Sorcerer Battlegrounds Scripts

Sorcerer Battlegrounds is a 2D anime-style battle royale game. Its players can choose a character and fight to be the last one standing.

But to make things a bit faster, you might be interested in using a script. In this article, you’ll find the Sorcerer Battlegrounds Script below. Using it will return you to winning ways.

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Functions of The Sorcerer Battlegrounds Scripts

  • Kill aura: automatically target and attack enemies for you.
  • Hitbox extension: extends your hitbox, making it easier to hit enemies.
  • Autoblock: Using this will auto-block attacks for you.
  • Infinite dash: allows you to dash infinitely, helping you to move around the map.

Sorcerer Battlegrounds Scripts



How To Run Sorcerer Battlegrounds Script.

This is the simplest approach to run Sorcerer Battlegrounds Script in Roblox.

  • After installing an executor
  • Copy the script attached to this page and save it.
  • Then, open the executor and paste it therein.
  • Finally, click the “execute” button and the script will start running.

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Best Executors For Sorcerer Battlegrounds Scripts

Some of the most preferred executors for Sorcerer Battlegrounds scripts are;

  • Evon Executor
  • Hydrogen
  • Exoliner
  • Blackout
  • Nekto Executor
  • Arceus X
  • KRNL
  • JJSploit
  • Vega X
  • Anemo Executor
  • Delta Executor
  • Frost X
  • Zeus
  • TrigonEvo
  • Oxgyen U
  • Fadys Executor
  • Flooded V
  • Script-Ware
  • Viper X
  • Valyse Executor
  • Kiwi X Executor
  • Codex Executor

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How To Play Sorcerer Battlegrounds Game

Sorcerer Battlegrounds is a 2D anime-style battle royale game where players can choose from a number of characters and fight to be the winner.


The game is played on a small map with a number of weapons and power-ups scattered around. Players can also use spells to attack their opponents.

The gameplay is to be the last player standing. Players can achieve this by killing other players, collecting power-ups, and using spells.

Final Thought

Scripts can be that one solution you need to get an edge in Roblox Sorcerer Battlegrounds. But,  it is important to use them responsibly to get the best out of them.


Hope you’re set to get into the amazing gaming world of Battlegrounds Game. If you ever missed a point, do let us know using the comments section.

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