Snowbreak: Containment Zone Marian Swift Build Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to Marian Swift Build In Snowbreak: Containment Zone. In the game, Swift is a top-tier operative who’s good with a Sniper Rifle.

And, the Swift Series Low Observability Tactical Exosuit is made by Cathode Technologies. It is said to be the greatest operative for snipers who love to go on missions alone. The bad part is that It hasn’t hit the game officially. That said,

In this guide, you will learn:


  • Marian Swift Build skills In Snowbreak: Containment Zone
  • Weapons
  • Manifestation

And lots more.

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Let’s dive In.


Marian Swift Build skills In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Standard Skill

Marian Swift’s got the Cloud Shot skills. It is a quick, kinetic punch but with a bullet. However, it takes about 5 seconds to recharge, and it won’t cost you too much energy, just 4 S-Energy points.

Now, when you use Cloud Shot, you can stack up to 3 charges. More charges mean more power. When you fire it off, it’s dealing damage, and that damage can get a boost from things like Ballistic DMG Boost and Standard Ballistic DMG Boost.


So, keep an eye on them. Then again, if you have 2 charges in your pocket, you can do this quick-shot thing. This shot, called Charge: 2, not only deals with Kinetic DMG but also marks the target with Falling Feather for 3 seconds because the next shot you take automatically locks onto that marked target.

The Cloud Shot has a little bonus: it can deal CRIT hits or hit Weakspots, and it’s a real headache for shields because it fires double damage to them. There’s also a passive move called ADS Shot.

When you use it, it tags the target with Fractured Feather for 2 seconds. The next Cloud Shot you unleash will automatically lock onto that tagged target. Just to throw some numbers in there, Cloud Shot’s damage is 80% of ATK plus 216.


Support Skill

Marian Swift’s Divebomb skill emerges as a game-changer. Cooldown clocking in at 15 seconds as this move demands 20 S-Energy for a shot at unleashing its power.

When chaos reigns and Marian finds herself in an uncontrollable state, Divebomb steps in as the reset button, clearing the slate. You will see Marian jump backward while firing an empowered shot at the target, dealing Kinetic DMG and sending all in its path flying.

It’s not just about the damage; Divebomb plays disruptor too, putting a pause on enemies’ special skills for 8 seconds. Also, Divebomb’s Ballistic DMG load attack at 320% of Marian’s ATK, plus an extra 83.


Ultimate Skill

Wounded Bird’s skill allows Marian to lose a powerful shot that deals a big amount of damage and also sends enemies flying up in the air. After you release the Wounded Bird, you’ll need to wait 30 seconds before you can do it again.

And it’ll cost you 60 S-Energy. So, use it wisely. However, after you’ve pulled off the Wounded Bird, your Cloud Shot and regular shots become special. They ignore a good chunk (20%, to be precise) of the target’s defense for the next 10 seconds.

Using Wounded Bird hitting the reload button on Marian’s gun. No need to worry about running out of bullets in battle. Then again, the Wounded Bird filled the attack with 750% of Marian’s Attack stat plus 336 in Ballistic Damage. But It is not just about the damage, when Marian launches that shot, It interrupts the skills of the enemies it hits.


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Marian Swift Build Weapons In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

  • S- Tier: Horn of the Orca
  • A- Tier: Crystal Drill

These weapons include submachineguns, shotguns, Pistols, Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles.




100 Battle Veteran5 StarsDay of Hunger
Arctic Fox4 StarsLittle Hunter
Atrium Frontline4 StarsBattle Fine-Tuning
Frigatebird4 StarsExtra Reinforcements
Friendly Neighbor2 StarsFriendly Basis
Homecoming4 StarsBreaking In Chest Pressure
Hypochlorous Acid4 StarsConversion Formula
Ionized Jellyfish4 StarsImprove Rhythm
Iron Guardian3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Napoleon in Black3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Quiet Lightning3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Safety Line3 StarsStandard Cooling
Stardust Memory5 StarsHypothermia
Tension Headache3 StarsChaos Overload
The Past's Sigh4 StarsUnhealed Wounds
Work-in-Progress4 StarsOvertime Mood
Ambergris4 StarsConverted Aggression
Brutish Folk3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Discordance4 StarsMore Is Better
Flock of Birds3 StarsStandard Cooling
Full Alert4 StarsAlert State
Knock Knock3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Lapis Lazuli4 StarsLapis Protection
Malbec3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Mechanized Cop4 StarsPolice Support
Neon Tube4 StarsMidnight Delivery
Precious Baby4 StarsSafeguard
Road Roller2 StarsCounterattack Motive
Silenced Truth3 StarsChaos Overload
Sunny Payback5 StarsHumble Glamour
Tiny Grains5 StarsTransfer of Hunger
Valkyrie 20564 StarsConcentrated Pellets

