Survivor IO Skills Guide: Weapon, Supplies, Evolution

Two types of skills are available for you to choose from during battle progress in These are the weapon skills and supply skills. A unique trait is attached to each skill and can be upgraded to a maximum of 5 stars. However, weapon skills can go further than the stipulated 5-star upgrade level, called the EVO level.

Survivor.IO Skills Guide: How To Get Evo Skill?

The expression below shows how one can get the EVO skill.

5-Star Weapon Upgrade + Required Supply = Evo Skill. This shows that you will need to upgrade the weapon skill to 5-star and simultaneously have the required supply skill to get the EVO skill.


Take your time to go through the list of weapon skills below, as we have compiled the required combination to unlock the EVO skill.

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Survivor.IO Weapon Skills:

  • Modular Mine
  • Katana
  • Kunai
  • RPG
  • Drill Shot
  • Boomerang
  • Guardian
  • Forcefield Device
  • Lightning Emitter
  • Soccer Ball
  • Molotov
  • Brick
  • Type-B-Drone
  • Durian
  • Shot Gun
  • Durian
  • Baseball Bat
  • Laser Launcher

Survivor.IO Supply Skills:

  • Ronin Oyoroi
  • Koga Ninja Scroll
  • HE Fuel
  • Armor Thruster
  • Hi-Power Magnet
  • Exo-Bracer
  • Energy Drink
  • Energy Cube
  • Sports Shoes
  • Oil Bond
  • Fitness Guide
  • Type-A-Drone
  • Fitness Guide

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Survivor.IO Evo Skills:

  • Thunderbolt Bomb
  • Demon Blade
  • Spirit Shuriken
  • Sharkmaw Gun
  • Whistling Arrow
  • Magnetic Dart
  • Defender
  • Pressure Forcefield
  • Thunderball Power Cell/Supercell
  • Quantum Ball
  • Fuel Barrel
  • Dumbell/1 Ton Iron
  • Destroyer
  • Caltrops
  • Death Ray/Matrix
  • Lucille
  • Gatling

How To Get Inferno Bomb Evo Skill

5-Star Molotov + 5-Star Modular Mine = Inferno Bomb.

How To Get Thunderbolt Bomb Evo Skill

5-Star Lightning Emitter + 5-Star Modular Mine = Thunderbolt Bomb. 

How To Get Demon Blade

5-Star Katana Weapon Skill + Ronin Oyoroi Supply Skill = Demon Blade 


How To Get Spirit Shuriken

5-Star Kunai Weapon Skill + Koga Ninja Scroll Supply Skill = Spirit Shuriken 

How To Get Sharkmaw Gun Evo Skill

5-Star RPG Weapon Skill + HE Fuel Supply Skill = Sharkmaw Gun Evo Skill

How To Get Whistling Arrow Evo Skill

5-Star Drill Shot Weapon Skill + Ammo Thruster Supply Skill = Whistling Arrow Evo Skill


How To Get Magnetic Dart Evo Skill

5-Star Boomerang Weapon Skill + Hi-Power Magnet Supply Skill = Magnetic Dart Evo Skill

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How To Get Defender Evo Skill

5-Star Guardian Weapon Skill + EX-Bracer Supply Skill = Defender Evo Skill


How To Get Pressure Forcefield Evo Skill

5-Star Forcefield Device Weapon Skill + Energy Drink Supply Skill = Forcefield Evo Skill

How To Get Thunderball Power Cell Evo Skill

5-Star Lightning Emitter Weapon Skill + Energy Cube Supply Skill = Thunderball Power Cell Evo Skill

How To Get Quantum Ball Evo Skill

5-Star Soccer Ball Weapon Skill + Sports Shoes Supply Skill = Quantum Ball Evo Skill


How To Get Fuel Barrel Evo Skill

5-Star Molotov Weapon Skill + Oil Bond Supply Skill = Fuel Barrel Evo Skill

How To Get Dumbell Evo Skill

5-Star Brick Weapon Skill + Fitness Guide Supply Skill = Dumbell Evo Skill

How To Get Destroyer Evo Skill

5-Star Type-B-Drone Weapon Skill + Type-A-Drone Supply Skill = Destroyer Evo Skill


How To Get Caltrops Evo Skill

5-Star Durian Weapon + HE Fuel = Caltrops Skill

How To Get Death Ray/Matrix Evo Skill

5-Star Laser Launcher Weapon + Energy Cube = Death Ray/Matrix Skill

How To Get Gatling

5-Star Shot Gun Weapon + Hi Power Fuel = Gatling


How To Get Lucille

5-Star Baseball Bat Weapon + Fitness Guide = Lucille.

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