A Suitable Guide on Diablo 4’s Murmuring Obols

This is a complete guide to Murmuring Obols In Diablo 4. In this guide, you will learn:

  • What is Murmuring Obols In Diablo 4
  • How you can get Murmuring Obols In Diablo 4
  • How you can use Murmuring Obols In Diablo 4

Let’s dive In.

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What Are Murmuring Obols In Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, Murmuring Obols are special coins you can only spend at a place called the Purveyor of Curiosities. This area is a shop in the major cities of the game which is marked on your map with a little money bag icon.

But what can you buy with these special coins? You can exchange your Murmuring Obols for a random weapon, or armor, or even buy Whispering Keys, these are amazing keys that unlock hidden chests in the wild.


And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about using your regular in-game gold here, it’s a separate fund just for Purveyor of Curiosities.

You pick the type of item you want, maybe a sword or armor. Then, the shop surprises you with a random one. It could be as common as an everyday item or as legendary as a top-tier weapon.

The only exception is the Whispering Key; it always does its unlocking magic without any randomness. Just to give you an idea, here’s a quick price list:


  • Amulet for 60 Obols
  • Boots for 25 Obols
  • Crossbow for 75 Obols

However, carrying these special coins, you start with a capacity of 500 Obols, but you can increase that by visiting the Altars of Lilith.

These altars not only boost your stats but also let you carry more Obols. There’s another way too which is by gaining zone renown rewards, you can get more Obols space.

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How To Get Murmuring Obols In Diablo 4?

1. Completing World Events

When you actively participate and help out in world events, you earn yourself some Murmuring Obols. It’s a bonus for being part of the action.

2. Cleansing Cursed Chests

If you have ever come across a weird chest in the game, and If it’s cursed, that’s good news for you. Open it up, break the curse, and you will earn Murmuring Obols.

3. Cleansing Cursed Shrines

Shrines are a fantastic area in the game, and sometimes they get cursed. You can be the hero by cleaning the curse, and you will get more Murmuring Obols after.


4. Drops In Dungeons

Dungeons are where the action gets intense, just keep an eye out for special caches called Murmuring Caches. When you find one, crack it open, and there you will have 50 Murmuring Obols.

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How You Can Use Murmuring Obols In Diablo 4?

The reason you’d want to gather up the Murmuring Obols is to gamble at the Purveyor of Curiosities. You choose the type of weapons you’re after and place some Obols.


However, the cost varies, so it could be anywhere from 25 to 75 Obols depending on what you’re eyeing. What you get in return will be a surprise.

It could be a game-changing piece of weapon, or it may just be something not Impressive. Back in the Diablo 4 beta, the chances of getting a decent item were even better, so it’s a lucky draw.

But it’s not all about the gamble. The Purveyor of Curiosities is also your go-to place for Whispering Keys. These keys help you unlock Silent Chests scattered around Sanctuary. So, you buy these keys with your Obols.


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