Squid Ink Cookie

We have heard much about the Squid Ink Cookie. Even the hype for the BTS collaboration in Cookie Run. The Kingdom developers have always kept us updated about its development. They have been releasing notable updates that have been made to the game since its launch. 

In the updates they shared, they indicated the introduction of a Magic Candy. That’s the Epic Magic Cookie Squid Ink. Even as the character is miniature in the game’s meta. Fans are full of expectations for the addition of a Magic Candy if it will have a significant impact on its usage numbers.

Does Squid Ink Cookie’s Magic Candy make it viable in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

To answer the question above. Let’s get into details of a maxed-out Squid Ink Cookie with a complete Searing Raspberry topping build.

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  • Overall Power Rating: 213,706
  • HP: 88,135
  • DEF: 34,593
  • CRIT%: 21%

The stats from the Ink Tentacle Slap attack is shared below. The Cookie here takes the form of a Giant Squid and causes area damage with its rapid slaps to enemies.

  • Single Hit DMG: 61.3%

When you apply the Magic Candy on the bat, gamers will have a chance to boost their skill numbers. And there is the addition of certain debuffs. Fans have lamented the lack of buffs/debuffs in the Cookie’s skills and it harms Cookie Run: Kingdom fans’ gameplay.

  • Ink Tentacle Slaps: +3 Slaps
  • Extra Skill DMG (Cookies): 5%
  • Extra Skill DMG (Others): 16%
  • DEF Reduction: -20% for 10 sec, stacks up once
  • Extra DMG to DEF reduced targets: 15%

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With the increased number of slaps and extra DMG., These are big factors to make the Cookie more fascinating for a DPS both in PvE and PvP. Squid Ink Cookie here takes less damage in between skill casts. Thanks to its upgraded HP numbers when you have applied the Magic Candy.

Lukewarm Response in Squid Ink Cookie

The lukewarm response to Squid Ink Cookie was borne because it was overtaken by other similar characters. With the added numbers, we can enjoy the benefits than others now. For players who have Burst Team composition with Sea Fairy or even the Black Pearl. This set of gamers will find investing in Squid Ink Cookie as a secondary DPS.

With that in mind, when on a head-to-head general comparison. Such as another Magic class character Espresso Cookie (this character can be upgraded with a Magic Candy), Squid Ink Cookie will fail to measure up with them in many ways.

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The character with a higher DMG is the Espresso. It also has that needed Injury debuff. If you enjoy playing Cookie Run: Kingdom, compare these characters and make a wise choice.

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