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Overview of Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a view into the future of gaming, a 3D science-fiction RPG shooter game with a whole experience.

It was developed by Seasun Games, the man behind the Unreal 4 engine. The main character is an adjutant who is a space traveler.

This guy has been out in space, away from humans, doing space station things. He finally makes it back to Earth, but, surprise, Earth isn’t the same as he left it.


Lucky for him, he gets a rescue mission from someone named Operator Lyfe Wednesday. Meanwhile, Snowbreak is your typical game.

It’s a cross-platform, you can play it on your phone, your tablet, your computer basically, wherever you want. However, there’s a Beta version available for Android and iOS.

Just head to the Google Play store or iOS Testflight, and download it. But fair warning, this game is not lightweight, I’m talking 5 GB. So, make sure your device can handle the weight.


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Operatives In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Currently, there are playable 2 tier operatives In the game:

1. Orange Tier

  • Absconditus
  • Coronet
  • Ethereal Cloud
  • Hush
  • Kaguya
  • Shadow Ka
  • Swift
  • Wild Hunt
  • Winter Solstice

2. Purple Tier

  • Big Sis
  • Hands
  • Lionheart
  • Little Sunshine
  • Meow
  • Observer
  • Queen of Pain
  • Quiet Quitter
  • Redacted
  • The Ace
  • The Goldfish
  • Those Two
  • Wednesday

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Weapons In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Operatives use these weapons in their missions.


100 Battle Veteran5 StarsDay of Hunger
Arctic Fox4 StarsLittle Hunter
Atrium Frontline4 StarsBattle Fine-Tuning
Frigatebird4 StarsExtra Reinforcements
Friendly Neighbor2 StarsFriendly Basis
Homecoming4 StarsBreaking In Chest Pressure
Hypochlorous Acid4 StarsConversion Formula
Ionized Jellyfish4 StarsImprove Rhythm
Iron Guardian3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Napoleon in Black3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Quiet Lightning3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Safety Line3 StarsStandard Cooling
Stardust Memory5 StarsHypothermia
Tension Headache3 StarsChaos Overload
The Past's Sigh4 StarsUnhealed Wounds
Work-in-Progress4 StarsOvertime Mood


Ambergris4 StarsConverted Aggression
Brutish Folk3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Discordance4 StarsMore Is Better
Flock of Birds3 StarsStandard Cooling
Full Alert4 StarsAlert State
Knock Knock3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Lapis Lazuli4 StarsLapis Protection
Malbec3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Mechanized Cop4 StarsPolice Support
Neon Tube4 StarsMidnight Delivery
Precious Baby4 StarsSafeguard
Road Roller2 StarsCounterattack Motive
Silenced Truth3 StarsChaos Overload
Sunny Payback5 StarsHumble Glamour
Tiny Grains5 StarsTransfer of Hunger
Valkyrie 20564 StarsConcentrated Pellets


Aye, Aye, Captain!4 StarsGreenhorn
BigSisIcon TheAceIcon File:AbsconditusIcon.png3 StarsHeavy Wardheads
Halftorch3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Hammer Hit3 StarsHeavy Wardheads
Lucky Times4 StarsReal Luck
Muddy Snow3 StarsStandard Cooling
Nexus4 StarsSpecial Moment
Pine Aurora5 StarsPolar Circle
Pisco3 StarsChaos Overload
Prismatic Igniter4 StarsWarmth After the Rain
Rotten Orange4 StarsTime of Arrival
Skywall3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Star Ocean5 StarsUnending Journey
Stubborn Elder2 StarsGood as Ever
Tiny Tool4 StarsRepair Experience
Wild Construct4 StarsContaminant Remnant
Yojimbo4 StarsGuard Hound

Assault Rifles

Anti-Evil Ward5 StarsRolling Thunderclouds
Ashen Dog3 StarsChaos Overload
Ashen Fortress4 StarsEnhanced Protection
Comfort Zone4 StarsHome Court
Discipline3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Duckling4 StarsSuperconductor
Ender3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Foundation2 StarsStable Progress
Foul Butcher4 StarsGood as New
Fury4 StarsDelayed Rage
Icey Dunes3 StarsStandard Cooling
Indicator4 StarsAccumulated Interruption
Lava Bones5 StarsBurnt to the Core
Odd Alley Cat4 StarsSneaky Break
Strawberry Shortcake4 StarsMust Share
Trial's Eve5 StarsPerfect Judgment
Warhammer3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Wild Leer4 StarsUnbridled Joy

