Star Rail Tier List

The list of best characters in Honkai Star Rail shows you who the best DPS, supports, and heels are so you can decide who to put on your teams. The free characters that Honkai: Star Rail gives you are perfect for clearing story material.

However, having multiple personalities and teams ready to take on different combat situations is essential since even the best characters can only brute force their way through some things.

How you build your team for each fight is more important than bringing only S-tier characters, especially if their skills need to work better together or the enemies need to be stronger than their elemental type.

This post is about the Star rail tier list, who the characters are and how to use them properly.

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About The Game

Honkai Star Rail aims to have a lot of action and memorable moments. It has a lot of flashy skills, lively characters, and beautiful settings.

After the massive success of Genshin Impact, the Chinese studio HoYoverse is putting out a new free-to-play adventure game today that aims to hit the same level.

We’re talking about Honkai Star Rail, which you can get for free on Steam and in the app shops for Android and iOS devices.

Like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail is based on the idea that our character is some chosen one who, for some reason, will save a whole galaxy.

After you make our main character, Trailblaze, he will join the crew of the Astral Express ship, which Himeko Murata, the real main character of the game, captains. The Astral Express travels worldwide, solving problems for the people there.

Since there are multiple planets, this time, we will only find a big open world to explore with boundaries. Instead, we’ll discover smaller environments with more visual detail and a higher technical level.

We could interact with the story. Genshin Impact is a fantasy story, while HSR is a science fiction set in the future.

The Star Rail Tier List

Understanding how good S-D characters are can help you decide which Banner to Warp or who to put your resources in. However, remember that you don’t need a team of S tier  characters to clear most content in Star Rail.

This tier list considers how helpful a character is in all kinds of fights, not just their best situations. This includes fighting through story material, taking on challenging bosses, the Simulated Universe, and the Forgotten Hall.

1. S-tier

S-Tier characters aren’t just superb when their specific Damage Type is required; their Skills, Ultimates, and Talents allow them to shine even when they can only dish out neutral damage.

Even having only one of these figures on your team dramatically enhances your chance of victory.


The commander of the Silvermane Guards, Bronya, is the heir to the Supreme Guardian of Belobog. She’s a Wind character whose Ultimate increases all allies’ attacks and critical damage.

Since childhood, she has had it instilled in her that to continue Belobog’s civilization; the Underworld must be sacrificed. But Bronya has always been skeptical.

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Bailu is a healer from the Alchemy Commission and part of the Vidyadhara race.

She carries around sweets to help with the bitter taste of medicine for her patients and lift herself when her spirits are low. Bailu’s Skill and Ultimate abilities heal members of her party.


Seele is a crucial member of Wildfire who grew up in the harsh Underworld of Belobog. A Quantum character, she can quickly deal high amounts of damage to a single target.

Her Ultimate allows for multiple attacks if you get the timing right. She may seem straightforward, but that’s just her outer shell trying to protect her. Those who earn Seele’s trust will find she’s a sensitive and delicate soul.


The persuasive head of the Whistling Flames merchant guild has a way with words that regularly leaves her audiences captivated.

She is a Foxian, one of three races in Xianzhou. Tingyun makes the planet’s trade fairs known across the galaxy.

Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan is one of six generals of the Xianzhou Alliance and leads the Cloud Knights of the Xianzhou Luofu. A Lightning character, his Ultimate attack summons his partner in battle, Lightning Lord, and damages all enemies.

Nicknamed the ‘Dozing General’, he is a Xianzhou native – and Xianzhou people have long life spans after their ancestors searched for the key to immortality.

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The captain of the Silvermane Guards, Gepard, helps protect the peace of everyday life in Belobog. In battle, he can shield allies from attacks and can recover from a killing blow once per battle, all of which are great defensive and recovery tools.

Trailblazer (Fire)

The Fire Trailblazer unlocks as you progress through the main Honkai Star Rail story. This version is far superior to the Physical variant, which is opened first.


