Smite Tier List

This post provides the best gods In the Smite tier list 2023. In this post, I will only be sharing with you the gods that belong to the Smite SS-tier list, and you will learn some of their abilities that can help your adventure.

In Smite, it’s all about choosing the best gods or figures to play as and battling it out on different maps. You can play in various modes like training, custom matches with friends, or competitive ranked games.

One cool thing about Smite is that it features characters from different legends like Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and more. You can even play as figures from King Arthur’s legends and the Cthulhu Mythos.


Each character falls into one of five classes, like Assassin or Mage. When you play, you’ll want a well-balanced team with characters that can tank, heal, and deal damage.

Unlike most other games like this, Smite lets you control your character from a third-person view. However, each god has basic attacks and four unique abilities, which you can level up as you gain experience by defeating enemies and taking down towers.

As you play, you’ll also earn gold, which you can use to buy items for your character, like weapons or magical powers. Let’s get to It.


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Smite SS-Tier List In 2023

  • Agni – (Mage)
  • Arachne – (Assassin)
  • Cthulhu – (Guardian)
  • King Arthur – (Warrior)
  • Kukulkan – (Mage)
  • Odin – (Warrior)
  • Set – (Assassin)
  • Tsukuyomi – (Assassin)
  • Yemoja – (Guardian)

Let’s learn about their abilities.

Agni – (Mage)

As a Mage, he’s got some unique strengths and weaknesses you need to know for a successful Smite experience in 2023. Agni’s abilities are pretty close-range, except for his ultimate, which lets you do some long-distance bombing.


This means you’ll need to get up close and personal with your enemies most of the time. However, isn’t the sturdiest god out there, so be careful when facing fast melee attackers.

Try to keep your distance and dodge their hits. Also, Agni’s dash ability helps him escape from fights in a hurry. To make the most of Agni, pair up with teammates who can trap or stun enemies.

Arachne – (Assassin)

When Arachne hits an enemy with her regular attacks, they do more damage if the enemy is already hurt. And, when she activates a special attack, her next regular attack does extra damage and makes the enemy sick.


This makes the enemy take more damage over a short time, and it also helps Arachne get some of her health back.

Cthulhu – (Guardian)

Cthulhu is usually a tanky character called a guardian, but he can also play other roles like solo. He’s big and his abilities are a bit slow, like Jormungandr, but that doesn’t stop him from being really good in different roles.

It depends on where you stand and what items you use. Cthulhu’s first move, called Sanity Break is like a cone-shaped attack that hurts enemies, makes them attack slower, and makes Cthulhu take less damage.


If an enemy is Insane, this move will make them scared. And, when you use this move on Insane enemies, it makes Cthulhu tougher. This move is not only great for hurting enemies but also for controlling a fight. It weakens the enemies, so your teammates can do lots of damage while the enemies are busy trying to beat you up.

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King Arthur – (Warrior)

King Arthur is special because he doesn’t work like other characters in SMITE. Instead of having four different abilities, he has two sets called Standard and Combo abilities. He can switch between them by using his spells.


After using a Standard ability, he goes into Combo mode, and the other way around. The good thing is that he can use these abilities quickly one after the other. You can tell which mode he’s in by looking at the color of the ability icons.

Standard abilities are blue, and Combo ones are yellow. Also, when King Arthur hits enemy Gods, he gets some special power. He can get up to 4 stacks, and each stack makes him take less damage and gain more power for his Ultimate ability. His regular attacks are different too.

They hit all the enemies in front of him, and he moves forward while attacking. However, he can’t get faster at attacking with items and other stuff because that makes his Ultimate ability better.


Kukulkan – (Mage)

​Kukulkan shoots a breath attack that hits the first enemy it touches. It hurts them and makes all nearby enemies move slower. While doing this, he can move faster himself. And when he does this move, he becomes free from slows and can’t be slowed down for a short time.

Odin – (Warrior)

Odin is a god known for a few things. He’s connected to war, death, wisdom, poetry, and magic, and he can see into the future because he gave up one of his eyes at a special well.

He also has two ravens, named Huginn and Muninn, who go out to learn things and bring him information. Odin can create a ring of spears that blocks enemies from getting out.


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If they’re inside the ring, they can’t heal, and they become weaker. Also, when he’s inside the ring, he can’t be slowed down or stuck in place by roots.

Parts of the wall can break if they get hit a few times. If enemies try to escape over the wall or through it, they’ll get hurt and slowed down. And if enemies die while they’re inside the ring, Odin gets stronger.


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