Snowbreak: Containment Zone Fenny Coronet Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to Fenny Coronet in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Coronet is this awesome Orange Tier Operative who uses a Shotgun In the game.

She’s got this high-tech exoskeleton thing called Coronet that shoots out electricity. After adjusting the design a bit because Fenny had some ideas, the exoskeleton got even better. It looks stylish and fits Fenny’s taste. In this guide, you will learn:

  • Fenny Coronet skills
  • Fenny Coronet weapons
  • Fenny Coronent manifestation

And lots more.


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Fenny Coronet skills In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

1. Standard Skill

Fenny Coronet’s got this skill called Optimal Condition. Every 8 seconds, Fenny releases electrifying chaos that costs 15 S-Energy.


In the Crown of Thorns state, Fenny gets a 10% boost to electrical damage. Defeating enemies in this state earns Fenny 10 Mercy points every 0.5 seconds.

Also, Fenny can surround themselves with an electric shield, the Crown of Thorns state, and accumulate 80 Mercy points, which would later become a damage-resistant guide.

With every hit, Fenny pulls up 1.2 Mercy points, and the more Mercy points, the faster Fenny shoots. However, this state lasts for 12 seconds.


Fenny can choose to end the Crown of Thorns show early using Optimal Condition which acts like a cancel button on a power-up to strategize for the next move.

The cooldown for Optimal Condition starts ticking once Crown of Thorns ends. Then again, Fenny’s electrical attack gives out 100% base damage plus an extra 200.

2. Support Skill

Fenny Coronet is an operative who is armed with a powerful shotgun and a game-changing skill, The Chosen. This skill, with a 20-second cooldown and a cost of 25 S-Energy, is Fenny’s hidden gear In the game.


What makes The Chosen interesting is Fenny’s ability to enhance it in two ways. She can extend its duration to 10 seconds.

Also, Fenny is a team player. When The Chosen is active, the entire squad gets a boost. Teammates experience a 30% increase in Rate of Fire, due to Fenny’s encouragement. This boost lasts for 8 seconds which gives the team a significant edge in battles.

3. Ultimate Skill

Fenny Coronet is one of the Incredible operatives with some great skills. There’s Golden Sins, a move that’s like hitting the pause button on enemies.


The first hit on a target freezes them for 3 seconds, and during this time, Fenny becomes a tank, taking 20% less damage. Fenny knows how to create chaos with an ability called Interrupt.

They summon a Golden Sins domain for 10 seconds, moving nearby foes with electrical damage every 2 seconds. This electrifying damage also interrupts any special skills the enemies were planning for 3 seconds.

However, there’s a 30-second cooldown, so Fenny can’t spam these moves, and it costs 60 U-Energy to pull off these electrifying feats.


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Fenny Coronet Weapons In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

  • S- Tier: Sonny Payback
  • A- Tier: Discordance

These weapons include submachineguns, shotguns, Pistols, Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles.

1. Submachineguns

100 Battle Veteran5 StarsDay of Hunger
Arctic Fox4 StarsLittle Hunter
Atrium Frontline4 StarsBattle Fine-Tuning
Frigatebird4 StarsExtra Reinforcements
Friendly Neighbor2 StarsFriendly Basis
Homecoming4 StarsBreaking In Chest Pressure
Hypochlorous Acid4 StarsConversion Formula
Ionized Jellyfish4 StarsImprove Rhythm
Iron Guardian3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Napoleon in Black3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Quiet Lightning3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Safety Line3 StarsStandard Cooling
Stardust Memory5 StarsHypothermia
Tension Headache3 StarsChaos Overload
The Past's Sigh4 StarsUnhealed Wounds
Work-in-Progress4 StarsOvertime Mood

2. Shotguns

Ambergris4 StarsConverted Aggression
Brutish Folk3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Discordance4 StarsMore Is Better
Flock of Birds3 StarsStandard Cooling
Full Alert4 StarsAlert State
Knock Knock3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Lapis Lazuli4 StarsLapis Protection
Malbec3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Mechanized Cop4 StarsPolice Support
Neon Tube4 StarsMidnight Delivery
Precious Baby4 StarsSafeguard
Road Roller2 StarsCounterattack Motive
Silenced Truth3 StarsChaos Overload
Sunny Payback5 StarsHumble Glamour
Tiny Grains5 StarsTransfer of Hunger
Valkyrie 20564 StarsConcentrated Pellets

