Stardew Valley – How To Remove Hay from Silo

This is a guide to getting hay out of silo In Stardew Valley. Hay is what animals In the game feed on In the game. It is just dried grass, and its main job is to feed your farm animals.

You can send it in the Shipping Bin but don’t expect any gold in return. However, If you’ve got animals in Stardew Valley, you’re going to need a Silo.

The Silo stores the hay, and then you can get it from there to feed your animals. Let’s learn how you can get hay out of silo In Stardew Valley.


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How To Get Hay Out Of Silo In Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, getting hay out of the silo can be done only if you’ve got a Barn or a Coop. Without these, though, direct extraction is a no-go.

Approaching the Silo won’t do much, it just shows how much hay you’ve accumulated. At the Hay Hopper, the brown container is on the north side of the building. If you’ve got hay in the silo, it’ll be sticking out.


Hold down the Do Action button (right-click on PC) on the brimming Hay Hopper, and hay will go straight into your inventory. What you can do with this hay, however, you can send it into the feeding trough for your animals to munch on or store it in a chest for safekeeping.

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Pro tip: make it a habit to clear out all the hay from the silo and store it in a chest. This ensures you’ve got room for fresh hay when you mow down grass later.


You wouldn’t want to miss out on a bunch of hay just because your silo’s too full. Silo can hold up to 240 pieces of hay, so be sure to check it regularly and remove the hay as needed.

How to Get Hay Out of Hay Hopper from Deluxe Barn Or Coop In Stardew Valley

The hay Hopper is your most liked for hay, especially when you need to fill the feeding trough to the right. Upgrade your Barn or Coop to Deluxe, and things will change.

The troughs auto-fill with hay, meaning the Hay Hopper becomes a bit useless. And this can be annoying because a single Silo only holds 240 hay, and you can’t just pick it up and move it.


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If you go to winter, you will be stuck with that amount, and that’s it. However, there’s a workaround. If you’re pierced with Deluxe Barns or Coops, you can’t use the Hay Hopper conventionally.

You have to get a bit explosive. Use a bomb on the feeding trough, and you can now get hay from the hay hopper again because your animals need food.


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