Stands Awakening Trello (Guide)

Are you ready for the ultimate gaming experience? Here is the Stands Awakening Trello, a revolutionary new game that brings the thrill of real-life combat to your living room.

In this highly immersive role-playing game, you are thrown into an exciting new world full of fierce creatures and powerful weapons. You must use your cunning and strategic abilities to survive in this epic world and find a way out alive.

Stands Awakening Trello Overview

In Stands Awakening Trello, you take control of a young hero gifted with special abilities such as summoning magical creatures and powerful spells.


You’ll have to explore different regions of this dangerous world while engaging in intense battles against powerful enemies. To give yourself an edge over your foes, you’ll also have access to various upgrades that can make your character stronger.

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You can also choose from an array of weapons to customize your character according to your playing style. There are even side quests and dungeons for you to explore, giving you more opportunities to grow as a player. There is also an online component to play with others or challenge yourself by competing against them for bragging rights.


Whether for casual fun or intense competition, Stands Awakening Trello provides hours of fun for newcomers and veteran gamers. So why wait? Jump into this thrilling world now and show everyone who’s the master!

The Characters

The first of the four main characters is Link. He is an elf warrior who wields powerful magical weapons and can call upon the aid of spirits to protect him and help him in battle. He is brave and resourceful, able to lead his party through dangerous adventures with courage and confidence.

Next, we have Allie. She is a wizard specializing in fire magic. Her unique abilities are perfect for dealing damage against powerful enemies or buffing her allies to make them even stronger in battle. Allie also has an uncanny knack for finding secrets and discovering useful items on her travels.


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Our third character is Rook, a bounty hunter that excels at hand-to-hand combat and weapon mastery. His incredible speed and agility allow him to outwit foes while dealing devastating blows in battle. He is also incredibly knowledgeable about unlocking traps and other puzzles found throughout the game world.

Finally, we have Renee, a shaman that uses her healing powers to restore health or revive fallen allies. She is also very wise, offering invaluable advice during challenging times and locating hidden items throughout the game world with ease.



These four brave heroes set out on an epic journey across their land as they search for clues, battle monsters, find lost artifacts, and eventually defeat the great evil threatening their world! With these characters working together, no force stands a chance against them!

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Stands Awakening Trello is a classic role-playing game (RPG) developed by Stardust Corporation for the Nintendo Switch. In this thrilling adventure, players take control of four main characters, who set out to save their world from evil forces.

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