Pistols: Assault Rifles

Anti-Evil Ward5 StarsRolling Thunderclouds
Ashen Dog3 StarsChaos Overload
Ashen Fortress4 StarsEnhanced Protection
Aye, Aye, Captain!4 StarsGreenhorn
BigSisIcon TheAceIcon File:AbsconditusIcon.png3 StarsHeavy Wardheads
Halftorch3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Hammer Hit3 StarsHeavy Wardheads
Lucky Times4 StarsReal Luck
Muddy Snow3 StarsStandard Cooling
Nexus4 StarsSpecial Moment
Pine Aurora5 StarsPolar Circle
Pisco3 StarsChaos Overload
Prismatic Igniter4 StarsWarmth After the Rain
Rotten Orange4 StarsTime of Arrival
Skywall3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Star Ocean5 StarsUnending Journey
Stubborn Elder2 StarsGood as Ever
Tiny Tool4 StarsRepair Experience
Wild Construct4 StarsContaminant Remnant
Yojimbo4 StarsGuard Hound
Comfort Zone4 StarsHome Court
Discipline3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Duckling4 StarsSuperconductor
Ender3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Foundation2 StarsStable Progress
Foul Butcher4 StarsGood as New
Fury4 StarsDelayed Rage
Icey Dunes3 StarsStandard Cooling
Indicator4 StarsAccumulated Interruption
Lava Bones5 StarsBurnt to the Core
Odd Alley Cat4 StarsSneaky Break
Strawberry Shortcake4 StarsMust Share
Trial's Eve5 StarsPerfect Judgment
Warhammer3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Wild Leer4 StarsUnbridled Joy

Sniper Rifles

Crystal Drill4 StarsSmart Aim
Deep Sea's Call4 StarsSonic Reflection
Disco Confusion4 StarsObsessive Punishment
Horn of the Orca5 StarsHunting Season
Infernal Decade4 StarsRewarded Precision
Mark of Mesmer4 StarsDeep Claw Marks
Mulberry3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Olympus5 StarsZenith Star
Raven Feather Tempest3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Site of Racket4 StarsFocus Time
Snowbound Valkyrie3 StarsStandard Cooling
Space Cowboy5 StarsBooster
Steel Birch Forest3 StarsChaos Overload
Sweet Soul4 StarsSweet Surprise
The First Brave2 StarsFirst Legend
The Wrench3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Wetland Park4 StarsNutritious Sludge

Marian Swift Manifestation In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Covering The Angels

Fractured Feather normally hangs around for 3 seconds, but with Manifestation in play, it’s in it for the long run, sticking around for 3.5 seconds. That may not sound a lot, but in the battle, every fraction of a second counts.

Also, the Cloud Shot usually consumes up the Fractured Feather mark. But not anymore. With Manifestation, instead of chowing down on the mark, it hits the reset button on its duration.

You get to keep that mark hanging around for longer without sacrificing your Cloud Shot. However, Manifestation isn’t just about marks and shots as it’s also boosting Marian’s stats.


Her Max HP and Attack get each level of Manifestation. Every level of Manifestation gives her Max HP a 0.5% boost and the same goes for Attack.

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​Shot Through The Storm

When Marian’s regular shot hits that sweet spot marked by the Cloud Shot, the damage of that shot gets a boost. I’m talking 25% more. Sometimes, it’s about grumbling up her stats too, so, not just the damage.


Every time you trigger this manifestation, her max health and attack get a little bump, a 0.5% increase for each. And it’s a continuous cycle. Shoot, hit the mark, and get stronger. Rinse and repeat.

Feather Spiral

When we talk about Manifestation, we’re diving into the equipment that makes Marian even tougher. So, when she uses a Kinetic weapon, the cooldown for her Cloud Shot gets slashed down to just 4 seconds.

How about extra bonuses that come with Marian’s Manifestation? It’s a power-up for her stats. For each point you invest in Manifestation, Marian’s Max HP and Attack get a boost of 0.5%. The more you invest in Manifestation, the more powerful Marian becomes.


It’s a give-and-take relationship between Attack and Max HP. The more you beef up her attack, the more resilient she becomes with that Max HP boost, and vice versa.

Burst Through The Rain

When you level up the Cloud Shot skill, you’re learning a new move, and opening up the damage on it. At level +1, the Cloud Shot’s damage gets a boost to 88% of Marian’s Attack stat plus an extra 244. The Manifestation also throws in some stat bonuses for Marian.

She gets a 0.5% boost to her maximum HP and a 0.5% boost to her Attack every time you level up this skill. And you get these boosts each time. 


Head Start

After she nails the shot, she instantly gets back one bullet for her gun, and to top it off, she regains some of that precious S-Energy she used up.

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It’s a double win, more bullets and more energy for more action. Her manifestation bonuses are fantastic. Defeating enemies with Cloud Shot feels good, and getting stronger.


Marian’s max HP gets a boost, and so does her attack power. Each time she takes down an enemy with Cloud Shot, she keeps stacking bonuses. More HP, more attack power.

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