Shaw doesn’t understand criticisms from former boss Mourinho

luke shaw and mourinho

Manchester United defender Luke Shaw has laughed off the latest criticism from former manager Jose Mourinho and claimed that he is inside the head of the new AS Roma manager.

It appears that the two had a strained relationship in Mourinho’s time as Man United manager as Shaw was negatively singled on more than one occasion by the Portuguese manager.

Regardless, the Englishman has managed to get his career back on track and has started the last two Euro 2020 games for the Three Lions. When he was under Mourinho at Old Trafford, he won just 1 England cap.

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho still singles out Shaw despite not working under him for over two years, and has still pointed fingers at the former Southampton youngster. The Portuguese, who was working as a radio pundit was not impressed with a set-piece taken by Shaw in the 1 nil win over the Czech Republic.

He said that the delivery was very poor and dramatically bad but Shaw failed to agree and was left wondering why his former boss was still targeting him.

“I don’t really understand it, to be honest,” he said.
“I don’t know why he is still going on and wanting to point at me. I don’t feel like the set-pieces were as bad as he was saying.


“I might have done one in the second half, a corner, that didn’t get over the first man. But that was one out of three. The other two or three, I don’t think, were as ‘dramatically bad’ as he says.

“Look, he has got to do his job. He has got his opinion. I am used to him saying negative stuff about me now, so I just pass it by. I leave it be, I ignore it. I just focus on what the coaching staff say here, what Gareth says and that’s that, really.

I am used to him saying negative stuff about me now, so I just pass it by. I leave it be, I ignore it.

“His voice is obviously very big. He likes to talk a lot about me, as everyone has seen recently. But his voice is his own. He can say what he wants.


“I will focus on myself. I take set-pieces at United, so it wasn’t as if it was something I wasn’t ready for.”

The Englishman went on to disclose that his England teammates have noticed the criticisms from Mourinho and also suggested that the Portuguese’s managerial days may now be behind him.

“There is no hiding that we didn’t get on,” he added.

“I think he was a brilliant manager but, you know, the past is the past. It is time to move on. I am trying to move on but, obviously, he can’t.

“He continuously talks about me, which I find quite strange. Even some of the lads have said ‘what’s his problem?’ and ‘why does he keep talking?’

“He just needs to move on. Hopefully he can find his peace with that and finally move on and stop worrying about me. Clearly I am in his head a lot and he clearly thinks about me a lot.”

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