Top 10 Best Movies Like The Longest Ride

best movies like the longest ride

Have you watched the romance movie The Longest Ride? I’m sure you don’t want to miss an exciting romance movie like it if you haven’t watched it yet. 

The plot twists, cast, and storyline are all amazing and it is no news if so many people consider the 2015 romance movie as their very best so far. Here, in this article, we will be looking at ten other romance movies with amazing storylines like The Longest Ride. 

The Longest Ride Movie Analysis

The Longest Ride is an American romantic drama film officially released to the public on April 10, 2015, in the US. The film was directed by George Tilman Jr and written by Craig Bolotin. The movie’s layout is based on the novel Nicholas Sparks’ published in 2013 by Nicholas Sparks. 

The Longest Ride has so many movie stars featured in it like Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Alan Alda, Melissa Benoist, Jack Huston, Oona Chaplin, Lolita Davidovich, Gloria Reuben, Naomi Eckhaus, Barry Ratcliffe, Peter Jarasik, Brett Edwards, Hunter Burke, Alina Lis, and Rango. 

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The Romance drama is centered around a bull rider Scott Eastwood whose name in the film was Luke Collins and Britt Robertson whose name in the film was Sophia Danko. 

The duo were Art students studying at Wake Forest University when they both met themselves. And after sharing most things in common they both built a strong bond with each other and grew to become lovers and later on got married as husband and wife. 

10 Best Movies Like The Longest Ride

1. The Vow (2012)

The Vow is one of the most popular American romance movies with very good plot twists. It is an American romantic drama that was officially released on February 10, 20122, and was directed by Michael Sucsy. 

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The film centers around Paige and Leo, a newly wedded couple whose lives were torn apart after Paige had an accident that left her in a state of coma. 

She goes through a lot of misery having a loss of memory about who her husband (Leo) was but still, Leo tries all he could to build their home together.

1. The Lucky One (2012)

The Lucky One is an American romantic drama officially released on April 20, 2012. The movie was directed by Scott Hicks and it centered around the love affair between U.S Marine Sgt. Logan Thibault and Beth.

Logan returns from Iraq after an assignment with a picture of a woman known to be Beth. Though Beth seems to have a complicated life, they both think they were meant for each other as time grew. 

1. Dear John (2010)

Dear John is an American romantic drama that was officially released on February 5, 2010. It involves a romantic affair between a soldier named John Tyree and a college student Savannah Curtis. They both fell in love but had to separate due to John’s deployment as a soldier which lasted for 7 years. 

And then during that period, they hardly saw each other face to face but with letters, they kept in touch and their love affair grew no bounds.

1. At First Sight (1999)

At First Sight is an American romantic drama officially released on January 15, 1999. The movie was directed by Irwin Winkler. Manhattanite Amy Benil meets blind Virgil Adamson who was a massage therapist. 

Amy fell in love with him after noticing his positivity and sense of humor. The duo decided to build a deep relationship. 

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Hence, they flee from the small city Adamson was known to have lived in all his life to build a home in New York City where Amy suggested that Virgil Adamson her lover undergo eye medical treatment. 

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1. Safe Haven (2013)

Safe Haven is an American romantic movie officially released on February 14, 2013. The film has its protagonist as Katie Feldman, a young low-key lady who worked as a waitress. 

She lived a quiet life but was soon won over by a widower named Alex. They both got along together and Alex took her as his new wife. Their love life grew strong and Katie learned to trust and be confident.

1. Message In A Bottle (1998)

Message In a Bottle is an American romantic movie officially released on April 1, 1998, and produced by Kevin Costner. It is a story about a woman named Theresa who finds a message closed up in a bottle along the seashore. 

She read the message only to find out that it was a message from a man who had lost his lovely wife. She felt pity for him and as time grew they both had feelings for themselves and got married. 

1. The Age of Adaline (2015)

The Age of Adaline is an American romantic movie directed by Lee Toland and officially released on April 24, 2015. 

It is a story about a secretive young lady named Adaline Bowman who disassociates herself from everyone. Hence, they figure out her secret. She later had a chance to meet with Ellis Jones and then her life changed forever. 

1. The Bridges of Madison (Movie)

The Bridges of Madison is an American romantic movie directed by Clint Eastwood and officially released on June 2, 1995. The movie tells the story of an ambitious photographer who aimed at taking photos of the archaic Bridges of Madison County. 

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He eventually tangled up in a love affair with a married woman who was a housewife and then a new life journey began.

1. Love, Rosie (2014)

Love, Rosie is a British romantic movie officially released on 6 October 2014 and directed by Christian Ditter. 

Rosie and Alex are two close friends but soon after Alex moves away with his family to America, their friendship suffers but that doesn’t last. Life has its way of bringing people together.

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1. Charlie St. Cloud (2010)

Charlie St. Cloud is an American movie directed by Burr Steers and officially released on July 30, 2010. It is about a boy named Charlie who lost his younger brother in a terrible accident. 

Charlie became a sailor with very big ambition, but he was faced with severe troubles ahead of him and struggled with depression and schizophrenia due to the death of his younger brother. But he lets love less him to the bright future he has always dreamt for.


If you are a fan of The Longest Ride and are on a search for movies similar to it, then you will find this article useful. 

Do well to watch or stream any of these movies. The aforementioned movies are the best movies like The Longest Ride and will give you a similar experience.


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