The Vermin Brothers Location In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an enthralling game and one of the most popular aspects of the game for players is exploring the various enemy camps. These camps are filled with hostile foes that be defeated to earn experience points and additional loot. 

if you are successful in vanquishing these foes, you will be rewarded with significantly more experience points, bonus points, and in some instances, unique items as well. 

Vermin Brothers, which are large robots with a yellow color scheme, are one of the named foes that you will encounter throughout the world, either in enemy camps or just wandering around on their own. 


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There is a 95% chance that you will obtain green loot after you have successfully defeated them. However, the chances of finding purple loot are 4.5%, and the chances of finding vehicle loot are 0.5%. 

Keep on fighting them until you finally get your hands on this unique item. In addition, you have the chance to acquire the Maglev Stalker, which is one of the special items in the game. The major challenge is that your odds of finding them are below 1%


Vermin Brothers Locations In Tower Of Fantasy

1. Gamma Mouse Squeak is the first Vermin Brother and he can be found in the Rats Den Squeaky area. You can reach the area by heading east from the Southern Ring Ranges or traveling southeast from the Mega Arena. After you have dealt with the enemies immediately surrounding you, you will locate him.

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rat's den squeaky area


2. Travel toward the Anchorville region until you reach the Rats Den: Jed area. Here, you will fight with the second brother, Delta Mouse Jed, who can be found close to a ramp. 

rat's den jed

3. The third brother, Alpha Mouse Mitch, can be found at the Rats Den in Mitchell. Upon entering Loen Dusk, you will find yourself in this region. You should know that this location is also an enemy camp. Therefore, he will not attack alone, and you will have to fight other foes here. 


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rats den mitchell 3

4. Finally, Beta Mouse Ben, the fourth brother, can be found on the roads in the north of the Signal Stations Ruin area.


signal station ruins 4

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