A foreign trader arrived in Xianzhou Luofu carrying a giant coffin. Luocha is a healer character, and he can automatically heal a party member when they fall to 50 percent of their HP and below.

This beneficial ability doesn’t use up Skill Points and automatically kicks in.

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2. A-tier

A-Tier characters still provide some of the all-around usefulness S-Tier characters offer. However, they come with slight drawbacks that make them weaker overall.

They will still boost any team’s performance they’re on quite significantly, however.


Himeko is a scientist with a taste for adventure. She first came across the Astral Express as a child when it got stranded on her home planet, and then years later helped repair it.


Yanqing is the strongest swordsman in the Xianzhou Luofu. This Ice character is obsessed with swordplay, and his Skill allows him to control his sword remotely. His Ultimate increases his critical rate.


Clara, A shy young girl with no home, longs to have a family. She’s accompanied by a huge robot called Svarog, who she accidentally reactivated.

Her Ultimate attack ensures Svarog, who usually shields Clara from attacks in battle, counter-attacks when enemies hit allies.


A newcomer to the Cloud Knights who wields a Greatsword, Sushang spends her days helping other people.


Natasha is a kind-hearted doctor who works in the Belobog Underworld, where medical resources are scarce. She’s the only free-to-play healer in Honkai Star Rail.


Welt is a former Anti-Entropy Sovereign who has often saved the world from destruction. His Ultimate attack deals damage to all enemies and causes Imprisonment. This helps slow down the enemy so you can gain the upper hand in battle.

3. B-tier

B-Tier characters are excellent candidates for your parties. They can carry you through brutal battles if you play your cards cleverly and combine them with others correctly.


Asta is the lead researcher of the Herta Space Station. She manages it under an assignment from Herta.


Arlan is the head of Herta Space Station’s Security Department. He will lay down his life to protect the station’s staff. Arlan rarely lets down his guard, apart from when holding his beloved pup Peppy.

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Dan Heng

He may not talk much, but he’s calmly observing what’s happening around him, constantly thinking of strategies and plans.

He also helps keep March 7th grounded and is a reliable friend to her. If you run into any trouble, asking Dan Heng for his advice may be a good idea.


A charmer who loves money, Sampo says he’s a businessman, chaperon, and problem-solving conversationalist all rolled into one.


A mechanic in Belobog, Serval is also a band member with other Honkai Star Rail characters.


The hook is the boss of The Moles adventure squad. If you impress this feisty character with your adventures, she’ll invite you to join The Moles.


Qingque is a Quantum character that follows the path of Erudition. She’s an endearing character who loves gambling, which ends up being central to how she operates in battle.

Qingque draws a random mahjong-style tile on an ally’s turn. When she gets four matching tiles, her attack power increases dramatically.

4. C-tier

C-Tier characters can still be effective but stick to only one niche, reducing their utility and power.

Trailblazer (Physical)

The Trailblazer is the main character in Honkai Star Rail, who players control after the opening section with Kafka. You can choose a male or female Trailblazer. The Physical variant is unlocked first.


Qingque can deal solid damage to single or multiple targets. Still, she’s reliant on getting a full suit of matching Jade Tiles to boost her injury to the maximum – that’s very thematic to her but doesn’t make for the most consistent damage output.

Her ability to shuffle herself up the turn order is quite useful, though.

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5. D-tier

D-Tier characters are by no means destructive – they can be pretty solid. The problem is that they are only good at that one thing and sometimes have significant drawbacks.


Herta is the absolute master of the Herta Space Station. She’s the human with the highest IQ in The Blue and only does what interests her.


There are a lot of different characters in Star Rail, and some are more interesting than others. New characters like Jing Yuan and Blade have changed the meta since the game came out.

The same will happen with future updates, such as the planned Kafka banner.

But even with all these cool characters, the ones you get for free or from the standard banner should be enough to get you through most of the story.

If you level up their Light Cones and give them good gear, you can make most characters work, but some will make it easier.

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