The Best Fortnite Snipers Vs Runners Codes

Snipers vs Runners maps is one of the most played maps on Fortnite since the game’s launch. It has also enjoyed the most popular game map on Fortnite’s Discovery Tab.

In the game mode, you will either snipe the runners from a distant location when they’re coming. Or you will dodge the snipers’ bullets when you choose to play as a runner. In this guide you’re about to read, I have gathered all the major snipers vs runners maps in Fortnite and their codes.

Best Fortnite Snipers vs Runners Maps

1. Sniper vs Runner

Sniper vs Runner – Subway Map Code:3883-4698-7806


Jalf created Subway snipers vs runners map for Fortnite. The programmer is also the creator behind the custom rooms in the game such as Irridescent death run and Prison Escape Room. Just as he has kept his programs neat, the subway map is so exquisite with 3D high-quality design.

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The rules of the room are quite adherable such as all the players having one life and must cross all five doors before you can heat snipers. If you want to experience tough snipers vs runners gameplay, then this map is for you.


2. Sniper vs Runner – Scary Version

Sniper vs Runner – Scary Version Map Code: 9072-5447-5857

This map is the work of acheog which has unique features that can distract snipers in the game. In other maps where the runners are just to run to the end of the line. In this map, you distract the snipers with various objects.

You can either hit them or spook them when they’re lying down. To protect snipers from runners’ attacks, the map made provisions where they can duck to hide from runners and shoot.


3. Sniper vs Runners – DBZ

Sniper vs Runners – DBZ Map Code: 9787-3184-3095

Snipers vs Runners – DBZ map was a work of Fortniteferdi which Fortnite Ferdi was inspired by his collaborations with Fortnite and the dragon Ball Z franchise.

There are many NPC-filled in the map when you just kicked in. it has a lot of buildings, and other amazing items signifying the DBZ universe. Although, it doesn’t have a major difference in its gameplay.


You can have one or two snipers in the game while others will take the running position. What makes this map unique is how often the sniper gun changes with every round of the game. This makes it easier for runners to escape to the end sometimes.

4. Snipers vs Runners: History Travel

Snipers vs Runners: History Travel Map Code: 8015-0839-5306

The History Travel Map is one of the most outstanding maps in Fortnite. The map was developed based on the time-traveling and history system. Just as it’s called History Travel Map, the map is filled with a lot of items like robots, banners, etc., referencing the times of the earth.


The map comes with seven mini-levels from one to the other. Each of the levels represents a different earth timeline. The gameplay is traditional in method too as its timing is based on a round-based style instead of using a timer.

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What else to enjoy in this map is the support of up to 30 players at a time. So, it’s essential if you have an enormous number of players in your team, you can choose History Travel Map.


5. Snipers vs Runners (2kvoid)

Snipers VS Runners(2kvoid) Map Code: 2854-1313-3283

This is one of the maps in Fortnite that’s quite different from other designs. The map takes a horizontal approach instead of the usual vertical running path adopted by many maps.

Due to this design, runners can escape from snipers by sliding and jumping through paths. This map can be a very effective learning map for newbies to the game.


6. Snipers vs Runners (Mario)

Snipers VS Runners (Mario) Map Code: 9349-0758-1095

This map was developed out of a byproduct during the unofficial collaboration between Fortnite and Super Mario Bros. Just like Mario’s game design, the map came with a lot of storylines. The in-game princess is in trouble and you need to rescue her and travel through all five universes where she needs to pass.

If you play as a runner and head to the princess, snipers will lie down waiting for your coming to take you off. To help make the map more, you have one extra life when you’ve killed just like in the Super Mario game.


7. Snipers vs Runners (Parkour)

Snipers vs Runners (Parkour) Map Code: 5578-9208-1360

This Parkour map was developed concerning the Cowboy theme. All the runners will parkour and travel through four unique floors that are equipped with multiple objects. It has some Midwest references and snipers are very smart at this end and can take you off on sight.

Just like some maps has it the runners keep running till the end line. Here, the runners have shields where they can take cover while running.


With this little shield here and there, you will be able to re-strategize your move to reach the endpoint. If you’re tired of getting killed often and other maps, this map will rejuvenate the game sweetness in you.

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8. Snipers vs Runners Zero Gravity

Snipers VS Runners Zero Gravity Map Code: 5065-0762-7790


This map was developed concerning the space theme. The race takes place in a space with space attributes present in the theme – that’s zero gravity. You can also switch from zero gravity to normal to experience both space racing and normal race.

This map makes the game more fun also as the racers and the snipers will battle zero gravity to aim their rifles properly to hit their target. You will find this map very fun to play.

9. Drivers vs Snipers

Drivers vs Snipers Map Code: 7467-1406-6184


Here, the runners are now taking revenge on the snipers instead of the snipers dealing with them like on other maps. Snipers will be very smart and aim fast on this map.

They will target fast-moving objects as they fly to hit them, and they will ensure to dodge the items. Drivers here will dodge the sniper’s shots and set in a good position to smash the sniper’s head with their ramps.

10. Snipers vs Runners – All Seasons

Snipers vs Runners All Seasons Map Code: 8661-0893-4847


This map is definitely not for runners. It’s heck for them. There are many actions to take when playing this map. Runners will run, dodge, duck, dip, and even dive while they’re making their way to the endpoint.

What to note on the map is the myriad that provides cover to the runners. But the snipers will always find it easy to take them off before they get to their last point. It’s better to play as a sniper here than a runner.

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11. Snipers vs Runners Galactica

Snipers vs Runners Galactica Map Code: 6990-3149-3776

This map is very galactic in size just as the name entails. You will do your best to survive through this gigantic map and dodge sniper shots on 10 different levels.

While running on this map, pick more coins as you can to get the first position yourself. Suppose you become a sniper on this map, it will be easier to knock off the runners. During these 10 levels, they will run, and you will probably win the race without them making it to the endpoint.


12. Snipers vs Runners – Adventure

Snipers vs Runners Adventure Map Code: 5482-0188-8603

Hit your way through five tough levels with different designs in this Adventure Map. No matter the part you play in this game, you will enjoy different unique sights on the map.

13. 360 Snipers vs Runners

360 Snipers vs Runners Map Code: 8211-7200-6960


This is one of the toughest snipers vs runners maps to show who runs the game.

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14. Snipers vs Runners Dollhouse

Snipers vs Runners Dollhouse Map Code: 2301-1112-2208


Lastly, we have the most outstanding map of these snipers vs runners map. Many fans enjoy playing this map and you too will never get tired of playing this map.

Final Words

The aforementioned codes are some of the best Formite Snipers vs Runners Codfe available. Therefore, do well to leverage them for an unforgettable gaming experience.

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