Sniper Rifles

Crystal Drill4 StarsSmart Aim
Deep Sea's Call4 StarsSonic Reflection
Disco Confusion4 StarsObsessive Punishment
Horn of the Orca5 StarsHunting Season
Infernal Decade4 StarsRewarded Precision
Mark of Mesmer4 StarsDeep Claw Marks
Mulberry3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Olympus5 StarsZenith Star
Raven Feather Tempest3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Site of Racket4 StarsFocus Time
Snowbound Valkyrie3 StarsStandard Cooling
Space Cowboy5 StarsBooster
Steel Birch Forest3 StarsChaos Overload
Sweet Soul4 StarsSweet Surprise
The First Brave2 StarsFirst Legend
The Wrench3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Wetland Park4 StarsNutritious Sludge

List of Logistics In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

In the game, Operators use logistics to boost their abilities and get extra bonuses. When they team up, they get more special effects.

You can get these boosts either from Raining Fire or sometimes as a one-time deal during the Underground Purge. However, there are currently three categories of logistics In the game:



In this category, we’ve got:


NameSquadSpecial Move
VoulezAkitsuBoosts Skill Damage by 24%. Unleash a Standard Skill to collect Golden Osmanthus stacks. Hit a target to grab 5 stacks, and fire an Ultimate Skill to get an extra 10 seconds. Reach 15 seconds, and your operative's ATK gets a 25% boost for 10 seconds. Hit 30 stacks, and enjoy a 20% increase in Kinetic DMG for the next 10 seconds. But beware, hitting 30 stacks wipes the slate clean.
ZhehaoMingyiPumps up Ballistic DMG by 24%. Deal Electrical DMG, and watch the equipping operative's ATK climb by 1% for 3 seconds (up to 45 stacks). Keep zapping to reset the timer.
ImmaXinyeSupercharges the squad with a 32% increase in Max U-Energy and a 28% bump in U-Energy Recovery. After your operative goes Ultimate, get back 20% of the U-Energy spent.
TrumanMizuhoElevates Ballistic DMG by 24%. Keep the shots coming, and with each one, add 3% to your Ballistic DMG (up to 20 stacks).
KomiTwilightUplifts Active Skill DMG by 24%. After dishing out damage with an Active Skill or Auxiliary Unit, the target's resistance to that kind of DMG drops by 16% for 5 seconds.
GakumazawaAmano-IwatoPacks a punch with a 24% increase in Ballistic DMG. After a crit hit, crank up ADS Ballistic DMG by 10% (up to 5 stacks). Be warned, though, that this boost vanishes when the operative exits the scene.
GidNavigatorPowers up Active Skill DMG by 24%. After slapping a Control effect on the target, the damage they take spikes by 14% for 10 seconds.
HarfuKoffmanRaises Shield Acquisition Efficiency by 30%. When shields are up, Ballistic DMG shoots up by 32%, and damage taken drops by 10%.
UkaspaUshaStrengthens Auxiliary Units by 25%. After your shot hits, the DMG dealt by the Auxiliary Unit skyrockets by 55% for 3 seconds. Keep the hits coming to reset the clock.
LachesisMoiraGives a 25% boost to Auxiliary Units Strength and a hefty 42% increase in the Healing effect of Auxiliary Units.
FionaFenyaSupercharges Ultimate Skill DMG by 33%. After the Ultimate Skill, enjoy a 40% DMG boost for 15 glorious seconds.
DawnThebesHeightens Active Skill DMG by 25%. Each time a Standard Skill, Ultimate Skill, or Support Skill connects, your operative's ATK gets a 2.5% bump for 5 seconds (up to 20 stacks).
Red LineDharmaAmplifies Ballistic DMG by 25%. After a Standard Skill, watch Standard Ballistic DMG soar by 45% for 5 seconds.


