There is a number of ways that one can achieve weapon upgrade in Tower of Fantasy. Among these ways is Nano Coating. Nano Coating is a type of special boost feature that you can use to increase the performance of a weapon.

In Tower of Fantasy, you need to get to at least level 20 or higher for you to be able to access Nano Coating. Also, the said weapon to be upgraded should at least be level 30 or more. In Tower of Fantasy, there are three different types of Nano Coating. We are going to list them below.

Nano Coating I: Coating that’s developed from the new technology that improves weapon performance slightly.

Nano Coating II: Coating that is redeveloped after further research to improve weapon performance.

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Nano Coating III: Coating developed from exclusive Hykros Technology to improve weapon performance greatly

Nano Coating also increases the power level of your character. Also, instead of using them to augment your weapons, you can as well spend Nano Coating. For instance, you can spend 4 Nano Coating I to get 25 points.

There are 6 ways that you can access Nano Coating in Tower of Fantasy;

  • Weapon Augment Kit Box (select Nano Coatings)
  • RNG Loot by cracking Password Chest II
  • Interstellar Exploration 
  • Dimensional Trails 
  • Omnium Beacon 
  • Weapons Store

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Final Thoughts 

You can also fuse Nano coating to create a higher level. Wanderers will need 4 Nano Coating I if they want to get 1 Nano Coating II and 5 of Nano Coating II to get 1 of Nano Coating III. This is the point where we draw the curtain on how to get and use Nano coating in Tower of Fantasy.

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