Snowbreak: Containment Zone Mauxir Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to Mauxir In Snowbreak: Containment Zone. In this guide, you will learn about Mauxir’s skills In the game with Its stats.

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Let’s dive In.


Who Is Mauxir In Snowbreak: Containment Zone?

Mauxir is a canine with a cat-like name, kind of like calling a dog “Kitty”. Some players may think Mauxir is some fancy AI dressed up as a human. However, she does check off a few boxes on the not-so-human checklist.

First off, she doesn’t feel pain, which is pretty inhuman. And then there’s the way she talks and behaves Mauxir couldn’t care less about fitting into the human mold.


She’s on a quest for something deeper, the balance of the soul. What’s that, if you ask me, she’s playing around with the volume knob of human essence, trying to find a good spot.

Makes sense, considering her cat-like appearance and the fact that she throws in a casual “meow” at the end of her sentences in the game.

In Snowbreak, Mauxir is introduced as a brain behind the scenes, working for the Ramses Group. And despite the lack of pain on her radar, she stands out from the game crowd.


She may not feel it, but she’s a bit slow to show it which makes her a peculiar character in the game. Mauxir has medium-length hair, a cute face, and bright eyes, those are all the elements of a game character you’d want on your team.

Also, her fashion sense is on point. A short black-golden dress with extensions that add a pop of striped black and golden flair. You could see that the black extension at her head is cat ears vibes. She rocks long black boots with a golden stripe design that’s, well, apex-level stylish.

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Mauxir Abilities In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Underworld Program Skills

We’ve got the Underworld Program skills. Mauxir does some mystical drag-and-drop action, pulling out the Id Avatar from the target’s body and unleashing Frost’s damage.

However, only one Id Avatar can be out there at a time, and it mimics the host’s DEF and max HP, taking hits only from Mauxir. This sticks around for 16 seconds, then it’s gone when Mauxir leaves the field.

Breaking it down:


  • Dragging DMG: 50% of Mauxir’s ATK
  • Avatar’s Transfer: 80% of the damage taken
  • Avatar’s Lifespan: 16 seconds
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • S-Energy Consume: 5

Mindblast Skills

Next in Mauxir’s arsenal is the Mindblast. Mauxir unleashes a blast, shooting the Ego Avatar out of a chosen target, and dealing Frost damage. The Ego Avatar plays it safe with only 50% of the host’s max HP, and it’s untouchable by regular shots.

Here’s the inside:

  • Blast DMG: 100% of Mauxir’s ATK
  • Ego Avatar’s Transfer: 30% of the damage taken
  • Avatar’s Lifespan: 8 seconds
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • S-Energy Consume: 25

Moment of Judgment Skills

This is Mauxir’s ultimate move, the Moment of Judgment. She whips out the Balance of Judgment to monitor a target’s soul. If the target’s HP is lower than Mauxir’s current HP, it’s instant Frost damage. If the target’s HP is higher, gear up for 10 seconds of extra Frost damage with each Mauxir hit.


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Quick facts:

  • Immediate Execution DMG: 150% of Mauxir’s current HP
  • Deferred Execution DMG: 12.6% of Mauxir’s Max HP + 59
  • Cooldown: 50 seconds
  • U-Energy Consume: 80

Mauxir Manifestation Skills

Mauxir Manifestation. skills increase the Avatars’ duration by 25% which makes them stick around a bit longer. But you need to beware of the Guilty as Charged clause, if the host’s HP dips below 20% of Mauxir’s Max HP, it’s game over.


Price of Evil chips away at the Avatar’s DEF as it loses HP, and Absolute Justice boosts the DMG transferred from Ego Avatars to 35%. However, Joint Sins cause a frosty explosion when an Avatar bites the dust, which deals damage equal to 300% of Mauxir’s ATK.

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