2 Officer Effect
3 Officer Effect
Boosts skill damage by 24%.
Using a basic skill gives a stack of Golden Osmanthus. Beat an enemy for 5 stacks, and use an ultimate skill for 10 seconds. After 15 seconds, the operative's attack power surges by 25% for 10 seconds. Hit 30 stacks, and kinetic damage increases by 20% for 10 seconds. Maximum 30 stacks, and hitting 30 clears them all.
Ups ballistic damage by 24%.
When dealing electrical damage, the operative's attack increases by 1% for 3 seconds, with a maximum of 45 stacks. Repeated triggers reset the duration.
Raises the full squad's max U-Energy by 32.
Boosts U-Energy recovery for the full squad by 28%. After using the ultimate skill, it recovers 20% of consumed U-Energy.
Long Ears
Increases ballistic damage by 24%.
Continuous shooting boosts ballistic damage by 3% per shot, maxing out at 20 stacks.
Enhances active skill damage by 24%.
After dealing damage with an active skill or auxiliary unit, the target's resistance to that damage type decreases by 16% for 5 seconds.
Raises ballistic damage by 24%.
After a critical hit, increases ADS ballistic damage by 10%, maxing out at 5 stacks. Cleared when the operative leaves the field.
Boosts active skill damage by 24%.
After applying a control effect to the target, damage taken by the target increases by 14% for 10 seconds.
Jarl Haakon
Increases shield acquisition efficiency by 30%.
When shields are active, boost ballistic damage by 32% and reduce damage received by 10%.
Strengthens auxiliary units by 25%.
Increases the damage of auxiliary units by 55% after the shot hits, lasting for 3 seconds. Repeated triggers reset the duration.
Strengthens auxiliary units by 25%.
Increases the healing effect of auxiliary units by 42%.
Boosts ultimate skill damage by 33%.
Increases damage dealt by 40% for 15 seconds after using the ultimate skill.
Increases active skill damage by 25%.
Each time a standard skill, ultimate skill, or support skill hits the target, self-attack increases by 2.5% for 5 seconds. Max 20 stacks.
Increases ballistic damage by 25%.
After using a standard skill, standard ballistic damage by 45% for 5 seconds.


Boost for 2 Operatives
Bonus for 3 Operatives
Team Akitsu
Supercharges Skill Damage by 24%.
Use a basic move to grab a Golden Osmanthus point. Hit an enemy, collect 5, and unleash an Ultimate Skill to get 10 seconds of major power. After 15 seconds, Momo's attack power jumps by 25% for 10 seconds. Rack up 30 Golden Osmanthus points, and the kinetic damage gets a 20% boost for 10 seconds. Be careful, though – hitting 30 points wipes the slate clean.
Team Mingyi
Amps up Ballistic Damage by 24%.
Zaps enemies with Electrical Damage, pumping up Jinlang's attack by 1% for 3 seconds each time. Collect up to 45 boosts, but be quick – the clock resets with each hit.
Team Xinye
Gives the whole squad 32 more U-Energy points.
Speeds up U-Energy Recovery for the whole squad by 28%. After Griffin's Ultimate Skill, the team gets back 20% of the U-Energy it used.
Team Mizuho
Powers up Ballistic Damage by 24%.
Unleashes a continuous ballistic barrage, amping up damage by 3% with each shot, maxing out at 20 stacks.
Team Twilight
Heightens Active Skill Damage by 24%.
After dealing damage with an Active Skill or Auxiliary Unit, the enemy's resistance to that damage type drops by 16% for 5 seconds.
Team Amano-Iwato
Boosts Ballistic Damage by 24%.
After scoring critical hits, elevates ADS Ballistic Damage by 10% – a max of 5 stacks. The boost resets when Red leaves the scene.
Team Navigator
Ramps up Active Skill Damage by 24%.
After hitting enemies with a Control effect, the damage they take spikes by 14% for 10 seconds.
Team Koffman
Turbocharges Shield Acquisition Efficiency by 30%.
When shields are up, increases Ballistic Damage by 32% and cuts down damage received by 10%.
Team Usha
Strengthens Auxiliary Units by 25%.
After Mose's shot lands, the damage dealt by Auxiliary Units skyrockets by 55% for 3 seconds. Each hit resets the timer.
Team Moira
Empowers Auxiliary Units by 25%.
Gives a 42% boost to the healing abilities of Auxiliary Units.
Bright Diamond
Team Fenya
Supercharges Ultimate Skill Damage by 33%.
After using the Ultimate Skill, piles on 40% more damage for 15 seconds.
Team Thebes
Uplifts Active Skill Damage by 25%.
Every hit with a Standard Skill, Ultimate Skill, or Support Skill boosts Mut's attack by 2.5% for 5 seconds – maxing out at 20 boosts.
Team Dharma
Boosts Ballistic Damage by 25%.
After a Standard Skill, cranks up Standard Ballistic Damage by 45% for 5 seconds.



