Top 9 Best Movies Like Lolita

best movies like lolita

Lolita is a thrilling movie with lots of suspense and controversies. The movie mainly emphasizes the sexual obsession of a professor. 

Hence, it is a good movie that can spike emotions when being watched. Here, in this article, we will be looking at the nine movies on the web right now that are as good as the movie Lolita. 

Lolita Movie Analysis

Lolita is a drama movie officially released on September 25, 1998. The drama was directed by Adrian Lyne and it featured movie stars like Jeremy Irons, Ben Silverstone, Dominique Swain, Frank Langella, Melanie Griffith, Suzanne Shepherd, Keith Reddin, Erin J. Dean, Joan Glover, Ed Grady, Michael Goodwin, Angela Paton, Emma Griffiths Malin, Ronald Pick up, Michael Culkin and Annabelle Apison.

The movie centers around a middle-aged European school professor named Hurbert Hurbert. 

He is said to be sexually obsessed with the protagonist a 14-year-old teenage girl. He nicknamed her ” Lo” and he aims at wooing her to satisfy his sexual motives.

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9 Best Movies Like Lolita

1. The Reader (2009)

The Reader is a German-based romantic drama officially released on February 26, 2009. The drama was set in Germany and was directed by Stephen Daldry. 

The movie tells a story of a German lawyer named Michael Berg, who at age 15 in 1958 was sexually assaulted by an older woman named Hanna Schmitz. 

They both had sexual intricacies in her apartment but soon afterward, Hanna Schmitz was sent to prison and she committed suicide leaving Michael Berg with a newfound lover Ilana.

1. American Beauty (1999)

American Beauty is an American comedy film officially released on September 5, 1999. The comedy-drama was directed by Sam Mendes and the film won Oscars for Best Actor, Best Film, and Best Director Awards of the year. 

The movie tells the story of a middle-aged man who became obsessed with his daughter’s best friend. The man known as Lester Burnham was the husband of Carolyn Burnham and the father of Jane Burnham. 

Things fell apart when Lester started building up a romantic affair with Jane’s classmate named Angela.

1. Great Ball of Fire (1989)

Great Ball of Fire is an American drama officially released on June 30, 1989. The movie was directed by Jim McBride. 

The American movie centered around a young guy named Jerry Lee Lewis, a very talented boy with good vocals, born to play the “devil’s music”. 

Lee suddenly develops feelings for his 13-year-old cousin and the thought of getting married to her roams his mind. Lee’s career as a singer seems questionable.

1. Notes on a Scandal (2003)

Notes on a Scandal is a movie inspired by the novel written by Zoe Heller. The film was officially released in 2006. 

The movie tells the story of Mary Kay LeTourneau, an American Middle-aged female school teacher who had a romantic affair with one of her students, a 15-year-old boy. 

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1. Circle of Tom (2017)

Circle of Tom is an American thriller film directed by James Ponsoldt. The film was officially released on April 28, 2017. The movie centers around a young woman named Mae, a recent college graduate who lands a new job in a tech company called Circle. 

She had chances to explore her new world as a newly employed graduate but everything changed when she participated in an experiment that changed and affected her life and the lives of others around her.

1. Albatross (2011)

Albatross is a British drama directed by Niall McCormick and written by Tamzin Rafn. The movie was officially released on 14 October 2011. A young writer lands a job as a cleaner in a hotel located by the seaside. 

In reality, the hotel owner is an author who struggles with writer’s block but in the end, he offers a helping hand to her by providing her with lessons.

1. Palo Alto (2013)

Palo Alto is an American drama directed by Gia Coppola. It was inspired by the short story written by James Franco in 2010. The movie was officially released on May 9, 2014. 

The film centers on the lack of parental guidance which affected some California teenagers to become abusive and casual sex addicts.

1. Manhattan (1979)

Manhattan is an American drama directed by Woody Allen. The movie was officially released on April 25, 1979. The movie centers around a man named Allen co-stars, who got divorced twice. At age 42 the comedy writer (Allen co-stars) fell in love with Mariel Hemingway, a 17-year-old girl.

1. Beau Pere (1981)

Beau Pere is an American movie officially released on 16 September 1981 and directed by Bertrand Blier. The movie centers around a man who is a pianist around 30 years of age and finds himself in a deteriorating marriage. 

He lost his wife in a car accident and was left alone with his stepdaughter named Marion. The 14-year-old Marion soon became her stepfather’s obsession.

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Fans of the Lolita movie will surely find this list interesting. This article contains arguably the best movies like Lolita and should be taken advantage of. Every lover of the movie Lolita is bound to find all the movies mentioned in this article interesting and exciting to watch.


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