Tower Of Fantasy Fireworks Password

In the Tower of Fantasy, there is a mysterious map – Cetus Island, a theme park for dolls. In the theme park is the NPC Slayer, who must repair and set up a fireworks display. In this article, we will guide you on completing Fireworks Prep Quest and finding Felton’s Password.


In the theme park is the NPC slayer standing outside of a circus tent left side of the Ferris Wheel on Cetus Island. When you speak to the NPC Slayer, he has many continuous quests you will complete. One of them is to test some of the rides for maintenance.


To participate in NPC Slayer quests, you must ride the carousel and rollercoaster. Riding these will grant you park ride tickets, which can be exchanged with Enfi. Enfi is the Exchange Officer; she stands opposite NPC Slayer below the fireworks banner.

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In Enfi’s enclosure are avatar frames for sale; you can also buy Black Niter that will be used to repair the firework display boxes. This is because the firework display boxes were broken and need to be reassembled around the theme park. You must do this to complete the Fireworks Prep quest after you must have unlocked the Crown region.


You can get more park tickets when you replay the process and ride the carousel and rollercoaster.


When you have unlocked the Crown region, talk to Slayer when you are done riding the carousel and rollercoaster. He will direct you to find a fireworks specialist.
Following this quest will lead you to the Crown Mines Manager Kim. Go to the mines and interact with him; after the interaction, you will face and defeat seven Samurai at a Hyena Stronghold.

After defeating the foes, Kim will ask you again to gather four Crystals and two Fire Cores. From where Kim is, the Crystals and Fire Cores are located across the river. Fire Cores are produced from the breaking Fire Crystal Clusters; they will look like obelisks made from the square.

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There will be red cores that can be broken using flame weapons at the grassy banks opposite Kim. You have to buy Crystals from vendors or get them from Crystal Clusters that will come as blue/white variants of the fire Crystals Cluster. After handing these items to Kim, return to Slayers to receive the next objective.


NPC Slayer will instruct you to go to Banges Port, where Firework setup expert Felton. Felton is also an NPC that wanders around the food stalls located at Banges Dock. He wears a purple suit, travels to that place, and finds him.

After speaking with Felton, he will direct you to a Hyena outpost, where you will find clues to reach his communicator. When you reach there, retrieve it, and he will help you fix the ignition devices used for fireworks.


Also, you must find the ‘Hyena Classified Document’ at the Hyena hideout situated at Loen Dock in Banges. The document is on the floor amongst the wooden bridges, next to a water tank. The document contains a password for all Hyena communications.

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You can return the password to Felton at Banges Dock when you enter the communicator password (1234). Afterward, return to Slayer at Cetus Island to repair the fireworks devices and start the fireworks show.



Your next objective is to repair the three fireworks devices (pyrotechnic devices) seen in the central tent. Reach to them and interact with them; you will enter a mini-game where you will repair them.

When you see the needle pointing at the red area of the meter, click the wrench icon to complete the mini-game. After fixing the three devices, go back to Slayer and interact with her.

To finalize the quest and start the fireworks display, reset the in-game time to 22:00 and speak to Slayer the last time. You can trigger the fireworks multiple times, but the EXP and Park Ticket rewards will be issued once.


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