2 Officer Boost
3 Officer Boost
Speeds up our shield building by 20%.
When our shields are up, we pack an extra punch, dealing 18% more damage.
Makes our special moves hit harder by 18%.
Hits even harder with Kinetic and Chaos damage, cranking it up by 33%.
Gives us a health, attack, and defense boost of 8%.
After taking down a foe, we get a quick shield, making us invincible for 0.8 seconds.
Crow's Eye
Boosts our max health by 25%.
When our health is on the rocks (below 30%), we get a 5-second invulnerability pass. This trick can only be pulled off once every 30 seconds.
Green Spirit
More health, attack power, and defense by 8%.
After pulling off a regular move, ultimate move, or support move, our whole squad gets healed up 36% more for 10 seconds.
Supercharges our ballistic damage by 18%.
Amps up Kinetic and Chaos types of ballistic damage by 33%.
Boosts our U-Energy recovery by 20%.
Whenever any of us deal damage, we regain 1.5 U-Energy. Takes a 6-second cooldown before it happens again.
Amplifies our ballistic damage by 18%.
Turns up the heat on Thermal, Frost, and Electrical ballistic damage by 33%.
Amplifies the damage of our special moves by 18%.
Raises the bar on Thermal, Frost, and Electrical skill damage by 33%.
Boosts the strength of our support units by 18%.
A one in four chance that when our support units hit, they hit for 75% more damage this time around.


2 Officer Effect
3 Officer Effect
Helps build shields 20% faster.
When shields are up, dishes out an extra 18% punch.
Supercharges active skills, giving an 18% damage boost.
Kicks Kinetic and Chaos damage up a notch by 33%.
Gives a solid 8% boost to Max HP, ATK, and DEF.
After sending an enemy packing, take a breather with 0.8 seconds of invincibility.
Crow's Eye
Skyrockets Max HP by a massive 25%.
Dips into invulnerability for 5 seconds when HP drops below 30% (with a 30-second breather).
Green Spirit
Adds 8% to the team's Max HP, ATK, and DEF.
After pulling off a standard, ultimate, or support move, cranks up squad-wide healing by 36% for 10 seconds.
Boosts Ballistic Damage by 18%.
Takes Kinetic and Chaos ballistics damage to the next level with a 33% surge.
Speeds up U-Energy recovery for the whole squad by 20%.
Every time an operative throws a punch, the team gets back 1.5 U-Energy (with a 6-second cooldown).
Amps up Ballistic damage by 18%.
Adds some extra sizzle to Thermal, Frost, and Electrical ballistics damage by 33%.
Boosts active skill damage by 18%.
Cranks up Thermal, Frost, and Electrical skill damage by 33%.
Supercharged auxiliary units with an 18% damage boost.
Takes a 25% shot at blowing up damage by 75% when the auxiliary unit hits the bullseye.


2 Officer Effect
3 Officer Effect
Silver Arm
Helps us slap together shields 20% faster. When we've got shields up, we dish out 18% more damage.
Silver Arm is the shield pro – speeds up the process and packs a punch when the shields are up.
Supercharges our active skills, giving them an 18% damage boost. Also cranks up Kinetic and Chaos damage by 33%.
Bonnie's all about maxing out our damage potential. If you're into skills and chaos, she's your pick.
Gives us a solid 8% boost to Max HP, ATK, and DEF. Plus, after we take down an enemy, we get a brief invincibility boost for 0.8 seconds.
Valerie's got our back – toughens us up and throws in a bit of invincibility after a successful takedown.
Crow's Eye
Bumps up our Max HP by a whopping 25%. When our health drops below 30%, we become invulnerable for 5 seconds, once every 30 seconds.
Hagin's the tough guy – loads up our health and gives us a lifesaving invincibility trick when we need it.
Green Spirit
Adds 8% to Max HP, ATK, and DEF. After using a Standard, Ultimate, or Support skill, our whole squad gets a healing boost of 36% for 10 seconds.
Grace is all about teamwork – amps up the squad's stats and throws in some extra healing when things get rough.
Supercharges our Ballistic damage by 18%. Also cranks up Kinetic and Chaos damage for Ballistic hits by 33%.
Cole's our ballistic expert – makes our shots hit harder and adds some chaos to the mix.
Ivan the Immortal
Boosts our U-Energy recovery by 20%. And, every time we land a hit, we get a 1.5 U-Energy boost. Cooldown: 6 seconds.
Ivan keeps the energy flowing – speeds up recovery and gives us an extra energy boost with every hit.
Gives an 18% boost to our Ballistic damage. Also cranks up Thermal, Frost, and Electrical damage for Ballistic hits by 33%.
Arrow's the ballistic specialist – amps up our shots and adds some extra oomph with different damage types.
White Hunt
Pumps up our Active Skill damage by 18%. Also throws in a 33% boost to Thermal, Frost, and Electrical damage for Skill hits.
White Hunt is our skill maestro – cranks up the damage and adds some elemental flair to our skills.
Uplifts our Auxiliary Units Strength by 18%. And, there's a 25% chance to deal a whopping 75% extra damage when our Auxiliary Unit hits the target.
Sharou boosts our auxiliary firepower and throws in a chance for some serious extra damage – a real game-changer.



