Snowbreak: Containment Zone Fenny Golden Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to Fenny Golden In Snowbreak: Containment Zone. In this guide, you will learn:

  • Who is Fenny Golden
  • Fenny abilities
  • How you can get Fenny Golden
  • How you can use Fenny Golden’s abilities In the battlefield

And lots more.

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Snowbreak: Containment Zone Fenny Golden

Fenny Golden is a genius kid in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. You may have heard her voice, it’s Heather Nicol bringing her character to life. Fenny loves attention, and she’s not shy about it. She thrives on the attention, at least until Lyfe enters the scene.

Lyfe’s appearance flips the script for Fenny. Suddenly, she’s not the center of attention anymore, and that stings a bit. Once you feel like the star of the show, only to have someone else steal your thunder.

That’s Lyfe for Fenny. The Valkyrie Games hit pause due to The Descent which left Fenny with a tingle that needed scratching.


Now, It’s not just about winning but reclaiming that attention. Fenny rocks blonde hair in twin drills and sports bright orange eyes with a pale complexion.

Her outfit is on point, long sleeves with shoulder slits, orange and black gloves, a stylish pleated dress with spats, a chest guard, a long red stocking on her left leg, and chic black-heeled boots. She’s got a choker, shotgun ammunition around her upper stomach, and a leg bag on her right leg.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone Fenny Golden Abilities

In the game, Fenny Golden has a set of Incredible skills. Let’s start with her Standard Skill, Queen Bee. This move is all about speed and accuracy.


Fenny shoots forward, using up 1 bullet in the process. Not only does this shot repel the unlucky target in her path, but it also delivers a series of Kinetic damage hits, up to 8 times.

It disrupts the target’s special ability for a solid 5 seconds. Also, her tactical move after pulling off Queen Bee is great, Fenny reloads 1 bullet with a move called Tactical Reload.

The damage is calculated at 12% of Fenny’s Attack + 22, and you can use this skill every 15 seconds, with an S-Energy Consumption of 20.


In addition, Fenny’s Support Skill which is the star Power. This one’s all about control. Fenny turns her power by launching surrounding targets into the air, dealing Kinetic damage and interrupting their special abilities for a lengthy 10 seconds.

The launch damage is a solid 114% of Fenny’s Attack + 24. Patience is key here, as you can trigger this skill every 25 seconds, with an S-Energy Consumption of 20.

Then again, Fenny’s Ultimate Skill, Fit of Pique. Fenny unleashes 7 blasts in a line, each causing Kinetic damage and sending affected targets soaring into the air.


The Damage received by targets hit multiple times in the same area decreases by 50% with each subsequent hit. Explosive damage per blast is a hefty 87% of Fenny’s Attack + 154. This ultimate move has a cooldown of 20 seconds and requires 60 S-Energy.

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How You Can Get Fenny Golden Abilities In Snowbreak: Containment Zone?

All you need to do is to complete Chapter 1, Progress 8. That’s the quest to get your hands on Fenny’s skills. As you venture through the game, tackling missions, and maybe dodging a few snowballs, you’ll hit Chapter 1.


It’s your adventure to the first big milestone, and Progress 8 is the key moment. Once you’ve ticked off that eighth progress point, Fenny Golden is officially in the house.

Equipping her abilities is easy. Assuming you’ve conquered Chapter 1, you’re sitting at Progress 8, and now you want Fenny on your side.

Head over to the character selection or abilities menu, find Fenny Golden, click on her, and you’ve just added a genius ability to your arsenal.


Her abilities can turn the tide in your favor, even if it’s an amazing move, a strategic advantage, or something else entirely, Fenny’s got your back.

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