3. Pistols

Aye, Aye, Captain!4 StarsGreenhorn
BigSisIcon TheAceIcon File:AbsconditusIcon.png3 StarsHeavy Wardheads
Halftorch3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Hammer Hit3 StarsHeavy Wardheads
Lucky Times4 StarsReal Luck
Muddy Snow3 StarsStandard Cooling
Nexus4 StarsSpecial Moment
Pine Aurora5 StarsPolar Circle
Pisco3 StarsChaos Overload
Prismatic Igniter4 StarsWarmth After the Rain
Rotten Orange4 StarsTime of Arrival
Skywall3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Star Ocean5 StarsUnending Journey
Stubborn Elder2 StarsGood as Ever
Tiny Tool4 StarsRepair Experience
Wild Construct4 StarsContaminant Remnant
Yojimbo4 StarsGuard Hound

4. Assault Rifles

Anti-Evil Ward5 StarsRolling Thunderclouds
Ashen Dog3 StarsChaos Overload
Ashen Fortress4 StarsEnhanced Protection
Comfort Zone4 StarsHome Court
Discipline3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Duckling4 StarsSuperconductor
Ender3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Foundation2 StarsStable Progress
Foul Butcher4 StarsGood as New
Fury4 StarsDelayed Rage
Icey Dunes3 StarsStandard Cooling
Indicator4 StarsAccumulated Interruption
Lava Bones5 StarsBurnt to the Core
Odd Alley Cat4 StarsSneaky Break
Strawberry Shortcake4 StarsMust Share
Trial's Eve5 StarsPerfect Judgment
Warhammer3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Wild Leer4 StarsUnbridled Joy

5. Sniper Rifles

Crystal Drill4 StarsSmart Aim
Deep Sea's Call4 StarsSonic Reflection
Disco Confusion4 StarsObsessive Punishment
Horn of the Orca5 StarsHunting Season
Infernal Decade4 StarsRewarded Precision
Mark of Mesmer4 StarsDeep Claw Marks
Mulberry3 StarsIgnition Conduct
Olympus5 StarsZenith Star
Raven Feather Tempest3 StarsParalysis Countdown
Site of Racket4 StarsFocus Time
Snowbound Valkyrie3 StarsStandard Cooling
Space Cowboy5 StarsBooster
Steel Birch Forest3 StarsChaos Overload
Sweet Soul4 StarsSweet Surprise
The First Brave2 StarsFirst Legend
The Wrench3 StarsHeavy Warheads
Wetland Park4 StarsNutritious Sludge

Fenny Coronet Manifestation In Snowbreak: Containment Zone

In the game, Manifestation refers to a character’s ability to level up, gaining new skills. It’s a way for the character to grow stronger and more capable as the player progresses in the game. However, Fenny Coronent has got 5 manifestations In Snowbreak: Containment Zone, and they are:


1. Stage Experience

When Fenny activates Crown of Thorns, there’s no ticking clock. They’re in the zone, and it lasts until they’ve used up all their Mercy points.

Fenny gets a boost to their Max HP and Attack, and it’s not just a one-time thing. This boost keeps repeating. Fenny’s Max HP goes up by 0.5%, then their Attack gets a 0.5% bump. More Max HP, more Attack as Fenny becomes a powerful walker in the Containment Zone.

2. Unafraid

When Fenny gets hold of an Electric weapon and enters the Crown of Thorns state, each pellet they shoot becomes a Mercy point magnet, pulling up 1.7 points for every hit on an enemy target. However, the stats boost Fenny gets during this manifestation is an improvement that makes Fenny more formidable:


  • Max HP +0.5%: Fenny’s health pool gets a little boost, making them sturdier in the battlefield chaos.
  • Attack +0.5%: Fenny’s hits pack a bit more punch, ensuring enemies feel the shock.

This boost replicates in a pattern of Max HP and Attack enhancements.

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3. Climax of The Show

Fenny Coronet’s manifestation gets mercy points, and now, they can exceed the usual limit, kind of like getting extra lives in a game which will probably make Fenny tougher to take down.


Her manifestation boosts their Max HP by 0.5%, and their Attack gets a 0.5% upgrade, so when Fenny hits, it hurts a bit more.

Also, Fenny’s manifestation alternates, boosting Attack and Max HP by 0.5% each time, creating a well-balanced Containment Zone.

4. Energized

Fenny’s Optimal Condition skill level gets a boost by +1. Also, Crown of Thorns state. In this state, each point of Mercy increases Fenny’s Shooting Speed.


It’s a boost for your attacks, the more Mercy, the faster Fenny lets those shots fly. In addition, Fenny’s Manifestation has got serious stat upgrades.

Their Max HP and Attack get a 0.5% boost each. It’s a back-and-forth game of Max HP and Attack gains, each getting a 0.5% increase in turns.

5. Super Idol

Mercy Points are Fenny’s in-game currency, and when these points hit the max, it’s gone time. Fenny’s Electrical Damage gets a boost, a 15% extra kick.


In return, they get an increase in power. Also, Fenny’s stats get a boost too. Max HP and Attack take turns going up by 0.5%. They become a bit of a tank with the boosted Max HP.

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