Top Wars Best Heroes Tier List In 2023

This post provides the top war’s best heroes that you can use to improve your gaming experience In 2023. Top War is a strategy game that’s merged to upgrade. Plus, you can draft renowned Heroes to lead your troops on land, sea, and in the air to win wars.

In this top wars tire list of best heroes, you’ve got a lineup of top-notch heroes to choose from, and you can pick the ones that fit your needs best.

Some of these heroes are experts in aerial combat, others are all about leading ground forces, and some specialize in naval warfare. However, In this post, you will learn:


  • Some of the best land heroes In top wars
  • The best Navy heroes In top wars
  • The best Airforce heroes In top wars

That said, I will only share with you the heroes that belong to the S-tier list which are considered the best heroes that you can use. Let’s dive right In.

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The Best Land Heroes In Top Wars

In Top War, conquering the land requires the best heroes who can lead your troops to triumph. These land heroes are Shinji Ikari, Optimus Prime, Coyote Tango, Megatron, and Arcee.


1. Shinji Ikari

Shinji has got the skills to handle tricky situations and take on a variety of enemies. When you need a versatile hero to lead your troops, Shinji’s your guy.

2. Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is all about power and leadership. Your troops become a well-oiled machine ready to roll over anything in their path when he’s in charge. He’s the ultimate choice for those epic, no-holds-barred land battles.

3. Coyote Tango

Coyote Tango impresses at defense and can hold the line against the toughest opponents. You can always call on Coyote Tango whenever you want to protect your territory and keep it secure.


4. Megatron

Megatron is the definition of relentless offense. He’s a force to be reckoned with on the war front, capable of leading your troops in aggressive attacks.

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5. Arcee

Arcee brings skills and agility to the land battles. She’s quick on her feet and can strike with accuracy. Arcee is the choice that won’t disappoint.


The Best Navy Heroes In Top Wars

When it comes to naval warfare in Top Wars, having the best heroes at the helm can mean the difference between conquering the high seas and sinking into oblivion.

With Nereid, Yuu, Seaspray, Bassel, Chloe, and Bellevue, these heroes are ready to set sail and help you dominate the waters.

6. Nereid

Nereid is like the captain of your dreams when it comes to naval warfare. She is intelligent in leading your naval forces and strategizing your sea battles.


7. Yuu

Yuu is the powerhouse of the Navy heroes, and if you need sheer firepower and strength, he’s the hero you can rely on. Yuu knows how to dish out harmful attacks and keep the enemy at bay.

8. Seaspray

With a knack for defense and stability, he can fortify your maritime holdings and protect your naval assets. However, when you need someone to secure your maritime borders and maintain peace on the open waters, Seaspray is your hero.

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9. Bassel

Bassel brings tactical brilliance to the naval arena. He’s a strategist with the ability to outplay the enemy. So, when you’re up against cunning foes on the high seas, Bassel’s intelligence and cunning can lead your fleet to victory.

10. Chloe

She’s agile and quick, capable of making good strikes and quick escapes.

11. Bellevue

Bellevue is your go-to hero for diplomacy on the seas. He’s the hero you want when you’re looking to build maritime partnerships and secure your naval borders.


That said, each of these Navy heroes in Top Wars comes with unique skills and abilities to give you an edge on the open waters.

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The Best Airforce Heroes In Top Wars

The skies are just as crucial as land and sea, and having the right Air Force heroes is crucial for your adventure.


12. Maximo

Maximo is the kind of hero you want in your Air Force. He’s like a turbo boost for your air units, capable of turning the tides of battles single-handedly.

Though he’s a premium hero, the investment is worth it. Maximo can impress on both the offense and defense, making him a versatile powerhouse in the skies.

13. Selina

Selina knows how to boost your air forces to new heights. Her incredible buffs make your units more formidable, increasing their maximum HP and attack. When you’ve maxed her out, the results are mind-blowing. She’s just a hero you’ll want to keep close to your Air Force.


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14. Serval

Serval is the stuff of nightmares for your enemies. This exceptional hero has the potential to make their lives a living hell You can get the best version of her when paired with other top-tier heroes.

Her stats stack up, making her a force to be reckoned with. Serval is the ace up your sleeve when it comes to turning the sky into a no-fly zone for your opponents.


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