SCP 096 Roblox Script

SCP 096 Roblox game is an amazing game on the Roblox platform.

The game’s aim is for players to survive, which includes the players scavenging for resources during the day and building a secure base to protect themselves from the strange creatures that roam the island and environment at night.

Well, I will be realistic, escaping from SCP-096 anomalous creatures in the game is no easy task, hence I will be bringing in the SCP 096 Roblox script to help you out in this case.

The script will introduce a lot of hacks and cheats to you and you could use these hacks and cheats to survive and maintain health longer in the Roblox game.

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Features Of SCP 096 Roblox Script

There are overabundance of SCP 096 Roblox scripts out there on the internet, but we are not sure which of them will introduce your game to the below features except for the one you will be getting here:

  • Anti-SCP Attack.
  • Infinite Health.
  • Energy.
  • Hunger.
  • SCP ESP.
  • Fullbright
  • Unlock View.
  • Walkspeed
  • And More.

SCP 096 Roblox Script

local function sucasdfcess()
local ESP = loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))()
local options = {
Toggle = true,
Players = false,
Tracers = false,
Boxes = true,
Names = true,
Health = true

ESP.Players = options.Players
ESP.Tracers = options.Tracers
ESP.Boxes = options.Boxes
ESP.Names = options.Names
ESP.Health = options.Health

local function createObject(obj)
local newObject = {
Type = "Model",
Name = "SCP-096",
CustomName = "SCP 096",
Color = Color3.fromRGB(255, 0, 0),
IsEnabled = "scp096"
return newObject

ESP:AddObjectListener(game:GetService("Workspace"), createObject())

ESP.scp096 = true

local url = ""
local success, response = pcall(function()
return loadstring(game:HttpGet(url))
if success then
print("Content retrieved from URL")
game.StarterGui:SetCore("SendNotification", {
Title = "16Bit Development";
Text = "Unable to retreive content from server...";
Icon = "";
Duration = 5;

How To Execute SCP 096 Roblox Script

The below steps are what you need to follow to execute the cheats in the SCP 096 Roblox game:

  • Download your SCP 096 Roblox exploit or script executor.
  • Open the SCP 096 Roblox game and start playing.
  • Launch your SCP 096 Roblox exploit or script executor.
  • Copy and paste the SCP 096 Roblox script that has been provided in this guide.
  • Click the Execute/Inject button to activate cheats.

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Recommended Script Executors For SCP 096 Roblox

Below are the recommended SCP 096 Roblox Script Executors:

  • Synapse X Executor.
  • Hydrogen Executor.
  • Evon Executor.
  • Delta Executor.
  • Fluxus Executor.

SCP 096 Roblox Script FAQs

Do I Need Any Special Tools To Use These Scripts?

Yes, you need an exploit if you want to successfully execute SCP 096 Roblox Scripts. An exploit such as Synapse X, Hydrogen, Fluxus, Evon, Delta, and others will do the job.

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Using SCP 096 Roblox Script will make the game a little easier although it is not easy naturally. You can go on with using the script although it is tagged as cheating to other players.

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