Top 8 Games Like Summertime Saga

games like summertime saga

Summertime Saga is an overwhelming and very realistic dating simulator game. The game was developed with beautiful environments, plotlines, and fascinating characters. The gameplay scenarios are very addicting and enticing.

It also has multiple endings that allow you to play over and over again and still find it interesting. Even with the multiple finishes, you might consider looking for an alternative to Summertime Saga. On that note, we have presented some other games, like Summertime Saga, below.

Games Like Summertime Saga

1. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter was developed by Outbreak Games and made available by Critical Bliss. The game is developed around a family of 5. Gamers will play as the skinny teenage boy, Jason, who loves music and has excellent audio engineering skills.

When the snow fell and the blizzard Jason’s family house, he was set to leave for good. But he was stuck in the house alongside his 3 step-sisters and stepmother.

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It is the right time to revenge for all the abuse and harassment he has faced from his step-family. Wait, does it make sense? Revenge for what happened in the past, will it gain Jason his respect or worsen the matter? You are to play as Jason, and your choice will decide the outcome, just as it is in Summertime Saga

2. Ladykiller in a Bind

We can say that Ladykiller in a Bind is an epitome replica of the Summertime Saga for queer/lesbian women. It was developed by Christine Love, who is also a lesbian.
In Ladykiller in a Bind, you will explore many fantasies in an SFW manner. Also, the game’s intense storyline correlates with humorous dialogue, which makes the game more addicting.

In the game, the concept is around an 18-year-old girl who was implored to cross-dress by her brother. His brother took her on 7 days school cruise trip and had her win a popularity contest. Her sister, called Beast, tried to seduce and sleep her way to get the top position with a winning prize of $5 million.

The game has a lot of nude scenarios in it, although you can turn on censorship or use “skip” to skip sex scenes when they occur. The game received a backlash when it released one of its final scenes where the Beast has a non-consensual sexual encounter.

3. Waifu Academy

Looking at the game’s animations and gameplay, Waifu Academy is an exciting game to play in exchange for Summertime Saga. You will also come across a similar plot in that the protagonist of Waifu Academy is looking to solve a murder mystery. That’s the murder of his father while she’s battling with high school.

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There is more to explore at Waifu Academy. You will come across 30 characters in the game, mostly students at Sazaki Academy. That’s where you will often play most of the game scenes.

Waifu Academy has an impressive 3D visual with a storyline revealing harrowing secrets about the protagonist’s closest friends.

While playing the game, you will start to question every decision. With that said, playing Waifu Academy for the first time makes it very addicting than Summertime Saga.

4. Harem Party

Have you ever hosted a party in an anime universe where you play as the character Moruiji Haru. Of all the games discussed here, Harem Party is a different game like Summertime Saga.

In the video game, the protagonist is a problematic gamer who was almost through a boss battle. During the last fight with the boss, the boss teleported into his world. When you follow the big bad guy, there will be more unnamed RPG characters that will flash out and turns out to be a party.

You will then control Moruiji to interact with every RPG character that comes out of the game. With this method, you can track and kill the fat boss to save the world.

Note that all the characters you will meet are manga girls and will do all you desire. They will worship you and support you till you defeat the fat boss. Get ready for a bloody party with the boss.

5. Sisterly Lust

It might be misleading if you think that this game, Sisterly Lust is literally what it means. No, Sisterly Lust has a very different meaning with a sad beginning.

The game kicks off when the father loses a custody battle. And the mother won the custody of the two sisters, and the father got the custody of the main character.

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The daughter was in her father’s hands under severe mistreatment, which made her mother try all means to rescue her. At this point is where the plot starts to take shape. You’re to control the decisions of the third daughter, who has a different mental upbringing than her 2 sisters.

The other two sisters are sexier, bolder, and braver than the main character. When you start to live with them, you will try to bond with them. However, it will take some time to bond with other sisters.

6. Melody

Summertime Saga is a visual novel game. All other games of such follow suit. So, Melody is one of the most stunning visual novels like Summertime Saga.

The game has unique graphics, and it’s a first-person video game. This also adds to the game dating experience more addicting.

In the game, you’ll play the character of a musician who left his job to start afresh in a new town in the country. The fresh chapter will start when you meet a lady in a grocery shop. The lady will hire your service to teach music to her niece, Melody.

When teaching melody music in a separate room, you only try all means to win the heart of Melody. Winning Melody during the music session depends on how you play your role. The game has multiple endings so that you will spend quality time with Melody.

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7. A Town Uncovered

Another alternative to Summertime Saga is A Town Uncovered. It is one of the bestdeveloped reality virtual games designed around a high school senior.

The main character in the game moved to a new town recently and hasn’t socialized with anybody. You will act as the character in an unknown town where you have no friends and no clear life lead.

What you should know about the people in this town is that they’re very open about their lives borderline. Most meetings ingame will turn into erotic sessions. The people have mysterious powers. There are also multiple endings in the game to explore. Just make the right choice.

What you will enjoy most in A Town Uncovered is the side quests in the small town. The quests are exciting, and you will wander off searching for hidden locations and lewd areas.

8. Coming Out Top

The last game on our list is Coming Out on Top, which is identical to Summertime Saga. It’s a gay dating simulator game that revolves around a college senior. The senior just came out of the closet in the last academic year, and he couldn’t make up for the period he lost.

The roommates need your help, and you can also customize your character as you like with many options available. There are 18 hunks you will play with, which means you can complete the game 6 different times with 6 unique endings and 1 secret ending once you complete it.

You will also have to date up to 10 additional handsome hunks from the college. Good luck.

Final Words

The 8 games mentioned in this article can easily pass for games like Summertime Saga and would give a similar gaming experience to folks who love the game.

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