Top 7 Halls Of Torment Best Abilities

This post provides Halls of Torment’s Best Abilities. In the game, you can find 15 different abilities. These abilities are special powers that help you deal more damage to your enemies, and each of them comes with its unique features.

To get these abilities, you’ll need to collect golden scrolls. These scrolls can be found in fixed spots in each hall or sometimes dropped by certain powerful enemies known as Elites.

However, when you use these abilities effectively and deal a lot of damage in a single adventure, you can unlock extra power-ups for them.


These power-ups are called Mastery I, II, and III. They can either make your ability better, give it new features, or unlock a new upgrade for another ability.

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That said, below is the list of the top 7 Halls of Torment’s Best Abilities.


  1. Spirit Warrior
  2. Dragon Breath
  3. Kugelblitz
  4. Lightning Strike
  5. Meteor Strike
  6. Radiant Aura
  7. Ring Blades

Let’s get to it.

Spirit Warrior

Spirit Warrior is an exciting ability you can put to use within the Halls of Torment. To get your hands on Spirit Warrior, you’ll need to complete the challenging Norseman’s Bladestorm II quest.

It’s worth the effort, as this ability can be a game-changer. Once summoned, your Spirit Warrior stands its ground, bravely taking on nearby enemies with its melee physical attacks.


If you start moving away from your ghostly friend, it won’t just stand there idly. Instead, it’ll perform a dash attack, closing the gap between you and your enemies.

This means you can strategically reposition yourself, and your Spirit Warrior will follow, making sure you always have backup when you need it the most.

Dragon Breath

To get this ability, you’ll need to complete the Exterminator’s Inferno I quest. It’s a challenging quest, but the rewards are worth the effort.


Dragon Breath allows you to shoot out a blazing wave of fire in the direction you’re facing. And the flames it emits have a high chance of setting your enemies ablaze. So, when you hit your foes with this fiery attack, they’ll not only take damage but also be left in a burning state.

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Kugelblitz is one of the best abilities In Halls of Torment, and to use the power of Kugelblitz, you’ll need to complete the Shield Maiden’s Shield Mastery I quest.


You must complete it with the Shield Maiden herself. Team up with her, conquer the challenge, and you’ll unlock this electrifying ability. Kugelblitz firing lightning balls at random enemies.

And, each of these lightning balls shoots out bursts of energy quickly and often. These pressures are more than just visual effects, they’re filled with power, briefly stunning your enemies for 0.1 seconds.

Lightning Strike

This ability is all about channeling the power of lightning to strike down your enemies. It targets random rivals and provides electrical energy, stunning not only the target but also the enemies nearby.


When you hit your enemies with Lightning Strike, they don’t just stand still in shock; they also get electrified. They’ll take ongoing electrical damage, making it even harder for them to stand against you.

And, when it lands a critical hit, it triggers an explosion in a 1.5-meter radius. This fiery explosion deals a whopping 200 fire damage and has a powerful knockback effect, pushing enemies away.

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What’s more, enemies stunned by Lightning Strike have a 40% chance of getting electrified. Even if they somehow manage to recover from the initial shock, they might find themselves in another electrifying dilemma. In essence, when you use Lightning Strike, you’re electrifying them, stunning them, and even causing fiery explosions.

Meteor Strike

Meteor Strike ability is one of the best, but it is not for free, and to use it, you’ll need to complete the Sorceress’ Thunderstorm I quest.

Once you’ve conquered this challenge, Meteor Strike becomes yours to use. This ability fires three flaming projectiles at your enemies with a single attack, and these fiery projectiles follow an arc in random directions.


When these fiery projectiles hit the ground, they explode, and any area they touch starts burning. Upon impact, it generates smaller projectiles.

Radiant Aura

This ability launches a powerful light that spreads its damage equally among all the enemies within its range. It is a brilliant energy that targets every rival making sure no one escapes its wrath.

However, Radiant Aura doesn’t need you to constantly throw it. It automatically releases its radiant power at regular intervals.


Radiant Aura also emits an extra magic attack that can inflict Fragile and Affliction on all enemies it touches. If that’s not enough, Radiant Aura has another trick.

It sends out a fiery attack that spreads a certain number of burn stacks among all the enemies within range. And the more you boost your burn chance, the more fiery stacks you can inflict.

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Ring Blades

You’ll need to complete the Swordsman’s Swordplay Mastery I quest to get your hands on Ring Blades. This is where you’ll learn the art of this spectacular ability.

When you activate Ring Blades, it transforms your attacks into a dazzling display of blade-throwing mastery. It throws blades in alternating directions – left and right – like a well-choreographed dance of destruction.

However, these blades act like boomerangs, meaning they pass you and then fly off-screen. One of the remarkable features of Ring Blades is its multi-hit capability.


The more multihit bonuses you have, the faster the blades are thrown. Ring Blades goes a step further by adding two additional projectiles per cycle, and each of these deals a hefty 75 damage.

These projectiles are special because they deal magic damage and have a 50% chance to apply a condition known as Fragile. And these projectiles can’t be blocked by enemy defenses.

If you’re looking to up the ante, Ring Blades has got you covered. With further upgrades, you can add two more projectiles per cycle, each dealing 100 damage.


These additional blades come with a 50% chance to apply the slow effect, which can hinder your enemies’ movements, making them easier to handle.

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