The 6 Best Tactile Switches In 2022

best tactile switches

It hasn’t been easy buying the best tactile switches when we visit the mall or the computer accessories store over there. Making the right decision where there are many look-alike keyboards with high and low prices will see us going after the one we felt is better: maybe, the price is high or the look is amazing. 

Nevertheless, we’re here to help you solve that puzzle now. Maybe you don’t know yet, let me remind you once more, tactile switches are keyboard switch types that give strong tactile along with bubby feedback during usage. 

If you’re a type who wants to get feedback from your keypress, then, a tactile switch is for you. Over the years, most tactile switches come in brown color, so, this is the first indication of a tactile switch, but doesn’t 100% prove to be a tactile switch.

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It’s necessary you know about some specifications and features of tactile switches to enable you to make the right decision when buying a keyboard.

To put you in the best position to make this decision, we have gathered for you the most proven and best tactile switches and their features to enable take charge of what you need.

Best Tactile Switches In 2022

1. Drop Holy Panda X Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Holier-Than-Thou Performance

This keyboard is professionally built. As stated by the manufacturer, it is fitted with a polycarbonate top case, nylon bottom case, and POM stem.


The keyboard is so compatible with many systems as its 3-pin switches go hand-in-glove with plate-mounted Cherry-style PCBs and are ideal for hot-swap compatible barebones kits like Drop ALT, Carina, Tokyo60, CTRL, Pronic, SHIFT, and Planck.

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Manufactured By Gateron

The recent holy panda was manufactured with more fantastic and more exciting features which make it outclass the previous models. There is improved stem stability, lubrication reliability, and consistency when using it.

2. X Marks The Switch

This keyboard is optimized for an authentic feel without experiencing seizures when typing.

Improved Consistency

On this Panda X keyboard, it has few features from its old model, what is more, fascinating about this model is its decreased stem wobble and improved reliability across the panel.


  • Snappiest Tactile Feedback
  • Rich Sound Profile
  • In Holy Panda Family, Glorious Panda’s are quite affordable.


  • I didn’t find any major cons that need to be mentioned here.

3. Boba U4t: Fantastic Acoustics and Hefty Tactility

This is a tactile switch designed by Gazzew and manufactured by Outemu. If you have used Boba U4, this is the sister to it as they share some similar things. What makes this more acceptable is its relatively sharp bump when typing. You can get it in both 62g and 68g bottom out.

This switch is good for lubing and should not be used for filming as the case is extremely tight and well fitted which makes it impossible to close with film.

Why we recommend this tactile switch because of its sound and its price also, as you may know, the T in U4T stands for thocc which defines its rigidity and can withstand a very long time as the thocciest tactile ever heard.

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4. TKC x C^3 Equalz Kiwis: Ideal if You don’t Like Heavy Tactility

As the name sound, Kiwis are the latest installment in the tactile switches produced by TKC in collaboration with C^3. With its medium-level tactile switches, it is very nice for smooth typing.

It has about 67g bottom out which makes it so prominent B Bump and has a responsive bump at hand press. It also features light lubing. This switch is very ideal if you don’t like heavy tactility and can benefit from gasket films and lubing,

5. Drop Halo True

If you’re looking for the best typing feedback and that amazing sound when typing, you should go after Drop Halo True keyboard. The switch weights are precisely shared amongst the board which makes it enjoy the smooth, consistent, and satisfying typing experience.

Also, while typing, you can rest your fingers on the keyboard without them typing. According to the company, Halo tactile switch can last for about 80 million keystrokes. You may check it out. It requires exactly 60g of actuation force and a travel distance of 4mm which is very ideal for all tactile switches.

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6. Gateron Brown Switches

You may be wondering why this is included if you have already used it or know it. The reason this is here is that its value is slightly higher and economical when compared with the Cherry Brown switches.

Gateron has proven to be a reliable tactile switch manufacturer in this field. This switch requires as little force as 40cN to respond. That shows that the actuation is fast, precise, and consistent which enhances your typing experience.

Gateron Brown switches are very easy to press and their light actuation makes them very unique from others. It has a great sound also. Generally, Gateron has a very competitive price and excellent typing performance which has all set it high above others.

If you have a low budget and looking for a good tactile switch to buy, you should consider Gateron Brown switches as they are very economical and durable also with nice sound.


  • Actuation is fast, accurate, and Consistent.
  • Required less effort 40cN to activate keystrokes.
  • Very Economical

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  • Low actuation points can be a con for some users.

Final Thoughts – Best tactile Switches 2022

I have taken my time to provide you with the best tactile switches ever. Though, there are many more not covered here. As mentioned earlier, remember that every best tactile switch shares something in common which is its brownish bottom color. 

Tactile switches have been the best choice for companies and individuals looking for a keyboard that will give them quick, noiseless, and responsive feedback when typing.

So, from my list of best tactile switches in 2022 above, I believe you’re well positioned to get the best tactile switch for your typing works. Good luck.

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