Top Rush Royale Thunderer Deck Arena 10+

This post provides you with a list of the best Rush Royale Thunderer Decks that you can use in Arena 10 Plus to climb higher In your adventure.

The Thunderer is a powerful unit in the game. It targets one enemy, and if you make it stronger by upgrading it, it starts destroying additional nearby enemies with lightning.

The more you boost it, the faster it shoots. For example, if you boost it three times, it hits three times faster than when it’s at the basic level.


However, Thunder and Wind Archer just got a big boost, and now many gamers in Arena 10+ are pounding these cards into their decks like it’s the best thing ever. In no time, let’s dive into the top Rush Royale Thunderer Deck Arena 10+.

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Best Thunderer Corsair Deck

The Thunderer Corsair Deck isn’t one to shy away from a fight because it has all the right moves to keep you in the game and maybe even help you rise through the ranks.


This deck is always ready to lend a hand in the heat of battle, and It works amazingly well, you don’t need any fancy tricks or complicated strategies.

Also, It brings in the big guns: Executioner, Chemist, and Bombardier, all rallying behind the Thunderer. The Thunderer will be leading the charge, and it will be supported by the Executioner dealing damage, the Chemist storm of support, and the Bombardier raining destruction from above.

In Rush Royale, where every move counts, this Thunderer Corsair Deck is reliable. It’s the kind of deck you can count on when the going gets tough.


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Good Inquisitor Thunderer Deck

What makes the Good Inquisitor Thunderer Deck one of the best Rush Royale Thunderer Decks is all about balance. This deck doesn’t throw everything at you but focuses on what works, and it works well.

The Inquisitor takes the lead, and It is supported by the Thunderer, creating a formidable team. The Inquisitor deals with damage, and whatever comes your way.


Pair that with the Thunderer’s ruthless thunderstorms, and you’ve got a combination that keeps the enemy on their toes. While the Inquisitor handles the close encounters, the Thunderer takes care of the wild battle, and together, they create a synergy that’s easy to get.

Rush Royale Thunderer Grindstone Deck

If you’re proceeding through Rush Royale’s Arena 8 to 13+ and eyeing a deck that not only wins but dominates, you can consider the Thunderer Grindstone Deck.

This deck is a game-changer. And, it’s a deck for the people because It is free to play. You won’t need a treasure chest of gems to make this work.


Sometimes, it is not about winning battles but defeating the Royal Trials event. Yes, continuous victories. However, at Level 8 or Level 9, this deck becomes a force to be reckoned with.

It is best to damage opponents, and It is important to boost those cards. The more upgrades, the more devastation. Then again, this deck has a trio of heavy hitters: Engineer, Plague Doctor, and the fan-favorite, Vampire.

These cards are the backbone of your adventure. And speaking of backbone, consider the grindstone. This addition Increases the damage and critical hits for both Thunderer and Engineer.


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Here is An Important Note:

Before facing the first boss, flood your board with Rank 1 and Rank 2 Thunderers, and back them up with Plague Doctor and Engineer.

By the time the second boss walks in, you should have Rank 3 Thunderers and Engineers hitting the scene, surrounded by grindstones for that extra energy.


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