2 Officer Effect
3 Officer Effect
Delivery Crew
Speeds up how quickly we regain energy by 18%.
When the whole team jumps in, our energy comes back 24% faster.
Dream Watchers
Gives us a 12% boost in attack power.
When we're on the move, our special attacks hit 20% harder.
Toughens up our support buddies by 15%.
Now they pack an extra punch, dealing 25% more damage.
Bolsters our defense with a 12% increase.
When our health takes a dip, Momoko doubles down, boosting her defense to 24%.
Boost our health by 12%.
In tight spots (health below 50%), we take 25% less damage.
Heavy Hitters
Amps up our attack by 12%.
If we're all about the heavy artillery, our big shots hit 20% harder.


2 Officer Effect
3 Officer Effect
Speeds up your team's energy recovery.
Helps everyone on the team recharge energy even faster.
Dream Watcher
Boosts your team's hitting power.
Supercharges your team's special moves for an extra kick.
Toughens up your support units.
Amplifies the damage dealt by your support units.
Adds an extra layer of defense.
When the going gets tough, boosts Catelyn's defense.
Gives your team a health boost.
Takes less damage when things get tricky for Dornier.
Amps up your whole team's hitting power.
Specializes in cranking up ballistic damage for Maeve.


Boosts for Two Officers
Boosts for Three Officers
Helps recover U-Energy faster by 18%.
Speeds up U-Energy recovery for the whole team by 24%.
Dream Watcher
Gives a 12% boost to attack power.
Supercharges the punch of our special moves by 20%.
Makes our support units 15% stronger.
Amps up the damage our support units dish out by 25%.
Adds a 12% boost to defense.
Kicks in extra defense by 24% when our health goes below 50%.
Adds 12% more to our maximum health.
Cuts down the damage we take by 25% when health is below 50%.
Increases attack power by 12%.
Gives a 20% boost to our ballistic damage.

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List of Items In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

There are currently two Items categories In the game that you can obtain.



NameEffectWhere to Get
Rookie Combat RecordBoosts Operative EXP by 600Available in the Black Market, stages 6-12, H5-11, H6-1
Normal Combat RecordGives 1200 Operative EXPFind it in the Black Market, stages 8-12, H5-11, H6-1
Good Combat RecordGrants 3000 Operative EXPObtainable in the Black Market and through Neural Simulation
Elite Combat RecordProvides a whopping 9000 Operative EXPAccessible in the Black Market and via Neural Simulation
General Augmentation KitAdds 600 Weapon EXPAcquire from Peacemaker, stages 6-11, H5-12, H6-2
Refined Augmentation KitBoosts Weapon EXP by 1200Obtain through Peacemaker, stages 7-11, 8-1, H5-12, H6-2
Exquisite Augmentation KitIncreases Weapon EXP by 3000Available in Peacemaker missions
Rare Augmentation KitOffers a significant 9000 Weapon EXPObtainable through Peacemaker missions


NameHow to Get It
SilverBuckFind it in the Pot of Plenty, during the Underground Purge, or through Neural Simulation.
DigiCashScore it as rewards from missions and events, check in bi-weekly, or get it from the Quartermaster.
BitGoldSnag it directly from the Quartermaster.
ShapeofSnowDiscover it in the SuperNova experience.
Operative Recruitment ChitEarn it as rewards from events, the Quartermaster, or just by being awesome.
Manifestation Echo CovenantGrab it from rewards at events or from the Quartermaster.
Weapons PermitObtain it through event rewards or from the Quartermaster.
Weapon Modding AgreementSecure it as rewards from events or through the Quartermaster.
Diligence Track RecordDaily tasks will hook you up with this one.
Command RecordProgress through the main story tasks to unlock this gem.

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