Southwest Florida Trello 

Southwest Florida is a Roblox game pitched at Bonita Springs a location in present-day Southwest Florida. Like other Roblox games, Southwest Florida has its own Trello. This is to ensure that players understand the basics of the gameplay and to cover the information that may not be available on Wiki. 

In Trello, it is divided into sections to help for easy search and detailed information presentation regarding updates and every other thing needed to know about the game.

You can get information as regards vehicles in Trello and also at the Fandom, while the fandom has more complete information because it is an interaction between the game enthusiasts and the developers. Also, Trello presents images of vehicles but they’re more concise and its navigation system is poor.


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If you are looking to know about the Southwest Florida map and its detailed info, you should visit the fandom where you can have vital information and other tips. Note, that we have not been able to find any in Trello so far and fandom should be your best option to check if any exist.

Also, in regards to Roles, Jobs, or Easter Eggs, you will likely not find any in Trello except in the fandom.


So, with the information so far, you will understand that Trello has little or not much useful information to offer than the fandom, even though the fandom is as big as a wiki, it has resourceful information with its small 55 pages whereas other Roblox games have over 500 pages.

Also, depending on the information you seek, Discord might be another option you can look into. This is because Trello and Fandom have what they could offer and won’t offer everything you might need, so, visiting the discord may answer your questions. The Discord Link:

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Use the links above to view the game’s development process and get other first-hand information you may need. Also, note that Trello is a task-management system that allows users to prepare and adjust task cards which they give to everyone in the community as helpful and updated data on the game and other game side projects.

Trello Public Notes

Talking about Trello without mentioning their public note means the information is not complete. So, this is the latest information on the Trello Public Notes.

In regards to the development of the game, the rewrite is almost at the Beta stage, they’re still working on getting the cars functioning again. They have also reformed the vehicle sound system and it’s almost done. They will also program the main part of the sound scripts over to the new handler.


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On more about the sound script, the new vehicle’s sound system will likely produce the same exact reproduction of sound. But the server will not play any sound at all since it will now act as a middleman to efficiently propel the sound of your car to other clients while having no significant impact on your network line.

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