Snowbreak: Containment Zone Lyfe Bestla Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to Lyfe Bestla In Snowbreak: Containment Zone. In this guide, you will learn:

  • About Lyfe Bestla In Snowbreak: Containment Zone
  • Who voices Lyfe Bestla In Snowbreak: Containment Zone
  • Her skills

Let’s dive In.

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Who Is Lyfe Bestla In Snowbreak: Containment Zone?

Lyfe Bestla is one of the main players in the Snowbreak game. She was on top of the world, winning the Valkyrie Games three times in a row like a real champ.

People sometimes call her Wednesday. But then, the Titans crashed the party on October 4th, 2057. They messed everything up, took her right eye, and worse, snatched her parents away.


Talk about a life turned upside down in a split second. Now, in the hospital, recovering from that nightmare. Lyfe got these powers that they call “Manifestation.”

From that day on, her mission became clear: revenge on those Titans. That said, she’s charming. Her hair’s long and white with a hint of blue at the ends.

Yellow eyes, pale skin, you can’t miss her. She wears blue and white clothes, complete with a shoulder pad on the left side and flowy bits hanging down. Gloves, stockings, and boots, and she has also got hairpieces, a gun holster, and what looks like magazines on her hip.


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Who Voices Lyfe Bestla In Snowbreak: Containment Zone?

You know when you’re playing Snowbreak, and Lyfe starts spitting out lines, It’s all due to Megan Maczko. She’s the vocal magic that makes  Lyfe Bestla come to life.

Megan Maczko is the voice talent that gives Lyfe her sound. The emotions, the spirit, the determination, all of it. You may not recognize her face, but you sure know her voice if you’ve been moving around Bestla’s chaos.


Lyfe Bestla Abilities In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Lyfe Bestla’s skills in Snowbreak are some next-level action.

Raven’s Command

Lyfe gets in the big guns with two combat drones called Ravens. They’re no joke as they launch missiles filled with electrical damage.

And, the more missiles hitting the same spot, the less damage they do. She can drop up to three of these Ravens, and they keep firing away which will make her untouchable. Plus, when Lyfe is around, one Raven’s always got her back.


  • Raven’s ATK: Matches 100% of Lyfe’s ATK
  • Raven’s Missile DMG: 20% of Raven’s ATK + 20
  • Raven’s Ballistic DMG: 4.2% of Raven’s ATK + 8
  • Duration of Raven Deployed by Skill: 20 seconds

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1. Gungnir

Lyfe pulls off a move called Thunder of Judgment. It is a lightning strike that deals area-of-effect Electrical damage and destroys targets for 4 seconds.

  • Thunder of Judgment DMG: Hits with 56% of Lyfe’s ATK + 54

2. From A Windy Tree

This one’s the real showstopper. Lyfe throws Gungnir at a spot which causes Electrical damage and launches enemies into the air. Then, she creates a team of Nine Night, summoning more Thunder of Judgments within.


  • Gungnir DMG: Hits with a whopping 360% of Lyfe’s ATK + 47
  • Thunder of Judgment DMG: Hits with 60% of Lyfe’s ATK

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