Top 5 Rush Royale Best Cards In 2023

This is a list of the 5 best cards In Rush Royale In 2023. Without a doubt, you need the best card that would greatly improve your gaming experience. And these are cards you should have In your deck.

Let’s dive In.

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5 Best Cards In Rush Royale In 2023

1. Bombardier

Bombardier is your go-to card when it comes to taking down the first troublemaker on the battlefield. He can be the frontline hero, giving a good thump to the very first target that dares cross your path.

His attacks come with a bonus chance of stunning the enemy. However, don’t get too carried away with the stunning. The second time Bombardier tries it on the same target, the odds are a bit slimmer. Want to recruit Bombardier to your squad?

It is easy. Just hit 1650 Trophies on the trophy road, and he’s all yours. He’s the best card you could ask for in Rush Royale. At every stage of the game, he’s got your back, lobbing bombs and making life difficult for your enemies.


2. Engineer

Engineer’s laying down the damage for the first target on the block. If you can team him up with another Engineer, the damage goes through the roof.

They are fantastic mates, with gears at their guns that start spinning when there are two of them. Get six or more Engineers together, and those gears start to burn.

The merge rank, which is just a fancy term for how many times they’ve leveled up, doesn’t just make them hit harder as it cranks up their attack speed.


A rank 3 Engineer is a speedster, hitting three times faster than their rank 1 buddy. However, if you want to Unlock this epic engineering genius, struck900 Trophies on the trophy road.

The engineer is the DPS (Damage Per Second) champion, that is if you want to dish out serious damage, he’s your card. Everyone in the 1250 to 2000 trophies range swears by him and for a good reason.

If you’re hanging out in Arena 5 or above, consider Engineer a deck essential. Trust me, you want the best on your team. He’s one of the best cards in Rush Royale.


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3. Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor

When Plague Doctor bites the dust, a cloud that damages anything dumb enough to stroll through it. The damage of this trap gets stronger as the Plague Doctor levels up through merging.


If you boost your power-up and factor in the default trap damage, along with the Plague Doctor’s merge rank, you’ve got yourself a powerful damage card.

Take, for example, a mana power-up of 5, a card level of 13, and a merge rank of 7,  that gives you 709 damage. However, getting this card unit is a bit of an adventure, you’ll need to reach 1850 Trophies on the Trophy Road.

But once you’ve got him, he’s a force to be reckoned with, especially in PvP mode where his antics can mess with your opponents.


And, when it comes to coop, the Plague Doctor isn’t the best team player. Just unleash his havoc in solo missions, and you’ll be the king of the damage game.

4. Sharpshooter

Sharpshooters go after the hardest enemy. He’s not wasting his shots on the small fry as he’s aiming for the one with the most health, the real tough nut to crack.

And the more you level up a Sharpshooter, the faster he shoots. Each merge rank makes him fire away faster. Merge rank 3 which is three times the speed of a humble rank 1.


To obtain a sharpshooting sensation, grab 1750 Trophies on the trophy road, and he’s in your deck. He’s rare, but a good find nonetheless.

If you’re playing for free, Sharpshooter Is the Robin Hood of F2P players, dishing out damage without costing you a dime.

At max level, Sharpshooter goes from accuracy shooter to downright demolished. He’s your card for both Player versus Player (PvP) and Coop battles.


However, he’s got a preference – he only goes for the big shots, the max health monsters. If you’re in Arena 4 or Arena 5, Sharpshooter can bring a heavy hit to the battlefield which makes sure you stay ahead in the game.

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5. Vampire



The Vampire Is an amazing epic support unit that’s not into long walks on the beach but loves sinking its teeth into the first target it sees.

Every bite it takes from the enemy also drops some sweet, sweet manna for you. When the Vampire goes in for a bite, most times, it’s about the mana boost it gifts you.

Unlike some cards where the merge rank brings in new tricks, for the Vampire, it’s the attack speed. The higher the merge rank, the faster those bites come in.


However, if you want to get this card, just hit Arena 5, and you will have the Vampire. It’s an epic card, not everyday common, but when you get it, it’s a game-changer.

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