The Top 10 Greatest MMA Fighters of All Time

top 10 greatest mma fighters of all time

The MMA fighting sport is more than just entertainment, and from the look of things, we all know that the particular form of wrestling hasn’t been around for a long time now, but it is still making waves in the industry. 

MMA, meaning Mixed Martial Arts, has experienced some of the most talented martial art fighters in history, and there’s no doubt that most of them are world champions in MMA. 

Shortly, we shall be looking at the greatest MMA fighters in the world. Note that the list is based on their records and performances in the sport.

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov Abdulmanapovich 
  • George’s St-Pierre 
  • Jonathan Jones 
  • Anderson Silva 
  • Fedor Emelianenko 
  • Demetrious Johnson
  • Conor McGregor
  • Jose Aldo
  • Amanda Nunes
  • Stipe Miocic

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1. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov, also known as Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov, is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter from Russia. 

Khabib is without a doubt the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) competition’s longest-reigning champion, a title he held from April 2018 to March 2021. 

This feat is an extremely impeccable one for any martial arts fighter in the history of MMA. The MMA fighter has retired, leaving a remark that could be very hard to replace. 

He had 29 wins and no losses at all during his MMA fighting career, which makes him outstandingly the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

2. Georges St-Pierre

The next on our list is one of MMA’s most talented and aggressive fighters. He is a former Canadian professional MMA wrestler who has won so many accolades to his name. 

He was born in May 1981 and is now 40 years old. While still a wrestler, Georges St-Pierre was widely acknowledged to be one of the world’s most talented martial arts fighters, with one of the finest martial arts performances in a given career.

3. Jon Jones

This guy made it to the top three greatest MMA wrestlers of all time and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Indeed, he is worth mentioning as the third greatest martial arts fighter, closely behind Canadian professional martial fighter George St-Pierre. 

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Jon Jones, born in July 1987, now 34 years old, is an American professional martial arts fighter who has won the Lightweight UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) title a couple of times in his fighting career. 

He first won the title in March 2011 and held it until April 2015. He won the title a second time and reigned from December 2018 to August 2020. 

Apart from bagging classic titles, Jon Jones is one good fighter that truly understands the game of MMA, and one can easily tell from how he tackles and defeats his opponent. 

He participated in 28 fighting competitions and lost just twice, accumulating 26 wins during his career.

4. Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is a 47-year-old Brazilian-American professional MMA fighter and boxer who was born on April 14th, 1975. 

He is one of the most outstanding MMA fighters of all time as he holds the unique record for the longest UFC championship title, which began in 2006 and lasted till 2013. 

This stands to be one of the most absurd championship reigns of any MMA fighter. During that same period, he won 16 UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) consecutively. His fighting career records 34 wins out of a total of 46 matches. 

5. Fedor Emelianenko

It is mostly observed that most of the world’s greatest MMA fighters are from Russia, and Fedor Emelianenko is just one of them who makes the list of greatest MMA fighters. 

Born on September 28, 1978, Fedor has won several outstanding records and accolades during his fighting career, especially as a talented MMA fighter. 

From 2003 to 2007, he was the MMA Pride Championship Heavyweight Champion for four years, winning the title back-to-back. 

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6. Demetrious Johnson

He is a professional mixed martial arts fighter from the United States who was born on August 13, 1986. In the history of MMA, Johnson has had one of the most outstanding fighting careers ever of any MMA fighter. 

He holds a perfect record of being the only fighter to have had 10 takedowns smoothly in 3 different matches without losing in any of them. 

He also has a fighting record of 35 wins out of a total of 40 matches, with only 5 knockouts. 

7. Conor McGregor

It is indisputable that McGregor is not just an ordinary MMA fighter, but a very talented and skillful one at that. Most people will think McGregor ought to have been listed among the first three world’s greatest MMA fighters.

However, this is not the case as he made it way below and is in the seventh position. 

Nevertheless, McGregor is still widely known for his outstanding performances as an MMA fighter. 

He is an Irish professional fighter with a record of 22 wins out of a total of 28 martial matches. McGregor is listed as the ninth light-heavyweight champion in MMA.

8. Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo is a Brazilian professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter. He is widely referred to as the world’s most talented martial arts fighter. 

Jose stands to be the very first fighter to have won the UFC featherweight championship, making him the greatest featherweight fighter of all time. 

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Born on September 9, 1986, now 35 years old, the Brazilian fighter holds an outstanding record of 31 wins during his career, with only 7 losses and 17 knockouts. 

9. Amanda Nunes

This is one of the first female MMA wrestlers to feature on the list of greatest MMA fighters. 

Amanda Nunes is undoubtedly one of the toughest martial arts fighters as well as the greatest female UFC fighter in the world.

She is also the third Brazilian professional fighter to appear on the list of all-time greats. The list wouldn’t have been complete if her name wasn’t in place. 

The Brazilian fighter has won so many accolades in martial arts, which makes her certainly different from some other female fighters. 

Born in 1988, the Brazilian MMA fighter is 33 years old and has won 21 matches, losing 5 and 13 have been knockouts against some opponents.

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10. Stipe Miocic

Stipe is a very fierce and aggressive MMA fighter who has been known for his outstanding victories in most of his fighting matches. 

Stipe is a two-time UFC heavyweight champion and he is usually regarded as the greatest heavyweight champion of all time. 

In 2021, Stipe was ranked second on the list of UFC heavyweight champions, whereas in 2022 he moved several steps below, making it to position 12 on the list of heavyweight champions.

These are the top 10 greatest MMA fighters of all time and as the years go by, we expect some names here to be replaced as more skilled fighters emerge from the MMA.

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