Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List

This post provides you with a list of some of the best characters In Snowbreak: Containment Zone. These are arguably the most powerful operatives ( S-Tier list ) any player could use even if you are just starting. Let’s dive In.

Best Characters In Snowbreak: Containment Zone


yao - snowbreak containment zone


Yao is my go-to lady for big battles In the game as she loads heavy attacks. She teams up with Space Cowboy, and together, they create a fiery duo that forces out damage like nobody’s business.

Yao’s move is called Scorching Sun Awakening. It’s a skill that lets her release a barrage of high-damage shots, one after the other. Her ultimate move, Searing Resurrection, is great too.

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It hands her a gun that deals more damage. Plus, while she’s swinging this ultimate form, she’s casually shrugging off 20% of the damage that comes her way.

Yao used to be the star, but with new DPS heavyweights In, she’s taken a bit of a backseat. Still, don’t count her out just yet. She carries the heat with some burst damage that can not be matched.

Unlocking her manifest abilities, especially manifest 1, is like giving her an upgrade.  It lets her reload her gun from Searing Resurrection which turns her into a damage-dealing machine.



acacia - snowbreak containment zone

Acacia is a sensation in Snowbreak’s Containment Zone. She’s always throwing out a variety of goodies to wreak havoc on enemies.

Her normal ability throws these projectiles, or darts that encircle around her. They deal out damage and put the brakes on enemies by slowing them down.


With some neuron magic, she can Increase the number of darts and even freeze enemies which makes them vulnerable to a beatdown on Kaguya’s terms.

However, the wide orbit can be a bit lopsided, and the freeze, while neat, can be more trouble than it’s worth. Then, there’s her support skills.

This time it circles a chosen spot, dealing out damage and, more importantly, making enemies easier to take down by reducing their resistance.


This is where Kaguya is good, a debuffing queen who keeps her value intact. Her ultimate move dealt damage to anyone caught in its zone.

And if you upgrade it, it becomes a magnet that pulls enemies right into the action. Sure, Kaguya may be a bit tricky to master, especially with some enemies dodging her crowd-control moves.

However, she’s not your frontline warrior, she’s the silent supporter, debuffing enemies left and right. Her Manifests are great, but not game-changers.


Pine Aurora adds some boost to her support skills, but you can’t live without it. Rotten Orange and Muddy Snow increase her active power, and Star Ocean is a no-brainer unless you’ve got Kaguya at Manifest 2 or higher. Prismatic and Aye Aye Captain are excellent weapon choices when she’s on support duty.

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chenxing - snowbreak containment zone


I wouldn’t want to debate about how cute her ceremonial outfit is. But what matters is the damage she can deal out. Her basic ability is her bread and butter giving her this awesome crowd-clearing ability.

The damage to marked targets Is tied to the actual boost behind the shot that triggers it. So, any buffs to gun damage make Chenxing more of a force to be reckoned with.

Amano-Iwato may just outshine the set supposedly made for her, Mingyi, when it comes to boosting her gun damage. Her support skill is not as powerful, a bit more limited, but still handy.


Her ultimate move, Dominance, is okay. Although it is nothing to write home about, it adds some more AoE crowd control to a character who’s already got plenty. Plus, it refreshes her marks and buffs ballistic damage.

Her marks can even target breakable parts, making her a nightmare for multi-part bosses like Hela or those Ni-Mech fellas. Just team her up with Mauxir, and you’ve got a deadly duo.

Apply the right neuronic, and Chenxing can double down on her crowd-clearing mojo by triggering Mauxir’s ultimate Aptitude on marked targets. When it comes to manifests, stage 2 is the best spot which extends the duration of her marks. Nice to have, but not a deal-breaker.



haru - snowbreak containment zone

Haru’s the one who deals out the ponytail for a sword and suits up in the Absconditus tactical gear. She’s got some trade-offs. Her thing is crowd control, she’s great at mowing down mobs of enemies. But, when it comes to tougher foes, she loses a bit of her energy.

Her main move Is on a charge system, and each time you use it, she delivers three hits to up to five enemies. It’s her go-to move for everyday situations, and it reduces cooldown when she’s blasting enemies.


If she scores a kill, she gets a chargeback and doesn’t have to worry about the energy cost for a few seconds. Her support skill is a beefed-up version of her main move but takes longer to recharge.

With some upgrades, it can stun enemies. But if you want to go big, there’s her ultimate move. It’s a massive skill that transforms her into Body as Blade.

While in this state, her main move gets charged, reduced cooldown, no energy cost, and an extra hit per cast. However, it costs points to maintain this state, and you can use them up pretty quickly.


She can recast the ultimate for a mega attack, but that comes at a big cost too. Haru’s got this passive move called Deiwos. It finishes off shieldless enemies below a certain health level, which is great for cleaning up the battlefield and keeping her main move charged.

Here’s the lowdown, Haru’s a crowd-clearing champ, but when the big bosses show up, she needs a bit more time to Impress. With some upgrades and the right gear, she can hang with the best. Without them, she’s still good but falls short.

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